Thursday, June 26, 2014

CC7A June Challenge hosted by Cynthia Machata

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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Hi Y'all,

Welcome to the June CC7A challenge. If you would like to learn more about this group you can visit here.
This month is Cynthia Machata's month and here is what she sent out to us...

The old is the white silk, the new and blue are the stone beads, and the borrowed is the leaf toggle clasp.

When we found out the different themes of each of the CC7A participates, we all had comments about each theme.  When it came to Cynthia's we all told stories of our weddings.  Everyone was a little amazed with the story of my wedding, so I thought I would share it with y'all.

My Wedding Story

I have been married one time in my life, so far, to a rough and gruff biker guy way back on April 16, 1983.
Our wedding took place in the yard of our friends Alice and Mac Stone in Dickinson, TX.  There was about 80 to 100 people there most I did not know.  It was a beautiful day temperature in the 70's and blue skies.

My M.O.H. was Alice Stone, her daughter Rachel was my flower girl.  My Dad John Prosser gave me away, he escorted me down an isle of motorcycles, all Harley Davidsons (not seen in pictures).  We were married by J.O.P. of Harrison Co., TX.  Russell Frank, the cousin of my hubby, Randy Frank, was his Best Man. My Sister Charlotte, and my friend Carolyn, were my Bride Maids.   

Everyone had a blast at the reception afterward that lasted the whole weekend.  All of the liquor brought to the event went into the trash can punch, with the exception of the beer and the Champagne used to toast the wedding. I have no idea who the shirtless guy is in the picture with my Dad.  Not in these picture, but in the crowd of people at the wedding, there was a woman sun bathing during the ceremony, which I thought was pretty wild!  I heard stories and saw pictures of somethings that happened at the party after me and Randy left for the night, that are common for a biker party, but not appropriate to mention here.  I made all of the tops, head dresses, and decorations.  I also made the cake.  I had a very tight budget and in all I spent around 150.00.
I am no longer married to Randy, our marriage ended politely on April 18, 2000, but we remained good friends until he died on December 5, 2008.  We had one child, a son, Ryan, born August 13, 1983.

Now back to the challenge.  Here is what I made with the components that Cynthia sent to me...

I wanted to use the beautiful blue oval stone drops in my piece, but I just did not know how I wanted to display them in a necklace, so I went to my favorite place to get inspiration, which is Pinterest.  I found this bead tutorial available on Bead Magic.  The pattern used roundells, but I substituted 10 mm glass pearls in the necklace.  I braided the white silk to go around the back of the necklace and off set the leaf toggle, so it could be seen in the front, I did not want to hide the pretty clasp in the back. 

I had the greenish blue stones left so I made a pair of earrings using 4 mm milky white AB glass cubes and blue seed beads brick stitched around the stones.  To tie in the color of the stones I used some greenish blue 4 mm glass cubes at the top where the ear hook were attached.

Well I hope that y'all enjoyed your visit to my blog post today and that I did not bore you with my story of my wedding.  Thank you for stopping by and please leave a comment I love to hear what y'all have to say.

Thank you again to Alicia, our founder and to Cynthia, for sending these great components to work with, along with a great theme for the month of June.

Now please go by and visit the other six participants in this month's challenge.

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Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Oh the story! I wanted to hear it! It sounds like quite a party and a beautiful day. I can't believe you made everything? I would have been too distracted! Thank you my friend for sharing this and creating such a beautiful necklace and earrings with the June stash! I love it simple elegance

  2. Flower power! Your sweet wedding photos are such a blast from the past, Therese... and everyone looks like they are actually having a blast! I think your designs are WOW as always. Your skill with the tiny beads awes me, girl :)

  3. Love your story! I too was born on August 13!!! (not telling the year) As always love your creations.

  4. Therese, this is my favorite place to be today ~ hearing part of your life story and seeing your romantic jewelry, using my absolute favorite techniques. Wish I could linger here all day! Thanks for sharing your story. I know we all were curious! Your jewelry always has a lot of love in it ~ it really shines through in all your techniques and mediums. I just love what you did with that necklace!!! The half beaded pearls are gorgeous! And those earrings scream summer breeze and winter cold all at once. You are magic.

  5. Hi Therese, I enjoyed your wedding story, thanks for sharing it. It is not how I pictured you but, there is usually more to people than meets the eye. Your necklace and earrings fabulous. The addition of pearls hints to the traditional wedding but your beautiful necklace and earrings could be worn any time. You made wonderful choices.

  6. I absolutely love that you made everything for your wedding - and on quite the budget...I have always been impressed with your jewelry making, and now I see you have even more talents, too! Man - this jewelry is gorgeous, as always. The necklace, especially, is fit for a queen! Thanks for sharing your story!

  7. Beautiful piece! And a wedding on a awesome. Excellent work!

  8. I so enjoyed reading about your wedding, I would have never guessed! Sounds like you had the perfect day. Therese, that is amazing that you made everything for your wedding, BTW, doesn't the garter go on the thigh and not the arm? (the photo next to the shirtless man and your dad) I guess that's another story! :) As for the jewelry you created, it is of course stunning as always!

  9. Oh, that's some story! I loved reading about it :)
    And the jewelry you made using Cynthia's package is simply perfect! absolutely love everything!

  10. I loved reading about your wedding and seeing the photos! A big budget is not needed to have a fun celebration! Your jewelry is beautiful. I love the bead work around the pearls. So pretty! Have a great weekend Therese. :)

  11. Oh, I love hearing your wedding story!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun and not too much fuss. Perfect. How did I not know/realize you had a son? Oh well, whatever.
    Your necklace is so pretty. It's very wedding/bride-appropriate as it reminds me of lace. I think it's lovely!