Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Time To Stitch Six Challenge hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

Hi Y'all,
Welcome to mine and Christine's sixth "A Time To Stitch" challenge.  This time around our objective was to create a piece or pieces using a graphed chart, word chart, or picture chart using peyote, square, RAW, or brick stitches.  The item could be one, two, or three dimensional.  We also were given permission by Amy Severino to use the Bead-it-forward pattern squares.  Which I was excited about.  I have been playing around with Beadtool 4 and came up with these four square patterns for the 2015 Bead-it-forward project.  The project's proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

I still have to put the squares on 2 by 2 inch bead backing squares before I mail them out.  I love rabbits I collect them (not live ones).  So when I found out this year's theme was the Animal Kingdom I knew I was going to make a rabbit square, well I ended up making two.  Amy enjoys going out to see the Snowy Owls that migrate to the coast of Massachusetts.  I read her blog post about the owls and decided that I would try to make a snowy owl square, so after many attempts I came up with a side profile of the owl.  Peacock feathers are all the rage now it seems, so I made a Peacock feather square too.   I took the idea for the square from the bracelet I stitched for this challenge.

I was reading the blogs and  Sweet Freedom Designs featured a Peacock Feather bracelet that was in the October 2013 Bead&Button magazine and I fell in love with the design and knew right away I had to do one for this challenge.  So I pulled out the colors I wanted to use and found the pattern on the Bead&Button web site.  There is also a Zebra print one too.  

I have also lately been into making needle cases using tubular peyote stitch.  I have made several and given them away as gifts.  I have made up a few patterns using Beadtool 4.  This one is called Indian Blanket #4.  Can you find my mistake Uh I mean spirit bead?  

I would like to thank everyone that is participating in the ATTS 6 challenge and I can not wait to go by and visit each of your blogs.  A big thank you to my co host and friend Christine this challenge just would not be the same without you.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting, please go by and visit the other participates as well and leave a comment too we enjoy hearing from you.


Happy beading Y'all