Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Day 5 Giveaway Winner

Hi Y'all,

The winner of this beautiful pendant is comment number 13...

Hope Smitherman of Crafty Hope blog 

Hope, I will send you an email to get your mailing address.

I want to wish all of you a Happy and Blessed New Year!

Happy beading Y'all,

Sunday, December 30, 2012

She Made/She Made and 12 Days of Christmas day 6 12-30-12

Hi Y'all,

I would like to apologize for being late with my post.  I stared my pieces last night and just now finished them.

Today is the reveal day for She Made/She Made with my friend Christine of One Kiss Creations blog and also a special guest Alicia of All Pretty Things blog.  When I made the selection for this month's challenge I picked some beautiful boro glass beads that I thought I shared with Christine, but it turned out that it was Alicia that I shared them with, so Christine and I decided to ask Alicia to play along with us this month.
Here is what I chose for us to play with...
Teal boro glass (Alicia and I) Studio Juls bead and Czech glass square single hole tiles (Christine and I)

Here is what I made with the boro glass beads.

I used cubic right angle weave to make the rope between the boro glass beads the chocolate colored seed beads are size 8 and the bronze colored beads are 3 mm glass pearls.  The toggle is a bronze flower created by Lesley Watts of  THEAtoo at

Here is what I made with the Studio Juls bead and the Czech glass tiles.

I still have to add a clasp and I think I will add more of the tiles on each of the ends.  You can not really tell from this picture, but the glass bead has some green, teal, and a bronze coppery colors so I used those colors in the rest of the cuff.

Please go over to Christine's and Alicia's blogs (if you have not already) and see what wonderful pieces they created.  Next month is for Christine to choose what we will create with, I can not wait to see what she picks.

Up next the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap day 6

Lorelei's Blog

Today I opened my gift from Amy Freeland of Copper Diem blog.  Here is what Amy sent to me...

Humm I wonder what is inside?

Why it is a beautiful zipper pull that I put on my purse.

Thank you very much Amy I love it!  Tomorrow on day 7 I would have been opening a gift from Andrew Thornton, but sadly I have not received Andrew's gift yet.  I will post when I receive it.  I will however be posting the winner of the pendant from my day 5.

Happy beading Y'all,

Saturday, December 29, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap day 5 12-29-12 and Giveaway

Lorelei's Blog

Hi Y'all,

This is day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap and this is my day.  Well since I did not make my self a gift to open I made one to give away.   Here is the piece I am giving away...

Tricia's Pendant

This pendant is similar to the one I sent to Amy Freeland.

This is a pendant tutorial that I purchased from Monomint Beading Design in Etsy.  I love James Farrand's patterns they are so easy to follow and quick to stitch up.  If you are a seed bead weaver you should go and check out James' shop, his tutorials are very reasonably priced as well.

So if you would like to win this beautiful pendant, that is on an 18 inch chain, just leave a comment and on Monday I will announce the winner of the pendant.

Tomorrow is day 6 I will be getting to open the gift from Amy Freeland of,
so come on back and see the gift I got from Amy.

The other participants in 12 Days of Christmas group 2 are:


Happy beading Y'all,

Friday, December 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap Day 4 12-28-12

Lorelei's Blog

Hi Y'all,

It is day four of the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap and today I opened the gift that Jodie Marshall of Jodie Marshall Lamp worked Beads and Wearable Art blog.  Here is what Jodie sent to me...

Here is the package with some yummy chocolate candy.

In the wrapped paper was this very pretty knitted cuff.  One of the buttons is a lamp worked bead by Jodie

I love the purple that fades into the beautiful blue color and the tiny red sequins scattered about the cuff.

Look it fits perfect and it is very soft and not at all itchy.

Thank you Jodie for the beautiful knitted cuff I love it.  Tomorrow is my day number 5 even though I will not be opening a gift come back and see what gift you will have a chance at winning, that's right I will be giving away a piece similar to the ones I sent out to my fellow 12 Days participants.

Happy beading Y'all,

Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap blog hop Day 3 12-27-12

Lorelei's Blog

Hi Y'all,

It is day three of the 12 Days of Christmas Handmade Gift Swap blog hop.  Today I opened gift three from Suzette Bentley of Ellies Bijoux blog.  Here is what Suzette sent to me...

Suzette wrapped up my gift really pretty I almost did not want to unwrap it.

This is what I found inside the pretty little box
A cute pair of bright and colorful earrings made with buttons, size 6 seed beads and very pretty green paper beads.

Thank you Suzette I love the earrings and will wear them often.

Tomorrow is day 4 and I will be opening the gift from Jodie Marshall.

Happy beading Y'all,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

12 Days of Christmas day two 12-26-12

Lorelei's Blog

Hi Y'all,

It is reveal day for day two of the 12 Days of Christmas gift blog hop.  Today's gift came from Lisa Johnson of Whimsy's Wonders blog.  Here is what Lisa sent to me...

A pretty ornament made from brightly colored wooden disks and brightly colored spacers all strung on orange linen string and tied to a  copper wire hook.  Thank you Lisa for the pretty little ornament.

Day three's gift will be from Suzette Bentley

Happy beading Y'all,

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Day one 12-25-12

Merry Christmas Y'all!

I was one of the few that was picked to participate in Lorelei's 12 Days of Christmas handmade gift blog hop.
The rules were easy make eleven gifts, they must be handmade by the person giving the gift, wrap them put your number on the package and send them out by December 1st.  Then starting on December 25th Christmas day we will each open the number one package.  You can blog about your gifts each day or wait until all the gifts are opened and do one blog post.  Well since you are reading this post you know that I chose to blog each day.  There were two groups chosen to participate.  Group one is composed of people that make components and Group two is composed of people that make handmade items.  I am a member of Group two.
Here is the list of the participants in each Group.  I am number five.
(borrowed from Lorelei's blog)

As you can see Lorelei is number one on both lists, so with out further ado here is what I received from Lorelei.

Lorelei made Sugar and Spice Candied Nuts packaged in a cute little mason jar with a sprig of dried flowers tied to the side.  I tried them and they are very good not too sweet just right.  
Thank you Lorelei for your gift I will enjoy the nuts and then use the jar to make bead soup with left over beads from projects.

Tomorrow I open gift two from Lisa Johnson of Whimsy Wonders.

Happy beading Y'all,

Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd Annual Ornament Swap Blog Hop hosted by Sally Russick

Ornament Swap 2012 1

Hi Y'all,

Well it is time to reveal our ornaments that we received from our partners in the 2nd Annual Ornament Swap Blog Hop hosted by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime.  After seeing all the beautiful and creative ornaments last year I could not wait to sign up to participate in this years swap hop.  Way back in October of this year Sally put out the call for people to sign up for her ornament swap blog hop. It was easy just sign up and then Sally picked a partner for you to create an ornament for.  The rules were simple the ornament must be one that you hand made and it must contain an art bead.

Sally paired me up with Andrew Thornton, I was thrilled.  I am familiar with Andrew's work and I knew that I would be receiving a beautiful ornament.  Well Andrew did not disappoint me in the least, the ornament he sent to me is gorgeous.  Would y'all like to see it?  First let me show you what I sent to him.

I used a glass cab from Susan Kennedy of Suebeads and the beading around the cab is a pattern by Monomint.

On the back of the ornament I used a flat backed Czech crystal ravoli I made the hanger and put another of Susan's glass beads on it.

Here is the ornament that Andrew sent to me.


See I told you it was beautiful!

I was surprised when I opened the cute little box he sent the ornament in ( I did not take a picture of the box but it has a Santa on it) and saw that he had sewn a bezel around the center piece in a peyote stitch.  He did a wonderful job on the bezel, in each corner of the bezel is a lavender bicone.  I read on Andrews blog that he is now working with polymer clay and he is also enameling metal beads.  On this ornament he has one of his enameled beads in a lavender color at the top and he enameled a flat filigree piece that he wrapped around the clay focal piece.  He then hung dangles from each corner of the focal.  One dangle has an 8 mm round lavender crystal bead with an amber crystal branch, the bottom dangle has a bronze charm (I am fairly sure that this is a charm that Andrew made) a lavender bicone, and a blue crystal charm, on the other side corner is a polymer clay bead with a very pretty swirl pattern of lavender and cream, and a crystal clear AB drop bead.

The back side is just as beautiful as the front.

Thank you Andrew, I love my beautiful ornament and every year I hang it on my tree I will think of you and your very creatively beautiful gift.

Thank you Sally for hosting this fun ornament swap blog hop.  I had a lot of fun creating an ornament for my partner Andrew Thornton.

Now please go and see what everyone else that is participating received in this ornament swap.

List of Participants


Merry Christmas and Happy beading Y'all,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Gossiping Goddess Bead Giveaway and Challenge

Hi Y'all,

Well last month Lesley Watts of the Gossiping Goddess announced a giveaway of some glass lamp worked beads a friend of her's gave to her.  Lesley decided that since there were so many that she would pay the favor of the gift forward and share what her friend had given to her.  I was not one of the lucky one chosen to be given a bead without paying S&H, but was one of the one chosen to receive a bead for the cost of S&H.  I receive a beautiful large glass bead with blue and white flowers and green leaves floating in clear glass it is gorgeous.  Here is a picture of the pendant I made with the bead.

See I told you it was gorgeous!

I had something in mind that I wanted to make with this bead and I started out ok but, this bead was not having anything to do with the design I had in mind for it.  So I tore out 5 hours of work and started over with a new design.  Here is the end result.

I have always wanted to try a beaded rope where the different colors fade into each other.  I am very please with how my necklace turned out and so is the glass bead.  The stitch I used it 6 count Herringbone and I used size 8 cylinder seed beads in white, blue, and green.  The tassel on the pendant I used the blue and green size 8 cylinder seed beads with 3 mm crystal cube beads, two 4 mm green bicone crystals, two 6 mm white glass pearls, and size 15 white silver lined cylinder seed beads for the bezel.  The rope is 25 inches long and is long enough to go over the head, but I put a toggle clasp on it just in case one does not want to mess up their hair do.

Thank you Lesley for sending me this beautiful bead and for letting me play along in this challenge.  Thank you to all of you for stopping by to see what I made for this fun challenge.  Now please take the time to go and see what the other participants did with their beads.

Lesley Watts (our hostess) 
Sharyl Macmillan-Nelson
Caroline Dewison
Therese (you are here)

Happy beading Y'all,

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Three Things

Hi Y'all

I have three things to talk about today, but this will be short and to the point.

First topic:  12 Days of Christmas Group 2

I'm number 5 in the 12 Days of Christmas line up for Group 2.  I missed the December 1st mailing deadline, but managed to get all of my group 2 packages in the mail on December 3rd, so those involved in the 12 Days group 2 challenge be on the look out for your package from me.  I have received three packages so far.

Second topic:  She made/She made December pick

For December's She made/She made between Christine Altmiller and I, I chose the beautiful teal boro glass beads from what I gave to Christine and the little Czech square tiles that Christine gave to me.  The challenge reveal date will be December 30.  Come back and see what Christine and I created with these beads.
Oops I made a mistake.  The teal boro glass beads I gifted to Alicia Marinache of All Pretty Things blog, when I did the first Holiday Bling hop, sooo Christine and I discussed this oops and decided that we would invite Alicia to be a special guest player and add the Juls Studio focal glass bead to the list.

Third topic:  Giveaway

This is the necklace from my Challenge of Color blog post.  I decided to give it away to one of the people that left in their comment how much they liked the necklace.  So I went through the comments and wrote each name down and assigned a number to the name and put the numbers in the Random picker and here is the winner of the necklace number 5 Tanya Goodwin.  Tanya I will be e-mailing you for your mailing address.
Thank you to all of the people that have left a comment on this post I appreciate the feed back from each of you. 

Happy beading Y'all,