Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winter Blues Blue Gold Stone Blog Hop - Hosted by LizE

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Hi Y'all,

Liz E decided that she wanted to do a blog hop here is what she said...

I've got the winter blues.  I also have an excess of blue goldstone donuts.  Blue goldstone is a synthetic stone made of glass and tiny crystals of copper, dark midnight blue in color with a deep-space mysterious sparkle.  To break-up the cold gray days of winter, and spread the joy I feel gazing into their twinkling expanse, I thought I'd have a little blog hop. I want people to use these man-made beauties to summon creativity and rise up against winter's oppression.  For those interested, please leave a comment below (with a way for me to reach you).  You will be sent some blue goldstone donuts, completely free!  Your mission is to make something (anything) using at least one of the beads you are sent.  Post your creation on your blog March 28, 2015.

I missed the original sign up, but I got a note from LizE asking if I wanted to participate and of course I said yes.  I did not take a photo of the beads before I started my piece but along with the larger blue gold stone doughnut there were 12 tiny doughnut beads and 12 6 mm gold stone round beads.

Here is what I made with my blue gold stone beads.

 The pendant I used the larger blue gold stone doughnut and strung iris blue size 11/0 seed beads through a iris gold twin bead to make the bail and the dangle I also used two 3 mm bicones at the top and four 3 mm bicones on the dangles along with gold size 15/0 seed beads.

The neck lace is made using iris gold twin beads, iris blue 11/0 seed beads, and gold 15/0 seed beads accented with the tiny doughnuts beads with the rose 3 mm bicones in the center, and the 6 mm blue gold stone round beads.  I made a pair of matching earrings too. 

I used every piece that LizE sent to me. I am very please with how these pieces turned out.  March 23rd was my sister's birthday and I gifted this set to her, she loves it.

Thank you LizE for inviting me to play along in your blog hop I enjoyed creating with the blue gold stone.
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Happy beading Y'all,

Circles of Love Challenge - Hosted by Alicia Marinache CC7A

If you are looking for the Winter Blues Blog Hop click here

Hi Y'all,

Alicia wanted to continue the Creative Continuum of Seven Artist for 2015 so she is starting it off with a special challenge of Circles of Love.  While she was writing her Christmas cards she decided that it would be fun to have a challenge with the above gemstone doughnuts.  So she placed one doughnut into a card each for ChristineCynthiaSally, MoniqueEmma, and myself.  Well unfortunately for those of us in the United State the doughnuts did not make it through customs. All was not at a loss, because Christine, Cynthia, Sally, and me agreed to use a doughnut that we had in our own stash or purchased one.

I had a Leopard Skin Jasper doughnut in my stash, so all I had to do is think of how I wanted to decorate it.  I am a big fan of Lisa Lynn Barth and I had just purchased her new wire wrapping book for a birthday present to myself, so I knew I wanted to do a wire wrap on the doughnut.

Well in Lisa's book there are two tutorials on wire wrapping a doughnut.  I tried one of the ideas, but I was not pleased with how it turned out so I set the doughnut down and thought about if for a while.
I did a couple of the other projects in the book and I decided that I really like how the snake weave comes out using beads in between the weaves and the light bulb came on as to what I wanted to do with the doughnut.

I did a snake weave using 4 mm red bicones on silver 20 gauge  Artisan Wire. Then I wrapped 26 gauge silver Artisan Wire to hold the snake weave to the outside rim of the doughnut.

Side view.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. It is hanging from a 30 inch silver base metal chain.

Thank you Alicia for inviting us to play along with the Circles of Love.
Thank you for stopping by please go by and visit my fellow CC7A members and see what they did with their Circles of Love doughnuts.


Be looking for the fist of the CC7A Challenges on April 26th

Happy beading Y'all,