Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party - Bead Hoarder's Edition

Hi Y'all,

Well the big day has arrived the BSBP Bead Hoarder's Edition hosted by Lori Anderson. Lori always does a wonderful job at organizing these blog parties. These blog parties are a lot of work pairing people up with a partner, gathering blog address and Pintrest boards, sending out emails and Facebook postings. My hat is off to you Lori and to your helpers for keeping this party organized and running as smooth as possible, thank you.

This is my fourth time participating in the BSBP and this time around I was partnered with Babette Cox a wonderfully talented person. Here is a the items that Babette sent to me.

The Hoarded beads are the turquoise nuggets, the coral, the clasp, and the teal and white beads, These beads are very special to Babette, they used to belong to a dear friend of hers that has passed away and resides in heaven. The lamp worked glass focal bead was made as a gift for me. I really hope Babette likes what I did with the beads that she sent to me.

Here is what I made using the hoarded beads and the focal bead.

I made a rosary using the hoarded turquoise nuggets and the teal and white beads. The rest of the items are from my stash.

I also made dangles from the turquoise nuggets, the coral, and the teal and white beads combined with items from my stash. I made six dangles, but they did not hang well from the bottom of the focal glass bead, so I took three of the dangles off and made a pair of earrings out of two of the three dangles I removed. I made a bead woven rope using turquoise 8'0 seed beads and blue and lime green 11'0 seed beads and the hoarded clasp, I did the rope using the Russian Spiral stitch.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit.  Thank you Lori for hosting this Bead Soup Blog Party.

Please click on this link for a list of the other participants.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Unfinished Objects Blog Reveal

Hi Y'all,

Today is the first of the UnFinished Objects blog posts.  Karen Williams put out the word about possibly putting together a Unfinished Object support group just to see how many people would be willing to join. Well everyone has unfinished object projects that you stumble upon and tell yourself you really need to finish this one day, whether it is a beading project or sewing, or polymer clay, or whatever it may be we are all pretty diverse in our creating. So of course I told Karen that I would be in for the adventure of getting some of my if not all of my UFO's done.  

Karen decided that one of the best ways to have this group is on Facebook and she was right, not everyone does a blog these days, but most are on Facebook. It is easier to post a question for help in the support group on Facebook and get an answer from a lot of knowledgeable people, than to do it on your blog.  For those of us in the group that do have a blog Karen said that we would have regular blog reveals of the projects we managed or almost managed to get finished.  

So here we are the fist UFO Support Group blog hop.

I am such a procraftenator that I put off my UFO project until I saw Karen's email about the date of the blog hop. I just finished my project Thursday but too late to take a good picture until yesterday.

Here is the UFO before I finished it.

I started this bracelet and decided that the colors just were not doing it for me and I got bored with it. One of my co-workers saw one of the Super Duo netted bracelets that I did for another one of my co-workers and wanted to know if I could make her one with Topaz or yellowish tan color. Of course I told her yes.  So when I got home I remembered that I had started this bracelet and felt like it fell into the color that she was wanting, but I still could not make myself finish it, I just really do not like the color of the super duos. So as I state earlier in the post the deadline was looming, so I put on my big girl panties and got to work.  

Here is the finished bracelet 

I will take this to work with me and see if she likes it or if I have to make another one in a different color. To be honest I really hope she likes it. I have already seen her wear an outfit that this bracelet will go perfect with.

Up next is my next UFO that I will have done by the next UFO blog hop.

I started this peyote stitch beaded box sometime in 2015, another project I got bored with, I can't really tell you why I got bored with it I really love the colors. I guess I just wanted to go onto something else.

This is the baggie I stuck everything in, so it would all be together when I decided to come back to it.

Thank you to Karen for bring us together in this group. Thank you to y'all for stopping by, please leave a comment on what you think I love hearing from you.

Here is the rest of the blog hop participants. Hop on by and visit with them for a little while and leave a comment, because like me they love hearing from you too.

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Happy beading Y'all


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

UFO Reveal March 11, 2017

Hi Y'all.

Come back on Saturday, March 11, 2017, and find out what UFO I finished in Karen Williams UFO Support Group Challenge. Still working on it, so I need to go and get busy.
Here is the blog roll for the 11th as of right now.

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Happy Beading Y'all