Friday, May 20, 2011

My Adventure

Adventure:  An unusual experience or course of events marked by excitement and suspense.

I did not realize that there is a whole wide world of jewelry making out there, yes I read the magazines and not just looked at the pictures.  It was not until I started participating in the forums on Beading Daily that I discovered I was only standing on the shore with my toes in the water.  I have walked off of the shore and into the water and started my true adventure in the world of jewelry making.

There are so many creative and talented people that visit the forums on Beading Daily.  By reading the forums I have indirectly learned a lot from these talented people.  I have also been a help to those that are just starting the journey in the world of jewelry making and are standing at the shore's edge getting there feet wet and soon they will also be knee deep in their own adventure with jewelry making.

Because of the forums on Beading Daily I have started this wonderful blog, something that I'm still learning how to navigate. I started my blog because I wanted to participate in a color challenge by Marcie with La Bella Joya.  Marcie has some very beautiful items in her Etsy shop and when I get some extra money I'm going shopping and not in just her shop, but in several other's shops that I have visited and ooh and awed at their beautiful creations.  Okay let me get back on track, I can not wait till I can post my creations for the Margie and Me Challenge I'm so looking forward to what others and Marcie have done.
I also entered another challenge this month a blog hop started by Jamberrysong's Creations the inspiration is a song titled Mystery by the Indigo Girls, looking forward to the end of the month reveal on this one as well.
Oh and yes last but not least my own personal challenge the Cellini stitch reveal.

I'm looking for my adventure to keep on going with excitement and suspense for a very long time.


  1. Good luck on your adventure! :)
    I'm sure you will make many new friends and enjoy some great challenges.
    Your blog could have been talking about me! It's nice to get the community feeling from these forums and blogs.

  2. I'm so glad you shared this story! It's inspiring. :) Thanks, too, for the mention. Good luck on your adventure! One is never too old to learn; I hope to see more and more blog posts from you in the future. :D

  3. Thank you Ladies for your kind words. To me jewelry making is full of excitement and suspence and that is something I just can not get enough of.