Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Heart Macro - Earth's Jewelry

I have always considered the beautiful plant life on the earth to be God's jewelry for the earth.  No matter where you go on this earth you are going to find God's earth jewelry.  Whether it is in abundance or just a mere touch it is there for you to enjoy it's beauty.

The Hibiscus and the yellow flower ( I do not know the name of these they were growing in clumps on a bush) are growing on the bank of the River Walk in San Antonio, TX where I spent last week visiting family.

The Crape Myrtle is growing in my Mom's side yard.  Crape Myrtle is the south's equivalent to the north's Lilac tree. Except the Crape Myrtle does not have a pretty scent.

Well I hope you enjoyed viewing a little bit of God's earth jewelry as much as I enjoyed taking the pictures.  Now go on over to  Studio Waterstone and check out what other's have been macroing you are bound to find some more of Earth's jewelry.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Heart Macro - A Walk In The Park

Today on this hot Sunday morning I thought that I would go down to the park that is nestled between the tall downtown office buildings.  This little park that only spans one city block is a quite and peaceful place for employees of the office buildings to spend their lunch breaks.  Here are some cooling pictures for you to enjoy on this hot day.

Don't you just want to jump in and splash around in the cool water of this beautiful fountain. I know I did!

Or sit at the base of this waterfall fountain and just let the rushing water pour over your head, Ahh so cool!

Even the plant life is getting to enjoy a cool drink of water this morning.

One of the pretty flowers growing in the park.

Well are you feeling any cooler?  I hope so, I know it was cooling to stand close to the fountains and feel the mist of the water as it fell in to the wading pools surrounding the fountains.

Now jump on over to Studio Waterstone and check out what others have been doing on the I Heart Macro Sunday.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

One more piece using hardware finds

Hi all,
Here is one more piece using hardware finds.  I need a piece of man jewelry to give to my cousin's husband this coming week when I'm at their place in Texas.  So after viewing Kinga's blog: Crimson Frog, were she was featuring a sister and brother team Lizzie and Thomas McDonnell, and seeing Thomas' piece I got inspired.

My Mom has a box with bend full of nuts, bolts, screws, and washers ,that she did not mention to me while I was searching the hardware store for items to make jewelry with, Oh well it's all good, anyway getting back to the subject.  I got this idea to make a man's bracelet using nuts and washers, so I got the supplies together. The above picture is what I came up with, but something was just not quite right about it...

I went back to the work table and got the copper washers back out and took one folded the loop, that was what I hooked the clasp to, around the washer wired it closed and that was just what was needed now I'm satisfied with the design.

I'm not going to submit this design to Kinga's blog, because I have already submitted once and that is good enough, I just had to go with my inspiration and wanted to share it with Y'all.

Happy beading Y'all

Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Work Space

Well after a little cussing and a few blisters on my hands, I got my work table put together and my work space organized.  As you recall on Wednesday I posted that I was going to be making a work space out of a metal rolling cart, an upper cabinet, and a piece of wood that measured 30" wide by 6' long ( the width is really 24 " sorry) great, right!  Well the trouble began when I unwrapped the upper cabinet.

The bottom of the cabinet was recessed by one inch and also the cabinet is made from press wood, not good to screw into.  So I started to think if I cut a piece of board and put it down in the bottom that should be just right to screw the wheels to the bottom, easy peasy right, wrong!  I had a board that I was going to make a shelf out of the board measured 1"X12" X 4' so I measured the inside of the bottom of the cabinet for the length to cut the board.  My Mom did not have a power saw all she had was a hand saw, so I sawed and sawed and finely sawed the piece I need off of the board. Well it did not fit, because dummy me I did not measure the width DUH!!!!  My Mom had a piece of  1" X 6" board that was about 2' long.  This time I measured the width and went back out and sawed and sawed and sawed until I had 2 pieces that would fit in the bottom of the cabinet Whew!  Got the wood glue and glued the pieces to the bottom of the cabinet and called it a day on the building of my table.

This morning after I ate breakfast I got stared on screwing the wheels to the bottom of the cabinet.  Let's just say after yesterday today was a breeze.  Here is the almost finished work table and my new work space.  I say almost finished, because I still have to either stain or paint the table top.

When I finish the top I will attach it to the cabinet with L brackets and I will put two long cleats under the top to keep the metal cart in place.
There is a nice window to let in natural light when I want to use it or when I just want to gaze out the window.

My Mom always called that little corner off of the family room wasted space.  Well it is not wasted now!

Happy beading Y'all

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Creations

Yesterday evening I was watching television, but I kept eyeing my bead table with the sack of beads containing the beads from Eclectica.  I just could not stand it any longer, so I went into my stash and pulled out a few items, came back and pulled the table up to me and started creating.  Before I knew it I had three pieces made.
This necklace is made with the frosted and purple pressed glass beads from Eclectica, 8mm purple swarovski pearls, 4mm silver tone base metal beads, and silver tone base metal daisy spacers.  The necklace is 20 inches long.

The bracelet is 81/2 inches long and is made with the double drilled holes translucent beads from Eclectica, 6 mm clear AB round glass beads, 4 mm purple bi-cone swarovski crystals, 4mm round copper beads, copper daisy spacers, and a box copper clasp.

This is just a fun little 7 inch bracelet made with 8 mm glass pearls, and wire wrapped Lucite flowers.  The toggle clasp is my first attempted at making my own clasp.

Since this is "Bead Table Wednesday", which I did join the group today on flickr, I would show the stuff that will become my future bead table.

I was telling my Mom the idea of making a work table on wheels so I can put it away when we have guest over to the house.  So she said I have something that would be perfect as a start to your table.  It was this metal cart. "Wow this is great Mom, I will get a piece of wood for the top and I should be good to go on my work table."  So off to Lowe's we go.

This is what I found for the top of my work table it is 30 inches wide and 6 foot long.  It is to long to just sit on top of the cart so I looked around and found this.

A top kitchen cabinet.  If you will notice in the picture of the metal cart there are some caster wheels, well those will go on the bottom of the cabinet. Now I just have to assemble it!

Here is what is on my little bead table today.
I love the cute motifs that Marcie Abney creates and her Arabic Motifs Cuff tutorial is featured in August/September Beadworks magazine, so I thought that I would give it a try.  I did not post this on flickr since it is not my own design.

Happy beading Y'all

Earring Giveaway

Cat at Boo Beads blog is giving away a pair of sterling silver earrings that she has made.  She is a little hard on herself by saying these are not sell worthy, but I beg to differ.  Anyway if you want to get in the running for these beautiful and simple sterling silver earrings go on over to Boo Beads and follow Cat's instructions.
Good luck and happy beading Y'all

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Update on Family Reunion

My Mom and Sister got back from PA yesterday.  My Mom had several stories of how everyone is doing, you know the usual stuff after being at a reunion.  She told me that my jewelry was a big success and that the total amount made from the auction was $150.00.  I was amazed that they were able to raise that much on my pieces, but needless to say I'm very pleased.
My cousin Sharon purchased this set.

My cousin Nicole purchased this set.

The blue and clear crystal bracelet was purchased by my Aunt Linda, the necklace with the glass pendant was  purchased by my cousin Sarah, the green flat Cellini spiral bracelet was purchased by my Aunt Sandy, and the Carnelian bracelet was purchased by my cousin Sandra.

Every one was very pleased with their purchases, and it makes my heart happy to know that they are pleased.

Yesterday was also my Mom's 73rd birthday, so along with the final book in the "Clan of the Cave Bear" series I took her out to dinner.  I also invited my Son, Brother and his family to join us.  My brother's wife's Mother came also and to my surprise she was wearing the second piece of jewelry I had made back in September 2005, I remember the date because it was a birthday gift to her.  I love that piece,  I wish I had a picture of it because it looks just as good today as it did when I first made it.

Lastly I want to thank all of you that left comments about the I Heart Micro On the Job post I did.  I have been doing that job for 17 years and after that long you just don't see that stuff anymore it's just there.  I do scan the monitor several times in my 8 hour shift, but the cameras are recording 24-7 and can be played back if needed.  It's the alarm monitors that drive me crazy Monday - Friday during my shift 6am - 2pm.  The majority of the alarms are door alarm where the State employees are holding the door open for longer than the shunt time given on the door. I still pay close attention to the alarms coming through, because you never know when you may get a panic or a fire alarm.  My partner of the 17 years that I have been there retired the 1st of July which means I'm working my shift by myself all of the time now, it's not that bad most of the time it's slow, but every once in a while all hell breaks loose and that is when I could use another set of eyes and hands.  I don't get tired of being on the computer at home, it's noise I have a problem with, most of the time when I get home I don't even turn on the television I just want quite.  I love to get my beads out and start beading it is the best stress reliever I have found.  I get totally lost in beading. When I start it is day and before I know it the sun has set and it is dark.   

Happy beading Y'all

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My First I Heart Macro "On The Job"

I have been wanting to do the I Heart Macro for a while now.  Today I had my camera with me, so I took it out and started taking picture of my work place.
This is our well used key board. The "E" gets used a lot.

One of the alarm computers that I monitor.  The green line is a real time card reader list.

Just two of the 162 camera views I monitor.

The radio panel.

Telephone key pad.

Radio log

The time sheet.

This is the Radio Room.  Since this picture was taken we have a couple of upgrades, new chairs, a new television, and a camera system upgrade.  Well there you have it, this is the place that occupies eight hours of my life forty hours a week.

Happy beading Y'all

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Another Great Giveaway

Here is another great giveaway:  Silver Needle Agate Necklace Giveaway at Miss Val's Creations & Jewelry findings blog.  It is a beautiful Agate necklace that she is giving away to a lucky person.  So get on over to Miss Val's Creations & Jewelry findings blog and follow the instructions on how to get a chance to win this beautiful necklace. 

Good luck and happy beading Y'all,

Friday, July 15, 2011

Giveaway at Beaducation

Hey there is a book at Beaducation that is looking for a good home.  So if you have room for this book in your home go on over to Beaducation and leave a comment to get in a chance to win this book Stamped Metal Jewelry by Lisa Niven Kelly. 

To get more chances to win post on your blog, facebook, and or twitter.  So what are you waiting for get on over there and get in the running!!  Good luck

Happy beading Y'all

I'm featured on a blog!

Hi all,
I just want to say after waking up this morning with a stomach ache and wishing I could call in sick, I drug my big behind out of bed and got ready for work UGH!  After getting all of the morning stuff done on my job I always take a few moments and check out what has been posted on the blogs.  Well let me just say that I squealed with delight after reading the kind words Kinga had to say about my necklace and me, and the nasty feeling in my stomach began to fade. 
Please if you have a moment go check out Kinga's blog at Crimson Frog Designs by Kinga Nichols she does amazing bead embroidery, I love,love,love her work, she also has a quirky sense of humor that will have you smiling as you are reading her posts. 
Okay need to get back to work now, I just wanted to get this posted while the radio traffic is next to none this morning.  

Happy beading Y'all

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eclectica beads

I received my Eclectica beads from Andrew Thornton this past Saturday in the mail. They are beautiful and I could not wait to make something with them.  So yesterday I got them out and made a couple of pieces using the beads.  One of the pieces I can not show you yet, because it is for a challenge I signed up for at Crimson Frog blog.

When I saw the giveaway on Andrew's blog I fell in love with the pink and cream beads.  The picture does not give the beads justice.  I used copper 3mm round beads, daisy spacers, and a box clasp to complete the bracelet.

Happy beading Y'all

Monday, July 11, 2011

July's Personal Challenge Dutch Spiral

Well after going through my stash and going to my LBS for some 3mm round crystals I started stitching my Dutch spiral Saturday night.  I got about two inches completed and my eyes grew heavy and I could feel myself drifting away so I took a picture of my progress and went to bed.

I have found that my color pallet in my stash is mostly consists of the green and blue colors all in different shades of those two colors or the red family with some neutrals thrown in for good measure.

Well I finished my Dutch spiral today it took about 5 hours to complete.  I worked on it about an hour Saturday, 2 hours Sunday night and 2 hours today until it was finished.

In the spiral I used size 11/0 round seed beads cream color and a greenish blue AB color, size 8/0 seed bead green with a blueish tint mate color, size 6/0 seed bead blue with a greenish tint mate color, 4mm glass pearls, 3mm round Czech light green AB crystals, and 4mm clear AB bicone crystals.  In the chain I used 8mm, 6mm, and 4mm glass pearls cream color, 3mm Czech light green AB crystals, 4mm clear AB crystals, silver tone base metal daisy spacers, silver tone base metal bead caps, and a silver tone base metal S hook clasp.

Now on to the next challenge - Hardware Finds.

Happy beading Y'all

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Family Reunion

Every July my Dad's family has a reunion in the Altoona area in PA.  I will not be able to attend this year, because I was not able to take off on that weekend.  I was able to take off later in the month and will be going to San Antonio, TX, anyway getting back to the reunion.  Every reunion there is an auction to raise money for the reunion instead of just paying reunion dues, it is a whole lot more fun this way and you get something in return.  Every year since I started making jewelry I have put my pieces in the auction. The catch is that each item has to be wrapped and only clues such as for women, men, teenage girl or boy, child can be on the tag.  There has been some really neat items auctioned and then some gags that went for a lot of money.  The point is that everyone has a great time and we get enough money to have the reunion again the next year.  Here are the pieces I am sending with my Mom and Sister to the reunion this year.

This is a 20" necklace made with Jasper rectangle stones and 10 mm jet glass bicones and silver base metal beads.

This set is made using 10mm green glass pearls, 6mm Czech crystals, and silver base metal beads.

A simple blue and clear Czech crystal bracelet, Carnelian and copper bracelet, Flat Cellini spiral bracelet, and a 18" beaded necklace with a glass pendant.
I will wrap all of these up nice and pretty and hope that everyone that bids and wins is satisfied with what the get.  I'm going to miss all of the fun and seeing everyone, but there is always next year.

Happy beading Y'all

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hardware Store Finds

I hope everyone had a great holiday Monday. 
I signed up to do a challenge that Kinga Nichols of Crimson Frog is having this month.  It is more of a personal challenge that she invited all that wanted to participate to join in.  Anyway what you do is go to the hardware store and pick out somethings that you think would make some neat and unusual jewelry bring it home and get to creating.  I went to a large hardware chain today here in Montgomery and was very disappointed with the choices given.  I'm going to go to a smaller hardware store later this week to see what else I can find.

I got two different lengths of chain from the large hardware chain store today.  I already had the copper washers from a project that I did two years ago, and I found that clip when I was looking for the box that I had pack the washers in when I moved, I'm not too sure if I will use the clip, but you never know.  When I gather a few more trinkets I will get started putting them together into a piece of one of a kind jewelry.

On a different note I have decided to do the Dutch spiral for July's stitch in my 12 month personal challenge.  I need to get my stash out and start picking the colors, sizes, and shapes of the beads I want to use.

Happy beading Y'all