Saturday, July 26, 2014

CC7A July Reveal - hosted by Emma

Introducing: The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists ~ an adventure in art creating with friends :: All Pretty Things

Hi Y'all,

This month is the last installment of The Creative Continuum of Seven Artists.  It has been fun playing along with Monique, Christine, Sally, Cynthia, Emma, and the master mind of the CC7A Alicia.  Thank you Alicia for bring us all together and having us think out side of the box for the past 10 months.

The month of July was Emma's month and I do not believe she ever came up with a theme, but what she sent was challenging to create with, at least for me it was.  Here is what Emma sent out to us...

I was glad that Emma was the last month, because when I saw what she sent I had no idea at all what I would create with these items.  I love the pretty little polymer clay pendant and all the other fun items, I was just dumbfounded on what to do with them.  So one day in June I sat down and played with the components and the following pictures are what I created.

First I made a pair of earrings out of the pretty shades of pink and purple twirly thing-a-ma-bobs  two of the purple roundels and two of the purple round beads.  I think they are fun and cute.

Next I made a netted bracelet ,that was originally going to be a necklace, but it was too fat around for the small pendant.  On the ends I used the last two purple round beads.  In the netting I used size 3 mm glass pearls in purple, silver, and a pale pink.  The netting is size 11/0 white seed beads and size 8/0 pink seed beads.

I made this necklace around the time I was doing the Pearls, Pearls, Pearls challenge, so I was in the tying mood.  I have some pink cord that went perfect with the pendant.  I had purchased a long time ago these beautiful pink lamp worked beads from EB Bead and Metal Works Etsy shop and just never made anything with them, so I used two in this necklace.  I had some larger purple crystal roundels, some silver base metal spacers, and bead caps, I also used two of the purple tubes.

I made a pair of earrings with two of the pink lamp work beads that I used in the necklace along with 3mm crystal bicones and silver base metal spacers.

I made another pair of earrings using the speckled pink clear round beads and the purple tubes.

Now from April's theme Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  A few of us had the conversation on how would we have made a piece to represent the line "Rocking horse people eating marshmallow pies."  Well this is what I came up with...

I used Czech lime green two hole rollos with size 11/0 and size 15/0 seed beads and the Opalite 10 mm beads that were in April's package.

In the words of Carol Burnett.  "I'm so glad for the time together,
                                                Just to have a laugh, or sing a song.
                                                It seems we just get started and before you know it.
                                                It's the time to say good bye."

I truly enjoyed being in this group of very talented Ladies it has been a lot of fun these past seven months.

Please go by and visit each of them and see what they created with Emma's wonderful components.

1. Monique
3. Sally
4. Therese (you are here)
5. Alicia
6. Cynthia
7. Emma

Happy beading Y'all,