Friday, February 28, 2014

Special February She Made/She Made

Hi Y'all,
Wow it is the reveal date for the special February She Made/ She Made challenge.  The four months since I stumbled upon these interesting clay faces has gone by so fast.  So let me tell y'all where I stumbled onto these clay faces.  Back in October of 2013 I went to the Kentuck Arts Festival in North Port, AL.  I was walking around looking at all the wonderful booths of beautifully crafted items after visiting Bobbie's booth, when I saw these interesting clay sculptures done by Susan C Clayton.  I was captivated by her sculptures and as I was looking at her work I saw a basket full of the little clay faces, pictured above, so I picked out two of the faces, paid for them, then ran back to Bobbie's booth and gave her one of the faces.  She had a bewildered look on her face and I told her to hold onto the face I have an idea for a challenge.  I then thought it would be more fun to invite more people to join in so I went back to Susan's booth and picked out several more faces.    When I got home I took the above picture and emailed Christine and some  more of my talented beady friends and asked if they would like to participate in a special February She Made/She Made.  They all said that they would so I sent them each a face.
Now the task of making something with my face.  I mulled over the possibilities for a few months and then the light bulb went off in January of an idea of doing a Jazz theme.  A lot of things happened in my life in January and this month so I did not get the work on my project the way I would have liked.  I started my project several times and each time I did not like the way it was going, or should I say my muse did not like the way it was going.  I was wanting to go with muter shades and not so flashy colors, but my muse was not having it she is a Bling lover my muse is. 
Before I show you what my muse allowed me to make with my face, let me tell you a little bit about my favorite form of musical entertainment Jazz.
Did you know that Jazz was born in the United States?  It sprang from the roots of the Blues which was also born in the United States back in the 1800's by Southern Blacks to sing about the pain of lost love and injustice.  Some famous Jazz performers are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillispie, Wynton Marsails, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Miles Davis (my favorite), just to name a few.  There is a wonderful film done for PBS by Ken Burns all about the history of Jazz you can see this through Hulu Plus.
Ok I am done stalling so here is what my muse allowed me to make with my clay face.  I call her my Jazz/ Blues Torch singer Lulu Belle.
I apologize for the bad picture it was late last night when I finished her and I do not have my photo tent at my new house yet.


Thank you for stopping by and now please go and visit the other participants in this challenge.
Therese  (you are here)
Happy beading Y'all,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists Round Two

Introducing: The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists ~ an adventure in art creating with friends :: All Pretty Things

Today is the second reveal date of The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists.  A few months ago Alicia of All Pretty Things blog contacted me and five other wonderfully talented creative Ladies and asked us if we would like to be a part of an idea she had for a blog hop, so of course we all said yes.  So after a few emails we ironed out the details.  Each of us was given a month for our blog hop. We each picked a theme for our month and then sent out to each member a package of beads to represent our theme.  Christine's month is February and her theme is Round and Round.  Here is what I received from Christine:

Christine sent me a beautiful brick stitched fresh water pearl along with two extra pearls and some extra copper colored size 8 seed beads.

Here is what I created with what Christine sent to me:

I looked through my stash and came up with similar beads and seed beads to make two of my own versions of Christine's brick stitched beaded pearl.  Then I peyote stitched a band using blue iris size 8 seed beads and added the beaded pearls and Ta Da a "Here She Goes Round in Circles" bracelet.  Although the whole time I was stitching this bracelet Reanna's song "I Want You To Stay" kept going round and round in my head.

Next month is Sally Russick's turn.  Come on back and see what is created with the components that Sally sent to us.

Please go by and visit the rest of the CC7A participants.

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3. Sally
4. Therese (you are here)
5. Alicia
6. Cynthia
7. Emma