Thursday, June 30, 2011

Foot Bling June Blog Hop

I was so excited to be a part of this blog hop that I got right to work making Foot Bling.  They are simple but pretty, so without further ado here they are.

I knew I wanted to make a barefoot sandal but I had not made one before so here is my first attempt at making a barefoot sandal.  I had this one lonely glass butterfly and these glass pink and clear beads so I put them together and the above is the result.  That is my sister's foot and her own toe ring.

This is my second barefoot sandal I made this component with Carnelian 10 mm beads and Czech 3mm gold round crystals the seed beads are sizes 8 and 11 in brown and gold colors.  My sister fell in love with this one.

I had these pastel colored freshwater pearls from 4mm to 8mm so I paired them up with some 6mm sawrovski clear ab crystals and some silver plated 4mm beads to make this pretty anklet.

This was my first time making my own chain. I strung size 8 pink and clear seed beads onto 20 gauge silver wire and wire wrapped the Lucite flowers to the ends of each link.  My sister loved this one too.
And last I made three toe rings one I did a sweet little daisy with pink size 8 seed beads and a 3mm Czech crystal in the middle and the ring is in size 8 green seed beads.  I was playing around with some silver wire and copper wire and these two are the results of my play time.

Well there you have it, I hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed making them.
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Happy beading Y'all

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Checking In

Hi all,
I have not posted anything lately, because I have been busy moving as you all know.  Well I am 98 percent moved out of my old house all that is left to do is clean.  Boy, I said in an other post that I was not a hoarder, well I am a pack rat, I through out so much stuff and still had tons of stuff to box up and move.  I could not bare to get rid of any of my crafting items even though some of them I have not even looked at for years.  Most of my stuff went into storage, but now I have the task of unpacking what I brought here to my Mom's.  The first thing I did was get my Son the computer geek over here to set up my computer.  I was going into DT's because I could not get on line. LOL!

So I was checking the blogs this afternoon and what do I see on Andrew Thornton's blog?  I won the Thursday Give Away.  I could not believe it, surely that was not me, so I clicked on my name and sure enough it went to my blog.  I jumped up and did a major happy dance!  As soon as I get the beads and play with them so they can tell me what they want to be, I will post a picture of what they became.

Just a reminder for those that entered The Musings of Mystic Pesto's Summer Foot challenge the posting date is the 30th.  My sister has bought three of the items I made for this challenge, she's my best customer LOL!

Happy beading Y'all

Friday, June 24, 2011

Follower giveaway at Beaducation

Beaducation is giving away a $100 gift certificate on July 1st to one of their followers and if they get 1000 followers by July 1st they will give away another $100 gift certificate to a second follower.  So if you do not already follow Beaducation click here  go on over to their blog and follow them.  They are a great blog for learning techniques.

Happy beading Y'all

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Give Away at Andrew Thornton's Blog

Andrew Thornton is giving away some beautiful beads designed by Eclectica. Go on over to Andrew's blog here and check out the give away.  He has given you so many ways to get extra chances to win.
Just think of all the possibilities with these beads!

Andrew will do the drawing on Monday June 27th, so go on and get you name in the drawing.

Happy Beading Y'all

Good surprises today

Hi all,
Well I'm half way through with packing and I'm tired and so sore.  Saturday afternoon I plan to sit back down a few beers and relax knowing that it is all done but the clean up.

Now to my surprises.  I was loading my car with filled boxes getting ready to take them to my Mom's when I saw that the mail had come and I had a small package it had EBay on the address sticker.  I said to myself and my cat Taz "I did not order anything from EBay!"  I looked at the name on the package and it was my name and address, then it dawned on me "Oh yeah this is from the survey I took a few weeks ago."  The package contained some 4mm AB round glass beads, some small pink lentil beads, a few silver plated flower dangles, three 10 mm beads, and some flex wire.  I did not think to take a picture and I left the package at my Mom's.
When I got over to my Mom's and was unloading my car I notice that I had a package on the buffet.  It was what I ordered from Marcie's La Bella Joya shop.  I ordered some gemstone beads and Marcie through in a few orange size 11 seed beads and some bluish gray size 11 seed beads, thank you so very much Marcie.  I was very excited and I can not wait until I can get my corner set up so I can start creating again.

Well this afternoon when I took a break from sorting and packing I checked out what was going on with the blogs and saw that I was the winner of the ice cream cone bracelet giveaway on Denise Yezbae's blog you can visit her blog here. That was the cherry on top of my day.

Happy Beading Y'all

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Packing - Day two

Well work went by fast today and I was barely out of my uniform when Mom shows up ready to move boxes to the storage space.  We move most everything that was in my hall closet.  I took some before pictures.

There's not another inch of space to put single other thing inside of this closet.

See not an inch!

I swear I'm not a hoarder, truly.  Have you ever watched that show?  Every time I watch several of the shows in a row I get up and start throwing things out, but alas I did not throw enough out, or I would not be faced with this closet and the other closet in the front room, which is tomorrow packing project.
So here is the closet empty except for a few things that will go on Saturday.  Most of the stuff in this closet was Christmas stuff.  I gave one of my neighbors my wreaths that I had made one for each season.  She was happy to get them and she put the summer one on her door as soon as she got home with them. I through a bunch of stuff out like real old uniforms that we don't wear anymore at work. I've been at The Alabama State Capitol Police for 17 years and I still had two of the first uniforms I was issued. Did I say that I was not a hoarder, really I'm not. LOL!

I want to say thank you to Karen, Patty and Hope for giving me a chuckle today by sharing moving stories.

I will be back tomorrow with Day three.

Happy beading Y'all

Monday, June 20, 2011


I thought I would take a break from packing.  Man, the junk one acumilates over eight years in one place.  I've only brushed the surface and I have to have this house packed up and ready to move this Saturday, but I will get it done I always work best under pressure.

Believe it or not these three boxes just contain CD's, DVD's, and VHS tapes (yes I still have VHS).

I don't think I got rid of a single telephone book since I moved into this house.

Boxes waiting to be filled.

I'm getting married in November and I'm moving back in with my Mom to save some money and it will also help her out as well. I rented a storage space today and have moved all of my clothes that I will not be wearing this week over to my Moms. 51 years old and moving back home, oh my!!! 
My plan is to move as many boxes to the storage space as I can before Saturday that way all that will have to be moved on Saturday is the furniture.  Well I guess I will fill another box or two then go to bed so I can get up at 4:40am and get ready to be at work by 5:45am.

Happy beading Y'all

Sunday, June 19, 2011

RAW project finished

I finished my RAW bracelet today.  It turned out pretty I think, but the next one will be better now that I know what I'm doing.

The tutorial I used was "Ruffled Bangle" designed by Shelley Nybakke.  It used right-angle weave and two drop peyote.  I love pink and gold together, I guess it's just the girly girl in me.

I'm going to be moving next weekend so this was my last project for the month, but not my last post.  I will be posting the pieces I made for the June Blog Hop - Foot Bling challenge started by The Musings of Mystic Pesto you can visit her blog here it's not to late to join in the fun.

Happy beading Y'all

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day three of RAW

Okay step two is done and I'm beginning step three.  If it wasn't for the fact that I have to go to the job that pays the bills I would be done with this bracelet by now, but you do what you have to do.

The third step is a peyote stitch.  Some of you may already know what the end result will be.  Care to take a guess?

Happy beading Y'all

Big Giveaway at Andrew Thornton's Blog

Andrew Thornton has just got back from the big Bead and Button show in Milwaukee and is giving away some of his loot go check his blog out here.  These are the goodies that he is giving away:

I know that would love to win this treasure of beads and pendants.  I can already visualize the pieces I would make.

Happy beading Y'all

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day two on RAW

Well after work and a little bit of running around I had to do I was able to sit down and work on my bracelet a little more.  I finished the three rounds and now I am ready to start the second step of the bracelet.

I have to go back out and get some things from the grocery store, so I will work on it some more before I go to bed tonight.

Happy beading Y'all

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Stitch For June

Well I finally decided on the stitch I was going to do for my June's personal challenge.  The stitch I chose is the Right Angle Weave stitch.  The RAW has always been a pain for me until today when I finally had an Aha moment.  After making the first four beads and running the needle back through two beads and you pick up three more, this next step has always been the confusing step for me, whichever direction the thread is exiting the bead you will run your needle into that bead in the opposite direction. Once I made that Aha connection with the stitch it went along smoothly.

Now I just have to add two more rows and I can move onto the next step in making my bracelet.

Happy beading Y'all

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Bead Give Away

Lori Anderson has returned home from the Bead & Button Show with a tone of treasure that she is sharing with nine lucky people.  For a chance to win go visit her blog here and read about her adventure then leave a comment for a chance to win the following items.

Can't you just imagine all the possibilities with this wonderful treasure that Lori is giving away to a lucky few!

Happy beading Y'all

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mid Month Challenge - Mystery by the Indigo Girls

This was a fun challenge to do.  I love an opportunity to push my creativity, thank you Jacinta for providing this venue.

The challenge was to listen to or read the lyrics to the song "Mystery" by the Indigo Girls and create a piece from the inspiration you got from the song.

After listening to the lyrics of this song I knew just what items form my stash I was going to use.  It was not until I got them all together on my work table that the vision of the finished necklace came to me.  So I got busy bringing my vision to life.  I'm very pleased with my necklace.

I got my inspiration from the following lines in the song:

"Yours was a twisted blind sided highway
No matter which road you took then"

This line is represented by the strand of 4mm Hematite beads that weave back and forth throughout the necklace.

"My heart the red sun, your heart the moon clouded"

This line is represented by the red Coral chips (the red sun) and the clear 6mm fire polished Czech glass beads (like the moon clouded).

"I go crazy on a night like tonight"

This line is represented by the 6mm Hematite bead (they are dark like the night).

"But you like the taste of danger
It shines like sugar on your lips"

The 6mm fire polished Czech glass beads also represent this line.

Like I said above, this was a fun challenge, and I'm looking forward to doing more challenges.

Happy beading Y'all

Thursday, June 9, 2011


The last part of May I purchased three tutorials from Marcie Abney's La Bella Joya Etsy shop.  I had been wanting to give these pendants a try but wanted to get my other projects done first.  So Tuesday night while I sat and listened to "The Voice" I got started on the first tutorial "Bead Woven Medallion".  I liked the way it turned out.
The gem stones are Carnelian. I added a second bail because I have an idea for a piece for which this medallion is going to be the focal. The final piece will be revealed on the 29th of this month for a blog hop challenge.

The second tutorial of Marcie's is the "Carnaval Pendant" although I think the piece I did is pretty, I must have pulled the thread to tight because it is wavy.
The piece is also very light, the next one I will use heavier gem stones. I also need to use a smaller beading needle and Fireline instead of Wildfire thread.  I broke two seed beads, but I was too far into the piece to start over and this is mine anyway.

Saturday I will be posting the Mid Month blog hop challenge that Jamberry's Song is sponsoring. Looking forward to seeing what everyone has created.

Happy beading Y'all

Friday, June 3, 2011

Two New Bracelets

Well I finished the two bracelets that I had on my "Wednesday Bead Table" post.  The spiral rope bracelet was a fun bracelet to make and went together quickly. 
This fun bracelet is made with size 8 light lavender seed beads for the core beads. Pretty little lentil beads in blue and lavender hues.  4mm purple died Howlite beads and 4 mm aqua Czech glass beads.  Silver plated bead caps and clasp to finish the bracelet.

If you remember I told you about the Lucite flower beads that I purchased from Delphine's Flower and Bead Shop.  I had all these ideas going through my head but just could not seem to get the flowers to cooperate with my ideas.  Well yesterday my muse whispered in my ear and told me just what the rose wanted to become, so I obliged.  This bracelet is made with size 8 green and light green seed beads in two drop peyote stitched cuff.  I centered the rose and leaves on the cuff and trimmed the bracelet with size 11 light green seed beads and 3mm jonquil colored sawrovski crystals.  The clasp is a sterling silver filled slide.
Now I need to decide what stitch I'm going to do for my June personal challenge.  Hmm, what to do, what to do?

Happy beading Y'all

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Little Something!

Well it's Thursday and it's going to be an extremely hot day in Central Alabama.  I'm talking record breaking heat, temperatures in the high 90's and low 100's with heat indexes between 105 and 110.  The worst of it all is that my central air decided that it does not want to work anymore, UGH!!!! Fortunately there is someone coming out this morning to see if they can get it going again.  In the mean time lots of cold iced coffee, water, and freezer pops.

On another note, a coworker of mine just had a baby girl in March and she asked me last week if I could make her baby girl an anklet with her birthstone color and butterflies.  Of course I said yes, then I thought to myself how am I going to make an anklet small enough to fit an infant's ankle?  This is what I came up with:
I asked my coworker why butterflies and her response was that she is passing down a tradition in her family of giving a talisman, so she gave her daughter the butterfly.

Hope everyone finds a way to stay cool on these hot late spring days!

Happy beading Y'all

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

This is my first "Bead Table Wednesday" not because I keep missing them like Shirley as she stated in her "1st Bead Table Wednesday" blog post, but because I just found out about "Bead Table Wednesday" last week. I'm still unable to post comments so I will say it in my blog post what I would have put in a comment.  Shirley, I like the pink and white spiral that you are making and glad that you did not give up even if it would have taken more than 7 tries before the Aha moment. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.  Jacinta, I love the key holes and keys, I can almost envision what you might do with them and can not wait to see if we may have been on the same creative brainwave. 
OK now onto my table.

I'm making a spiral rope bracelet out of the lovely small lentil beads, 4mm purple stone beads, 4mm aqua Czech fire polished glass beads, and size 8 lavender seed beads that I got from my LBS last week.  The next project waiting in the wings is the Lucite flowers I purchased from Delphine's Flower and Bead Shop.  The other items are pretty much staples that are always on my table.  Oh and the pink pendant above my scissors is a repair job for my purse's zipper I must have pulled on it a little too hard one day while zipping my purse shut and it came off in my hand, glad it was for me and not someone else. I'm on my off days tomorrow through Saturday so I will have time to get my bracelet done and at least start the other one.

Happy beading Y'all