Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday Challenge 2


If you are looking for the Freeform Found Objects post click here.

Hi, Y'all,

Welcome to my second blog post for today.  Today Saturday November 16th is my 54th birthday and I thought that I would through another birthday challenge party and invite a few ladies that I have met in person and those that I will hopefully be meeting in the future at some point in my travels.  The glass cabs that they are working with were made by me.  I am learning how to do a few things to add to my list of skills and glass fusing is just one of the new skills that I am learning.

Speaking of traveling I will be in Michigan on the 16th, so if I do not get around to commenting on y'all blogs I will as soon as I get back home on Tuesday the 19th.

I really do not know how to put into words just how these lovely ladies brighten my days when I read their blogs, facebook posts and even an email or two.  For the ladies that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, well they are just as kind, caring, loving, generous, and  funny as they are in their posts.

Here is a toast to each of these ladies.

To Lola, my very first Bead Soup partner and the first of these ladies that I met in person back in 2011 on a brisk October day in Wisconsin.  May your days all be sunny, bright and bearable!

To Marla, my first Secret Santa through the Beading Daily Forum, I am still using those goodies that you sent and the beautiful bracelet is still a favorite of mine.  I met Marla one day in June 2012 she came to Montgomery after dropping here daughter off at the Birmingham Airport.  We went to lunch and then I took her on a tour of downtown Montgomery.  May your days be filled with the love of family and friends.

To Christine, my A Time To Stitch challenge and She Made/She Made co-host, and the third of these ladies that I met on a warm July 2012 day in Pennsylvania.  May your days be filled with music and laughter along with a Manhattan or two!

To Amy and Maryanne, two beautiful as they are talented ladies, that I met on another day in the same month of July in Maryland.  May your days be filled with beads, paper and ideas a plenty for any last minute party or meeting.

To Bobbie, you knew my brother before me and that was a blessing for me, because it gave us one more special thing in common.  I met Bobbie at the Kentuck Arts Festival October 2012.  May your days be filled with humor, so it can be pasted on to all of us.

To Crystie, my dear sweet friend. I am so glad that we have reconnected and have become each other's crutch.  May you always be with grace.

To Kristen, even though we have not met in person yet, I feel as though we have, since we talk on the phone every once in a while. I hope to get to meet you in 2014.  May your iron always be hot and ready to press.

To Cynthia, Alicia, and Shirley, I am looking forward to the day that we will meet.  Alicia since this is a very short trip to Michigan I will not be coming into Canada, but the next time I am up there I hope to meet you then. Cynthia and Shirley I hope to meet you both this next spring if all goes well that is.  May your days be full of smiles, sunshine and love.

I am not finished with my piece, but I am going to show you what I have finished so far.

 As you can see the thread going off to the left of the piece.  I am in love with this cab for one it is in my favorite colors, another is that everything is just falling into place on this one.  I need to do the back stitching around the edge and then add a bail.  You will see this pendant again in the ATTS 4 challenge in January.  The rope I plan to make is one of the challenge stitches.

Cyrstie is not finished with her's either, which is partly my fault since I did not remind her of the challenge until about two weeks ago.  Crystie just had gastric bypass surgery in October and it took her a little while to get back to feeling like her old self again, but anyway she promised to keep working on it in her spare time.  Crystie is also a very busy hair dresser and this is coming up on a very busy time for her. You know everyone wants a new do for the Holidays.
Here is what Cyrstie has done so far.

This is Crystie's second time doing bead embroidery.  Crystie is a Freeform peyote bead weaver.

Thank you to all of you wonderful ladies for agreeing to participate in my birthday challenge.  Thank you to those of you stopping by to see what this birthday challenge is all about and I hope that you leave a comment and go on to visit all of these beautifully talented ladies blogs, to see what they have created with the glass cab that I gifted to each of them.

Birthday Challenge Participates

Therese and Crystie (you are here)

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Therese - this is such a lovely post and really, it warmed my heart. I'm so glad to call you my friend. This challenge was such a fun way to celebrate!!! These fused glass cabs are an amazing addition to your talent portfolio!!! And I'm LOVING how your cab is turning out. Thank you again for including me, I hope I get to see you again in 2014!! xoxo
    Christy - your cab is coming out gorgeous too - your simple approach is really highlighting Therese's beautiful work!

  2. Happy Birthday, Therese!! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you so much for including me among your friends. This post was so warm and loving. Your work is amazing and I'm so happy to have this beautiful cab made by you.
    I love what you're doing with your cab and Crystie's is fantastic too.
    Thank you for being such a great friend. Hopefully, we'll get to see each other again and maybe spend more time together.

  3. Happy, happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful, amazing day on your own personal holiday. And what a wonderful idea for this challenge!

    Both yours and Crystie's cabs are coming along beautifully. It's interesting to see two such different takes. I love how seamlessly your beading slips back and forth between the pink and greens. And hey Crystie - maybe next time you'll join the Freeform Peyote challenge? ;-)

  4. What a wonderful post! Not to mention both of the cabs are looking great. Seems like you are all about cultivating the good things in life, beads and friends. *Sings Therese Happy Birthday* you certainly celebrated in style. May you have many more birthdays, and continue making beautiful things for years and years to come :-)

  5. Happy Birthday my friend! and I can't wait to meet you in person :) what a kind and generous person you are to share these beauties with all of us! and your post is really so thoughtful .... always thinking about someone else! I hope your birthday trip is full of fun

    The cab you have started here is amazing ... I agree with Karen, so beautiful how you're moving seamlessly between pink and green. the beads are perfectly extending the cab! Can't wait to see this one finished for ATTS #4! Therese, thank you so much for my cab - it is gorgeous, and really does remind me of art; like Kandinsky (my husband's favorite) .... your new skill is already mastered!

    Crystie, wonderful work on that bezel ... looks like you're taking to cabs quickly! Tell Therese she needs to post your finished piece when you're done ... we'll all want to see how this one turns out!

  6. I totally look forward to getting to meet you in person, my sweet friend! I adore Crystie's work on her cab, and totally understand the busy part.
    Your cab totally rocks, those are such awesome colors. Thank you for the precious gift of your work, and the even more precious gift of friendship. I have had the most wonderful beading experiences because of you and Christine, and I look forward to many more!

  7. Crystie's piece is beautiful~what great colors she picked to highlight your cab! Second time for embroidery?! It looks like Crystie has a knack for it! I am sending warm, healing thoughts her way as she recovers from her surgery :-)

    And now to you, Birthday Girl.....Happy Birthday to you, my friend! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your Michigan vacation! Thank you so much for your friendship, time, talent, beads, patience, and these incredibly gorgeous cabs you gifted us. I do believe you have a golden touch :-) It made me do a happy dance to know that we will be seeing your pink and green beauty again. I think we all want to see more of that! GOREGOUS!!! The color shifts, the bead choices, the sparkle~this is a museum piece! Perfect. You really made a thing of extreme beauty here.

    Tonight, I will just have to drink a Manhattan in your honor :-) Love you!

  8. These are gorgeous, Therese, I am as always in awe of you beaders... I never had the eyesight for that LOL but this fused glass, oh my! I hope your birthday trip is awesome. Here's a toast to another fabulous year (let's pretend I'm holding a glass of my favorite homemade red wine. Yum!)

  9. First of all - Happy birthday, Therese!! I hope you have a joyful, sparkly, happy one :) We'll meet next time when you get close to Canada :)
    Thank you for inviting me to your special party, I am honoured and happy to be part of this very special group!

    Your work is always amazing - but this cab is so gorgeous, out of this world! I love how you perfectly matched the seed beads colours to the cab's, and how you seamlessly navigate through the 2 equally gorgeous shades. Just beautiful...

    Happy birthday, again ~ toasting with my favourite tea (when I'll be back on my feet I'll get my favourite Zinfandel :) )

  10. For Crystie: your work is fabulous, can't wait to see the finished cab! Hope you're feeling well and navigating the holiday season :)

  11. Happy birthday! I love how you have chosen to celebrate! Your cabs are gorgeous and I can't wait to see what the others have done with them.

    Yours is awesome. I love the changing colors and the chain that you used around it. The bugle beads between the crystals are perfect. I can't wait to see it finished.

    Crystie's is gorgeous as well. I love how she started it and can't wait to see what it grows into.

  12. Oh, my goodness, the rhinestone chain around your cab is SPECTACULAR! I was so surprised (a "duh" moment on my part) at how the rhinestones pick up the colors of the cab, but it is the perfect touch. Can't wait to see what the rope turns out to be!

    And to Crystie, what a great start on your piece! How nice that you're including beading in your healing process. I know we're all eager to see how this turns out.

    And last of all, cheers to you, my friend Therese. I hope your trip has been great ;-)

  13. Happy Birthday Therese, and both cabs are beautiful! I do envy those of you who bead I don't have the best eyesight any more.

  14. Happy Birthday Therese! What a marvelous hop. -wow these are beautiful cabs, did not know you worked with glass ;)

  15. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short...I hope your birthday was wonderful! Your cabs are just gorgeous and your beaded bezel is jaw dropping! You have so much incredible talent! What a sweet way to celebrate your birthday!

  16. Therese! I really hope you had a birthday that's just as amazing as you are. Your cabs are really beautiful. I love what you did with your cab and got the colors to match so perfectly.
    I'm not familiar with Crystie's work, but it looks like her cab is coming together wonderfully. Please tell her I said so! :)
    {HUGS} to you sweetie!