Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Challenge Of Music Hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz

Hi Y'all,
Today is the day that we celebrate music and jewelry!  Erin Prais-Hintz of Treasures Found - Inspiration Everywhere blog put together this wonderful challenge where you chose a song, any song does not mater, and make a piece of jewelry that you think represents the song.  This was so much fun just listening to music and trying to make up your mind which song to choose.  Then after choosing the song finding just the right materials to go into a piece to represent the song.  So before I move on I would just like to give Erin a big thank you hug for her coming up with this challenge and putting it all together for those of us participating and to make it easier for those that are joining in on the hop, or leap being that it is on Leap Day.

Oh what's that?  You say you are ready for my song choice.  Ok, ok without further ado here is the song I chose.

I chose the song "You Don't Know Me" performed by Nora Jones.
This song was first sang by Eddie Arnold back in the 50's, and was made popular in the 60's by Ray Charles when he decided that he wanted to make a country music album.  I listened to both Ray Charles' version and Nora Jones and I decided that I liked Nora Jones's better.  I enjoy listening to Nora's jazzy, bluesy voice.

"You Don't Know Me" is a song about unrequited love.  

Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?  Have you ever loved someone so much that the sight of them made your heart race and your palms sweat, and you catch your breath if by chance that person touches you?  You day dream for hours on end about the life you would have with this person if he would just realize you are the person for him.  You cry yourself to sleep, cause you sat and listened to him talk about the person you know is all wrong for him, but he can't see it.  So I ask again, have you ever loved someone so much it hurt, but he don't know you?

Here is my piece that I created to represent this song.

I had this heart and the two matching beads made by Juli Cannon of Studiojuls.  The black and tan color of the heart and beads are the perfect colors to represent unrequited love and the swirls represent the up and down emotions that come with that kind of love.  I added the dream and hope charms because face it that is what one does in a unrequited love. One is always dreaming and hoping for the day to come when the other person finely see them as the person for them.  The hand charm is for the line in the song "You give your hand  to me and they you say hello. My heart starts racing so that I can hardly breath." 
I wanted to keep it simple that is why I strung the pendant and the matching beads with some silver tone base metal spacers on a piece of silk.  Jo of Daisy Chain designs did a tutorial on how to make the silk necklace sliders, these are easy to make and really work. I added some more silver tone base metal beads to the ends .  I hope that you like this simple necklace that represents unrequited love.

Here is the list of the other participates in the "Challenge Of Music" please take the time to visit and see what they created and listen to some great music choices.

Happy beading Y'all,

Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Honor Of The Oscars

7,000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop is here
Andrew Thornton's February Reader's Challenge is here

Hi Y'all,
Well some of you may have noticed that my blog was MIA yesterday and this morning. Well let me tell ya what happened.  I was checking in to read the blog posts just to stay ahead and I noticed that I had a new follower. Curious I clicked on the follower button and it said that I did not have any followers. Well this has happened before and all I had to do was go back out to the dashboard and click the followers button again and my followers would be there. Huh not this time my whole blog was gone and a message was there saying that I had unusual activity and my blog was spam so Google deleted it.  I did some searching and found where I could send a message to Google explaining what happened and asking them to please restore my blog.  Well I did not hear from them, but  later in the day I notice that was was getting emails with comments about the two challenges I posted yesterday. So I checked and there was my blog Yip Pee I did a happy dance and went out and finished the necklace I was working on.

I started this necklace last night after my blog went MIA to work out the stress that the missing blog caused I got up this morning and when I saw my blog was still missing I went out made some coffee and got to beading.
Here is the results of my stress buster!

This necklace is made from the pattern in the February 2012 Bead and Button magazine titled  "When It Reigns" designed by Isabella Lam.  I chose to do my version of Ms. Lam's necklace in 4mm orange Czech crystals, 3mm honey Czech crystals, and size 11 bronze seed beads.  I had a cute little Victorian Shoe button that I used for the clasp.  As I was making this I was listening to the television and hearing that the Oscars are coming on tonight and decided that this would look very nice being worn by someone on the red carpet in a formal strapless gown.
What do you think?

Here are a few other pieces I have made in the last couple of days.

I ordered some bronze components from Lesley of The Gossiping Goodess go by her blog and check out her new Etsy shop just for her components.

I ordered these cute little elephants for Pippa of Pips Jewellery she had done some in Jade green and I asked her if she could do me a pair in red and these are the results.  For those of you living in Alabama or that follow Alabama college football you will know that these are Roll Tide earrings.  I made these for my Sister her birthday is in March and she is a graduate from the University of Alabama and a huge Alabama football fan.

My Son Ryan has a girlfriend that lives in New Zealand they met through a chat room over ten years ago.  Samantha has been to the US two times now in the past year and a half and now Ryan is going to New Zealand to visit her.  This necklace is for Samantha she loves the color purple and I bought these purple died Agate beads and the black lava rock beads and made her this necklace.  I hope that she likes it.
Ryan is flying into Brisbane, AU  and Samantha will be meeting him there where they will spend about two weeks in that area and on the Gold Coast.  They will then fly over to Christ Church, NZ  where Samantha lives.  I just hope Ryan comes home, but if he don't then that gives me a real good reason to fly to the other side of the world. Right!

Happy beading Y'all,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Andrew Thornton's February Reader's Challenge

7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop is here

Hi Y'all,
Are you ready to view another blog hop today?  Well sure you are so let's get to it!

Andrew Thornton's February Reader's Challenge is the last one of this type of challenge that Andrew is going to host.  The colors scheme for February is pink.  I thought "Yeah pink my favorite color this should be easy!" Well  it was not so easy it took me a little while to come up with these designs.  Thank you Andrew for putting this challenge together and letting me participate.

The Kit

Simple Truths piece by Erin Prais-Hintz, Ceramic bead by Keith O'Connor, Polymer clay bead by Pam Wynn. dyed Jade, vintage plastic, pink Opal, rosewater Opal glass, fuchsia Swaroski crystals in 8, 6, and 4mm rounds and 6 mm bi-cones, vintage glass, organza ribbon, invadiated shell, Czech glass, and the 
Luxury Bead Blend'
The Mystery Component was two Enameled beads

My February Reader's Challenge Pieces

Well there you have it two necklaces and a bracelet I used all of the components from the first picture in my pieces and just a small portion of the luxury bead blend in each of the pieces.  I really like the simple truths piece, but it took me a while to figure out how to use it.  I just happened to lay it down on top of the dagger bead and the light bulb went off and I got my 6000 glue and the pendant was born.

The Other Participants 
Please go by and check out what these other wonderful beady people have created with their February Reader's Challenge Kit.

                       Therese Frank (You are here)

7,000 Bracelets Blog Hop The Global Genes Project

Please play while you read my post.  Blue Jeans Blues by ZZTop.  This is my favorite ZZTop song to date.

Hi Y'all,

Well the day has arrived where I get to show y'all the bracelets I did for The Global Genes Project.
First I would like to thank Erin Fickert-Rowland and Christine Altmiller for organizing this blog hop.  I did not start blogging until after the 7,000 Bracelet Blog Hop last year.  I am so glad that I was able to learn about this wonderful hop this year.  It touched my heart so much that I could make a little token to be given to a Mother or Caregiver that is deserving of so much more for all that they do to take care of and comfort a sick child.  I just could not stop at one bracelet so I made four.  I would have made more, but I did have other challenges I needed to work on as well.
You have a lot of hopping to do so I will not bore you with a lot of jabber.  So here are the four bracelets I created to brighten the day of a well deserving Mother or Caregiver of a sick child.  The color scheme for The Global Genes Project is Denim Blue.

I made this bracelet with blue Agate gemstone beads, blue glass roundels, silver tone base metal:  wave bead spacers, wire, chain, and lobster claw clasp. 

This bracelet was made the 8 mm blue Agate and 12mm blue Botswana glass beads, silver tone base metal:  spacers, wire, chain, and lobster claw clasp.

This bracelet I stitched in a Herringbone stitch using size 8 bronze colored seed beads, 3mm denim blue Swaroski crystals, 10mm mate blue Agate beads, two 4mm bronze color Czech crystals, silver tone base metal bead caps and heart toggle clasp.  This bracelet will fit up to a 9" wrist.

And last but not least a Peyote stitched band bracelet using size 6 seed bead mix and trimmed with size 11 bronze color seed beads and a silver tone base metal slide clasp.  This bracelet will fit up to a 9" wrist. 

Here is a list of all of the participants in the 7,000 Bracelet Blog Hop:  The Global Genes Project.  Please take the time to go and visit all of their posts I'm sure you will not be disappointed.


                             Therese's Treasures (you are here)  

I hope you enjoyed my blog post I really enjoyed creating for this project.  Come back later today to see what I have created for Andrew Thornton's February Reader's Challenge.

Happy beading Y'all,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

40 Day F.A.S.T. Challenge and Other Stuff

Erin Prais-Hintz of is hosting a 40 Days F.A.S.T challenge.  She is taking a 30 minute walk everyday For A Super Tomorrow.  I have joined in on the challenge to hopefully make it a habit to get up and move everyday and reflect on my life For A Soulful Tomorrow.  I have already went on a 30 minute walk this afternoon and man am I out of shape, but I did it.  The weather was nice 78 or 79 degrees and with a nice breeze.  The birds were singing and the children were playing  in the yards, it was a very nice walk.  Tomorrow if it is not raining I will take my camera.  Oh and if it is raining I have a gym membership that I have not used in a while but I'm still paying for.  I will dust off my membership card and do the 30 minute circuit workout.
If you are interested in joining in on the challenge click on the above link or on the 40 Day F.A.S.T. button on the right side of my blog.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here are some other things I have been working on between the challenge pieces.

I got these when Marsha Neal had her Destash sale I still have two or three I have not done anything with yet.

This lamp worked bird bead is one of Juli Cannon's of StudioJuls (I received the bird in a bead soup from Pat Haight of and the little flower charm is fromSarah Kandell-Gritzmaker etsy shop.

Happy beading Y'all,

What I have been up to lately

Hi Y'all,

I have not been posting very often lately.  I have been busy working on my challenges when I get home from my day job.  But you are saying "Hey you have been commenting on a lot of blog post."  Yes I have, it has been very slow at work so I have had time to read a few blogs that I follow and leave post and also I check in and read some more before I go to bed.

Some of you may remember that I posted a picture of my dog Loki one Sunday in January.  Well Loki passed away this past weekend.  He was old and he got sick and it was just to much on him.  I made his last days as comfortable as I could.  He was a great dog and I will miss him very much.

I, like a lot of you have joined many challenges that will be posting in the next few weeks so I put together some teaser pictures of what I will be showing on the reveal days.  First is Andrew Thornton's Reader's Challenge reveal date February 25th.

Andrew sent out a color pallet of different shades of pink that contained a mystery component and an art bead along with some other very pretty beads.

The second challenge is the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope Blog Hop hosted by Erin Fickert-Rowland and Christine Altmiller with the same reveal date of February 25th.  

You were to make a bracelet using a blue that represented denim for the Global Genes Project.  The bracelets are to be mailed to Children's Rare Disease Network, where they will mail them to the Mothers or Care givers of the sick child they are caring for.
I mailed my bracelets off today.  I could not just stop at one.

The third challenge for the month of February is Erin Prais-Hintz's Challenge of Music reveal date February 29th. 

 The challenge is to pick a song and make something that you feel represents the song or how the song makes you feel or you could make a piece of jewelry that you think the person performing the song may wear, the possibilities are numerous.

 Well that is it for February and in March I have the Beading Babes Project 3 reveal on March 2nd 4th and Michelle Mach's Suddenly Spring reveal on March 13th

Gifts and Giveaway winnings
A couple of months ago Debbie with All My Beads Deb's Blog sent me a gift of some of her beautiful lamp worked beads and this is what I made with a few of them.

I won these earrings in a giveaway that Leslie Todd of No Stone Unstrung had on her blog. 

Aren't they pretty!

Pam at Crazy Creative Corner had a personal challenge in January where she asked a question about what kind of jewelry would you wear and if you answered her question in a comment she would do a random drawing and make a piece to your preferences.  Well me and Deb were the only ones to respond so she made us both something and this is what she made for me.

I love gemstones!

Sharyl at Sharyl's Jewelry Gave away the piece she did for the January Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge.

Beautiful don't you think?

Well it is way past my bed time and I am not going to want to get up at 4:30am which is in 4 hours.  So good night all.

Happy beading Y'all,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Giveaway at Boo Beads

Hi Y'all,
Just a quick post to tell y'all about a wonderful giveaway that Cat at Boo Beads is having to celebrate two of her pieces making it into the Bead Star magazine.  Go on over to her blog and read about  the pieces and find out what you need to do to get into the running for the giveaway.  Cat will be giving away two items to two lucky winners, first winner will get a copy of Bead Star magazine and the second winner will receive one of Cats etched coper pieces.  So what are you waiting for get on over there and sign up!

Happy beading Y'all,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Heart Macro - Early Flowers

Hi y'all, well it is that time of the week again, yep, I heart macro Sunday!  So I have been noticing a lot of my Mom's flowers are blooming around her yard and you guessed it I had to take some pictures before the cold gets them tonight. It is suppose to be in the 20's with a wind chill in the teens. Alright all you Northerners quit snickering, this is Alabama and that is just too darn cold!

Forsythia (which normally blooms in late March early April)

more Forsythia 

Daffodil  (late March early April)

Hyacinth ( late March early April also)

There was a very cold wind blowing while I was out taking these shots so I apologize that they are not all that good.  I just wanted to hurry up and get back in the house where it was warm.  If you would like to see more I heart macro shots head on over to Lori's blog at Studio Waterstone.

Have a great Sunday Y'all,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Hop 7,000 Bracelets for Hope - The Global Genes Project

Come and join in on a great cause it is the Blog Hop 7,000 Bracelets for Hope. The Global Genes Project!

Two wonderful ladies are hosting this year's blog hop Christine of One Kiss Creations blog and Erin of Elysian Studios blog, please go to either one of these Ladies blogs and read about this wonderful cause and what you can do to make someone's day a little brighter.

Sign up for this blog hop is from now until February 11, so come on and join in on the fun!  You will feel complete joy about making a Mother of a sick child's day!

Happy beading Y'all