Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Honor Of The Oscars

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Hi Y'all,
Well some of you may have noticed that my blog was MIA yesterday and this morning. Well let me tell ya what happened.  I was checking in to read the blog posts just to stay ahead and I noticed that I had a new follower. Curious I clicked on the follower button and it said that I did not have any followers. Well this has happened before and all I had to do was go back out to the dashboard and click the followers button again and my followers would be there. Huh not this time my whole blog was gone and a message was there saying that I had unusual activity and my blog was spam so Google deleted it.  I did some searching and found where I could send a message to Google explaining what happened and asking them to please restore my blog.  Well I did not hear from them, but  later in the day I notice that was was getting emails with comments about the two challenges I posted yesterday. So I checked and there was my blog Yip Pee I did a happy dance and went out and finished the necklace I was working on.

I started this necklace last night after my blog went MIA to work out the stress that the missing blog caused I got up this morning and when I saw my blog was still missing I went out made some coffee and got to beading.
Here is the results of my stress buster!

This necklace is made from the pattern in the February 2012 Bead and Button magazine titled  "When It Reigns" designed by Isabella Lam.  I chose to do my version of Ms. Lam's necklace in 4mm orange Czech crystals, 3mm honey Czech crystals, and size 11 bronze seed beads.  I had a cute little Victorian Shoe button that I used for the clasp.  As I was making this I was listening to the television and hearing that the Oscars are coming on tonight and decided that this would look very nice being worn by someone on the red carpet in a formal strapless gown.
What do you think?

Here are a few other pieces I have made in the last couple of days.

I ordered some bronze components from Lesley of The Gossiping Goodess go by her blog and check out her new Etsy shop just for her components.

I ordered these cute little elephants for Pippa of Pips Jewellery she had done some in Jade green and I asked her if she could do me a pair in red and these are the results.  For those of you living in Alabama or that follow Alabama college football you will know that these are Roll Tide earrings.  I made these for my Sister her birthday is in March and she is a graduate from the University of Alabama and a huge Alabama football fan.

My Son Ryan has a girlfriend that lives in New Zealand they met through a chat room over ten years ago.  Samantha has been to the US two times now in the past year and a half and now Ryan is going to New Zealand to visit her.  This necklace is for Samantha she loves the color purple and I bought these purple died Agate beads and the black lava rock beads and made her this necklace.  I hope that she likes it.
Ryan is flying into Brisbane, AU  and Samantha will be meeting him there where they will spend about two weeks in that area and on the Gold Coast.  They will then fly over to Christ Church, NZ  where Samantha lives.  I just hope Ryan comes home, but if he don't then that gives me a real good reason to fly to the other side of the world. Right!

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Oh that necklace is sooo lovely! Not only would it look great for a formal but I think it would be fantastic with any type of blouse! My brother-in-law also met his wife over the internet. She was in Belgium and they met on a message board. Now she lives here and they are very happy and she happens to be one of my favorite people. The best thing about it is when she goes home she always brings back tons of Belgium Chocolate. Yummy!

  2. I'm so glad you're back. The necklaces are beautiful. I love the colors on "When it Reigns" and the shoe button is adorable. :)

  3. I'm happy to here that your blog came back intacted...
    Beautiful necklace, the red is stunning

  4. glad the blog is back and love the necklace! the colors are very warm and retro.

  5. Oh Therese! I absolutely LOVE that first necklace. It's gorgeous. Sorry for the delay in running through all the bracelets for the Blog Hop, but actually I am currently in New Zealand! My sister moved here 25 years ago, and so have come to visit her many times through the years. I highly recommend a trip down under :)

  6. Yay! Your blog is back! LOVE your stress buster necklace as well as all the other pieces you made! Seriously, you have been one very busy little beader ...

  7. Hi,Therese:-)
    I lost YOu from the sight.Blogger has recently tried to tell me,that Your Blog doesn't exist any more.But,I saw some new comments of Yours and I've found it again this way.
    So-here I am to get commenting Your fantastic,red necklace,with which I am very much impressed.Beautiful stitch,nice finishing,amazing colors.
    I also admire the earrings.You always have fresh ideas for them.
    Warm Hugs-Halinka-

  8. Hi Therese

    I think you are not the only one having problems with the blog. I did try yesterday for about few hours to post a comment in blog and only after I did a mess in another persons blog I realize how to find the post button in your blog.Love all this pieces but I actually fall in love with those purple beads.
    Your so lucky there in the states you find lots of absolutely amazing beads and materials to work with .

  9. Therese the necklace is gorgeous and you are right on track that it would look lovely with one of the beautiful strapless gowns worn at the Oscars. The colors you used are gorgeous.

    Sorry about your blog. Glad it is back!

  10. Oh sweetie, so sorry blogger stressed you out yesterday. And what a beautiful result of the stress! I'm really glad you made that, yours is just gorgeous. Hope your week is fabulous!

  11. The Oscar Necklace is stunning! -and such a sweet and beautiful gift, love purple ;)

  12. FYI Therese check out this for a contest concerning the Oscars that brought your necklace to mind. Plus there is a 20% off coupon as well but it expires at midnight tonight! I splurged and picked up the sari silk remnants that I want to try and use lol.

  13. I'm glad you got your blog straightened out. Google seems to have those hiccups sometimes. I LOVE your necklace! The colors are so great! Looks like you dealt with the stress in a productive way ;)!

  14. Your necklace is beautiful!! Cannot imagine how stressed I would be if my blog went MIA!! You have been so busy and all your pieces are amazing!

  15. Beautiful job on the "stress buster" necklace! Love the colors you chose. I also really like the necklace you made for Ryan's girlfriend. So glad you got your blog issues resolved! :-)

  16. Love the stress buster! It would be amazing with a simple solid black or white gown! The internet can be so frustrating sometimes, but thank goodness for beading. Lucky Ryan for being able to visit New Zealand. It looks amazing in photos!