Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Heart Macro - Around the Back Yard

Another week has gone by and what a week this has been for me, it has not been a pleasant one.  I'm putting last week in the past and moving on to a brand new week and future!

I was walking around in the back yard and looking in the places that mostly get over looked, that is where you find the best photo ops, and this is what I discovered.

Moss growing in the flower pots

An insect exoskeleton 

A Bumble Bee and a tiny Butterfly enjoying the last of the summer's flowers


Spider Lilly

I hope that you enjoyed looking at my I Heart Macro shots as much as I enjoyed taking them.  If you are in the mood to see more macro shots head on over to Studio Waterstone and check out what others are I Heart Macroing!

On another note here is a super giveaway to check out.  Go on over to The Gossiping Goddess and check out what the very talented Lesley is giving away!

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. These are brilliant!! I hope this week is a better week for you!!

    My fav is the spider lilly - how cool is that?!!

  2. Great shots! I especially like the butterfly. I had a week I would like to forget too. I hope next week is better for both of us! :)

  3. These are all so pretty - and WOW - I especially am intrigued by the second moss picture!!

  4. What pretty shots. And yes, the more I get into photography (still very much an amateur) I discover its the over-looked and unassuming that make the best photo shots.

  5. here's to a new week :)

    love your photos and what a cool spider lily...way too cool....

  6. Wow, Therese, you did get some good shots! It's cool how things we usually overlook are so interesting and beautiful when viewed in detail.

  7. Great Shots! Those first two remind me of daydreaming of being tiny and exploring an alien planet environment… Very cool!

  8. Nice shots! And now I finally know what that flower is that is growing in my year lol. It comes back every year and thanks to you I finally know what it is called (Spider Lilly) Thank You!

  9. Wonderful photos! Love the butterfly shot and could only wish my lantana looked as nice as yours...still too hot in AZ ;)

  10. Great pics! I love the butterfly. Well done.

  11. Therese,
    Your pictures are so lovely. I especially like the ones of the moss in the flower pots.
    I've finally finished wading my way through all the bead soup and am desperately trying to catch up on all my blog reading. Of course, I added a few new blogs to my list after traversing that long list. . .sigh!
    Anyway, thanks for the heads up on the giveaway!

  12. great shots sweetie! ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  13. The moss makes for a really interesting macro! The Lantanna is so pretty! ~Val

  14. The first two look like some sort of alien land! The exoskeleton could be a space ship! Very cool photos!

  15. Butterflies signify new beginnings . . . I hope that lovely little butterfly is leading you in unexpected, joy-filled directions.