Saturday, November 30, 2013

November She Made/She Made

I can not believe it is November 30th already, as a mater of fact I forgot until 5:00 am central time that today was the reveal day for the She Made/She Made challenge between Christine of One Kiss Creations blog and myself.   So Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my American blog readers and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Back in October I received an email from a lady that had seen a necklace and earring set, that my cousin, who lives in Maryland, had purchased from me one summer at a family reunion.  She wanted to know if I could make her a set just like that one.  Well as you all know when we create it is usually a one of a kind piece, especially when it is made with an art bead.  So after a few emails to find out what necklace and earring set she was talking about, I told her that I could make her a set similar, but not exactly like the one my cousin has, and I sent her pictures of the MarshaNealStudio tiles I had left in my stash.  

Which were also the ones I had for mine and Christine's SM/SM challenge.  After seeing the tiles she wanted both sets.  So I emailed Christine and told her about the tiles and she agreed that the Marsha Neal tiles would be our November reveal.  So this is what I made and sent to the lady, to whom was very pleased with what she received.

I had a hard time with this one because of the color of the tiles, but I settled with 2 mm dark brown leather and sliver base metal filigree beads and silver base metal round beads.  I hung the earrings on Sterling silver ear hooks.

On this one I used 1.5 mm dark brown leather with 10 mm brown died matte finish Agate beads and 8 mm Sodalite beads these beads help bring out the blue tint in the tile pendant.

Well I know these are not  very creative, but it was what my customer wanted and that is what counts.
Please go by Christine's blog to see the beautifully colorful creations she made with her MarshaNealStudio tiles.

December is Christine's pick I can not wait to find out what she has chosen to work with.

Happy beading Y'all,

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Challenge 2


If you are looking for the Freeform Found Objects post click here.

Hi, Y'all,

Welcome to my second blog post for today.  Today Saturday November 16th is my 54th birthday and I thought that I would through another birthday challenge party and invite a few ladies that I have met in person and those that I will hopefully be meeting in the future at some point in my travels.  The glass cabs that they are working with were made by me.  I am learning how to do a few things to add to my list of skills and glass fusing is just one of the new skills that I am learning.

Speaking of traveling I will be in Michigan on the 16th, so if I do not get around to commenting on y'all blogs I will as soon as I get back home on Tuesday the 19th.

I really do not know how to put into words just how these lovely ladies brighten my days when I read their blogs, facebook posts and even an email or two.  For the ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, well they are just as kind, caring, loving, generous, and  funny as they are in their posts.

Here is a toast to each of these ladies.

To Lola, my very first Bead Soup partner and the first of these ladies that I met in person back in 2011 on a brisk October day in Wisconsin.  May your days all be sunny, bright and bearable!

To Marla, my first Secret Santa through the Beading Daily Forum, I am still using those goodies that you sent and the beautiful bracelet is still a favorite of mine.  I met Marla one day in June 2012 she came to Montgomery after dropping here daughter off at the Birmingham Airport.  We went to lunch and then I took her on a tour of downtown Montgomery.  May your days be filled with the love of family and friends.

To Christine, my A Time To Stitch challenge and She Made/She Made co-host, and the third of these ladies that I met on a warm July 2012 day in Pennsylvania.  May your days be filled with music and laughter along with a Manhattan or two!

To Amy and Maryanne, two beautiful as they are talented ladies, that I met on another day in the same month of July in Maryland.  May your days be filled with beads, paper and ideas a plenty for any last minute party or meeting.

To Bobbie, you knew my brother before me and that was a blessing for me, because it gave us one more special thing in common.  I met Bobbie at the Kentuck Arts Festival October 2012.  May your days be filled with humor, so it can be pasted on to all of us.

To Crystie, my dear sweet friend. I am so glad that we have reconnected and have become each other's crutch.  May you always be with grace.

To Kristen, even though we have not met in person yet, I feel as though we have, since we talk on the phone every once in a while. I hope to get to meet you in 2014.  May your iron always be hot and ready to press.

To Cynthia, Alicia, and Shirley, I am looking forward to the day that we will meet.  Alicia since this is a very short trip to Michigan I will not be coming into Canada, but the next time I am up there I hope to meet you then. Cynthia and Shirley I hope to meet you both this next spring if all goes well that is.  May your days be full of smiles, sunshine and love.

I am not finished with my piece, but I am going to show you what I have finished so far.

 As you can see the thread going off to the left of the piece.  I am in love with this cab for one it is in my favorite colors, another is that everything is just falling into place on this one.  I need to do the back stitching around the edge and then add a bail.  You will see this pendant again in the ATTS 4 challenge in January.  The rope I plan to make is one of the challenge stitches.

Cyrstie is not finished with her's either, which is partly my fault since I did not remind her of the challenge until about two weeks ago.  Crystie just had gastric bypass surgery in October and it took her a little while to get back to feeling like her old self again, but anyway she promised to keep working on it in her spare time.  Crystie is also a very busy hair dresser and this is coming up on a very busy time for her. You know everyone wants a new do for the Holidays.
Here is what Cyrstie has done so far.

This is Crystie's second time doing bead embroidery.  Crystie is a Freeform peyote bead weaver.

Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies for agreeing to participate in my birthday challenge.  Thank you to those of you stopping by to see what this birthday challenge is all about and I hope that you leave a comment and go on to visit all of these beautifully talented ladies blogs, to see what they have created with the glass cab that I gifted to each of them.

Birthday Challenge Participates

Therese and Crystie (you are here)

Happy beading Y'all,

Found Objects Captured Treasures Freeform Peyote Blog Hop

If you are looking for the Birthday Challenge 2 post click here

Hi Y'all,

I am addicted to challenges!  Try as I may I find it hard to pass them up, heck I even host them.  You maybe wondering why I am starting with this.  Well I will tell ya.  I am a structured bead weaver I follow instructions and conform to the way it should be done.  So when it comes to being free and going any which way and just letting go, yeah you guessed it, I have a real hard time with it.  So why in the world did I sign up to do freeform???   
I think the freeform work I have seen other beaders do is gorgeous!  The way they make it seem so simple and flowing is amazing to me.  This is my third freeform piece and I think I am getting a little better at just letting go and not over thinking it. I am still doing skinny pieces, but I really like how this one tuned out. 

I have been saving, Um okay hording, these pewter buttons that I have collected over the years form friends and purchased at various places.  So I decided that my found objects would be the pewter buttons.

I wore my bracelet to a meeting with the Gem and Mineral Society tonight and it was very comfortable to wear, I also got many complements on it as well.

Thank you Karen Williams and Mandi Ainsworth for hosting another Freeform challenge, maybe by the third one I will be able to really just let go and bead. 

Now please go by and check out what all the other participates have created.  I am sure y'all are going to be blown away with the talent that these freeform beaders possess.

Captured Treasures Blog Hop Participants

Mandi Ainsworth - host  
Karen Williams - host   
Anna Belous              
SaraBeth Cullinan    
Nancy Dale                 
Regina Roper               
Lisa Jones                     
Romana Tschunko    
Catherine Chinoy      
Therese Frank            
Naan Pocen               
Annita Wilson             
Lies Koster                  
Halina Trolle               
Sally Russick                          
Judy Pennington