Friday, August 12, 2011

Polymer clay and Bead soup mix

A long time ago at least 8 years ago I decided that I was going to make my Mom a rosary made out of polymer clay beads.  I went out and bought several colors of clay, with very good intentions of making all of the bead that I was going to need to make the rosary.  My Mom and Dad even brought me back a pasta machine from New York City when they went to visit Ground Zero.  Well I had fun playing with the clay and I made a few beads, but alas the rosary did not get made.  I eventually made one for her, but not out of the polymer clay beads.
Well all of the clay and pasta machine got put away and forgotten, it was not until I was packing up my house, that I found where they had got put and I decided to take them to my Mom's instead of putting them into storage.  After seeing all the beautiful pieces some of you make out of clay I decided to get my clay out and play.
Here are some of the things I did yesterday and today.

I found a tutorial on making polymer clay roses and thought that it sounded easy enough so I sat down and made these two roses.  The tan rose was the first one I made it was my practice rose.  I have an idea in my head of a pendant that I want to make for a Harley Davidson Jewelry Challenge I'm going to do.  The pendant involves roses, a skull, and a snake and that is all I'm going to say about it.

The pendants I did today.  I got the idea to make these pendant for the ABS August Challenge.  I love the Art Nouveau period and I wondered to myself if I could transfer pictures of Art Nouveau posters onto polymer clay, so I googled it and found a great tutorial on transferring images to polymer clay using T-shirt transfer paper.  The above pendants are the results.  I still need to sand the ones with the polymer frames and then seal them with a clear sealant. 

I received my bead soup mix from my partner Lola Surwillo today in the mail.  I love it the colors are beautiful and she mixed in crystals, gemstones and some peanut seed beads that I have not worked with before. The focal is a Mother of Pearl mosaic pendant, and the clasp is a sweet little sterling silver toggle.

I think I will sleep with this mix above my head on the top of the head board of my bed and dream of designs I can make with this beautiful mix.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. oh wow your pendants, can't wait to see what you whip up for that challenge. I've never tried PC before in fear that I get addicted.

    How lucky are you, what a great Soup you received, can't wait to see what comes of those great colours.

  2. Wooow Therese! I lose you for a week ,and you crank out treasures like this? Those pendants rock! And your roses remind me or marzipan roses and I just want to eat them. I mean working with clay is like marzipan and fondant, and so so wonder they look so yummy!

  3. HI,THERESE:-)
    I have never played with polimer clay.I think,I'd be not good at it,as I have never had any temptation and skills towards this kind of art,but Your roses....yuuuummmmyyyyyy!:-)
    They are so sweet!I love both of them.
    The pendants are also very nice and the bead-mix...I'd be crying of joy being given such a 'soup':-)))
    I bet,You'll create something special from it!
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  4. ps:/concerning pendants/
    'Alphons Mucha'-good choice!
    Once I was crazy about his art.I got known everything,or almost everything about his creations.I had a special folder in my comp with all of his works.
    Once I made the large gobelins-handweaved,with wool,or silk and line ropes.I had the weaving workshops in Poland-Warsaw-this was the art I started from.Thanks to those skills and workshops I owned,being so called a 'lonely mother' I could buy my own house with the garden:-)I have got much appreciation and respect towards Alphons Mucha :-)
    -Hugs-once more-Halinka-

  5. Get outta here! You just sat down and mad those roses??? For REAL? Super talented, and I can't wait to hear more the the Harley challenge! And that bead soup is fabulous!

  6. Love the colors of your bead soup! I too am a fan of Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha, love his work. Those pendants are so crisp and clear i may have to google that. I learned years ago how to do the transfers with Gin, this looks better. Great job!

  7. Those pendants are beautiful! =D

  8. Your Bead Soup looks like fun! And your roses turned our terrific!

  9. Hi Therese - not quite sure why I've only just got to your Soup reveal, I must have taken a wrong turning on my blog tour! But it was worth the wait. I love green and purple together - very rich and regal. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    And those roses are amazing - do you do cake decorating by any chance? They do look good enough to eat!