Saturday, November 28, 2015

CC7A's Last Blog Hop for 2015 November hosted by Christine Altmiller

Hi Y'all,

I apologize for being late with posting the final installment of CC7A's blog hop for 2015, but like most of you understand life gets in the way, please accept my apology . I hope everyone that celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful and safe holiday. The month of November was hosted by Christine Altmiller she chose a very pretty picture of her Rose of Sharron tree on a beautiful clear day in late fall.

I am all about taking the colors of the picture and creating from there and this one was a challenge, because of the beautiful blue sky color and the dark dead flower pods and bare branches, but I think you will be pleased with what I put together for this final CC7A blog hop.

I had a string of Aquamarine gemstone chips that I had been hoarding, yes I said it hoarding, and thought that their color comes close to the color of the blue sky in Christine's photo. So I pulled out some aqua rondel crystals and got busy making another Bling bracelet. I do not normally like repeating a pattern over and over, but this one is so versatile, that it does not seem repetitious.

I saw the Pinnacle Lace necklace designed by Renee Kovesky in the December 2015 issue of Bead and Button and fell in love with the pattern. That I went straight to my stash and started pulling out all of the items listed on the material list.  This one is the second one I made and I knew I was going to use this one for this blog hop. The blues are darker that the photo but the bronze color is what I was going for the represent the Rose of Sharron tree.

I was gifted the Sediment Jasper beads by my friend Cynthia Wilson, because she know how much I love this stone. The mineral in this stone give it the blue color and the sediment looks like it is floating in water. I think this stone is a good representative of Christine's photo because it captures the blue of the sky and the browns of the Rose of Sharron tree.

Thank you to Alicia for bring us together to make up the CC7A and to Christine for the beautiful photo to inspire us all.

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Time To Stitch What's Your Bag? Reveal hosted by: Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller

Hi Y'all,

Welcome to mine and Christine's eight addition to A Time To Stitch.  This go around we decided to do beaded bags.  It could be any kind of bag as long as it has beads on it in some sort of fashion.

I had big plans to make more than one bag, but as usual I only got one bag done, and I finished it just in time for the reveal.

I also have a guest on my blog today, my friend Cynthia Wilson.  She does not have a blog, but she wanted to participate in the challenge. So I will show you Cynthia's bag first, then mine.

Cynthia calls this Dragon Warrior against Cancer. Cynthia found the dragon at Hobby Lobby and knew that she had to do a bead embroidery piece with the dragon. The dragon is copper tone metal with purple crystals in the wings and eye. She scattered other crystals and purple glass pearls around and swirled purple seed beads all around. the border around the motif is done with super duos and size 15 seed beads. Cynthia whip stitched around the edges of the purse with purple iris size 11 seed beads, and along the bottom of the purse Cynthia did a lace trim with the size 11 seed beads. The strap is done with super duos.

Now my purse.

I had glued the Glen Green/Larsonite Jasper and Citrine  cabs to a piece of bead backing and was waiting and waiting for the cabochons to speak to me. Finally they began to speak to me and I am pleased with how it turned out. I went to Hancock Fabrics and was looking for some material to make a purse to put the bead embroidered piece onto. I found some ultra suede but it was to flimsy. I saw some satin that I liked but not stiff enough. then I saw some canvas and it was perfect.
I cut a strip of the canvas and a strip of some white broad cloth for the lining. There it sat up until Thursday when I sewed the bag together and glued the motif to the flap and when it was dry I sewed it down as well.  I decided to do a diagonal design and put a glass pearl at the intersections. I had to open back up one side so I could get my needle and thread inside of the bag. As I was stitching the design on the bag I was thinking about what I was going to use for the strap. I knew I did not have time to bead one.  I remembered I had this rolo chain and it was long enough to make an across the body strap.

This bag is going to be my nieces Christmas present. She is in college and it is the perfect size to carry her cell phone, driver license, student ID and some money. (The citrine looks like it is fractured, well it is, but on the inside the outside of the cab is very smooth and not fractured, some people call the fractures on the inside of a transparent stone angel lights.)

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Thank you Christine for being my partner in the on going A Time To Stitch challenges, you are the best.

Now please go by and visit the other participants in this challenge.

Therese  (you are here)

Happy beading Y'all