Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tree of Life pendant

I took a break from the Cellini spiral to make a Tree of Life pendant.  I have always wanted to make one since the first time I saw one a couple of years ago.  Lately I have been picking up wire in different gauges in silver and copper, because I want to start learning to make wired jewelry.  So when I was looking at wire tutorials I kept seeing The Tree of Life and so I thought about how I could make one, and sat down and made one.  It looks more like a peace sign than a tree, but I think it is pretty good for my first try.

I took one piece of 20 gauge copper and one 20 gauge silver and twisted them together for the ring. I formed the ring around a bottle. To make the bail I wrapped the wire around a dowel and wrapped a piece of 26 gauge copper wire around it to hold it together then twisted the ends around the ring.  I cut three 41/2 inches of 26 gauge copper and three 41/2 inches of 26 gauge silver wire for the tree.  The leave on the tree are Citrine and Carnelian chips.  Now I think I will bead a Herringbone rope to hang the pendant on, but first I need to finish my Cellini spiral project.

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  1. This is very nice. I found a place to get square wire at a really good price. With square wire, you just twist a single wire, don't have to twist two together to get the same effect. (I just recently started using square wire because there was no place locally to get the wire). It makes things much easier and is easier to work with....not sure why, but it is, lol