Friday, May 27, 2011

More Treasures

Ok I know that I just posted new treasure just a few days ago, but when you are a beader you can never get enough treasures to work with.  I went to my LBS Highstung Beads Shoppe owned by Sherron (Sherri) Schaefer a wonderful and talented lady.  Her blog is go and visit and if you live in the Montgomery, AL area go visit her shop she has all kinds of neat goodies for you to drool over oh I mean choose from, you will be glad you went.

I found these very colorful dagger beads that are going to be made into a necklace for a friend of mine, they are right up her alley. I've never worked with lentil beads so I got some in two different colors, some 4mm stone beads they are died a lavender color, last but not least some seed beads in sizes 8 and 11 one can never have enough seed beads.
I'm going to get started on the necklace for my friend tonight because it's calling to me and I have to make it.  You all know how it is when your muse is whispering in your ear you just have to listen.

Happy beading Y'all

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  1. Yeah, muses can be so fickle, so it is definitely best to heed them when they're around. ;) Man, those treasures are definitely drool-worthy! I LOVE the daggers. You've got a lucky friend! :D