Thursday, February 28, 2013

She Made/She Made February Reveal

Hi Y'all,

Well it is that time again, time to show y'all what I made with mine and Christine's February pick from our twin stashes. For those of you that are visiting this challenge for the first time let me fill you in.  Back in July of 2011 I went to PA for my family reunion and I made arrangements to meet Christine while I was there.  I gave Christine a box of goodies from my stash, where in I kept half of what I gave to her.  Christine also gave me a gift where she also had half of what she gave to me.  We decided on this monthly challenge where one of us would pick two or more items from the stash to create something with.  Here is what I chose for us to work with this month.

A glass heart created by Juli Cannon of StudioJuls and some 10 mm  Orange Fire Agate.

As my usual self I ponder on what I am going to make all month and the last week or so before the reveal I work on my pieces and finish the night before the reveal.  
I love the glass heart, but it was not an easy item to make a design with, but as luck would have it a friend of mine gave me the perfect pink size 11 seed beads to go with this heart and I was able to pull a blue, green, and golden tan that matches perfectly to the golden tan in the heart, out of my stash of ever growing seed beads.  So what stitch do you think I went for with four different colors of seed beads?  Well my old favorite Twisted Herringbone of course.

Twisted Heart
You can not tell in the photo, but the clasp is a heart shaped toggle.  I had two glass beads also made by Juli  Cannon, that sort of matched the heart, so I added them for a little contrast. I used Czech glass pressed pink flower beads for the spacers between the glass beads and heart. 

I wore this around the house tonight after finishing it and it wears very nicely not heavy, but yet you know it is there.

When I went on my beading retreat to Crestview, FL with my beading group the Beading Fairies the weekend of Feb 16-18 we went to a wire wrapping class at a bead/art shop in Niceville, FL called Artful Things. We had a wonderful time and the teacher was a very nice older lady named Helen that live locally.  So I created the same style bracelet with the Orange Fire Agates and square 21 gauge copper wire.

This bracelet is very easy to make and works up in about 30 minutes.

Helen is going to be coming to Montgomery to our new bead store The Enchanted Bead to teach a wire wrapped bracelet class that is just a little more advanced then the above bracelet and I can not wait to take that class.

Well there you have it, now hop on over to Christine's blog and check out what she has made.  I know that I can not wait to see what wonders she has created this month.  Thank you for stopping by.

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Hi Therese! -Love that herringbone stitch ;) It's fun to see what you two come up with in this challenge...

  2. Therese! That fire agate bracelet is a gorgeous surprise! I think it is fantastic! You left the agate as the stars and just gave them a tiny amount of support with that copper. Look at you with the wire! Very Well Done!
    Your heart and twisted herringbone is beautiful! What a bold piece. Just wonderful. You are gold with all you do :-)

  3. You should hear me oooooooh-ing and aaaaaaaah-ing here in Massachusetts! Pretty pretty pieces - and I am positively drooling over that bracelet. It's stunning!

  4. I love what you did this month, Therese! That heart pendant is fabulous and I love the necklace. And, the bracelet is great. It's fun to combine wire with larger beads. Beautiful!

  5. Oh Oh OH OH!!! What a gorgeous necklace and gurl you are so holding out on me with that wire wrapping!!! Awesome!

  6. I am in love with your heart, beautiful!

  7. Julie's beads are so easy to get inspired by, aren't they? Love the colors, and you rocked both the herringbone and the wire wrapping. Where will your talents end, woman? ;-)

  8. What a gorgeous necklace! And, you go girl with your wire wrappin!!! Beautiful job!

  9. Therese your bead weaving is pure poetry! What a lovely, lovely necklace!! And I am intrigued by the bracelet! is it stiff like a bangle? it is really beautiful!

  10. Beautiful - both pieces are gorgeous, Therese! Your wire-wrapped bracelet is very, very pretty.

  11. You did a fabulous job matching beads to that heart. It seems spot-on.
    The bracelet you made with the agate is really super. Thanks for mentioning both of the bead shops as both Montgomery and Niceville are driving distance for me so this is great to know.