Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Stitch A Month Personal Challenge

As I stated in my first post I am going to challenge myself to learn a new stitch each month (or a new variations on a stitch) for twelve months. 
Well I have already taught myself a new stitch last month so, I will start out with April and the Flat Spiral Stitch. 

I first saw this stitch when I started viewing the forums on Beading Daily.  I thought to myself, Wow, I really like the way it looks and wanted to learn how to do that stitch.  I went to YouTube and searched for the flat spiral stitch and found a very easy tutorial to follow. I set about learning the stitch.  Although it looks difficult it is very easy and I had it down pat in thirty minutes. I have made several bracelets using this stitch.
The pictured bracelet is 71/2" made with 6 mm jet black faceted glass bead, 4mm aquamarine crystals and size 11 rainbow green seed beads. The clasp is a silver plated toggle.

The month of May will be Cellini Spiral.  This is one of the stitches that I have gotten so frustrated with that I put it down and don't come back to it for a while, but I know that I will be triumphant this time.

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