Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday

This is my first "Bead Table Wednesday" not because I keep missing them like Shirley as she stated in her "1st Bead Table Wednesday" blog post, but because I just found out about "Bead Table Wednesday" last week. I'm still unable to post comments so I will say it in my blog post what I would have put in a comment.  Shirley, I like the pink and white spiral that you are making and glad that you did not give up even if it would have taken more than 7 tries before the Aha moment. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.  Jacinta, I love the key holes and keys, I can almost envision what you might do with them and can not wait to see if we may have been on the same creative brainwave. 
OK now onto my table.

I'm making a spiral rope bracelet out of the lovely small lentil beads, 4mm purple stone beads, 4mm aqua Czech fire polished glass beads, and size 8 lavender seed beads that I got from my LBS last week.  The next project waiting in the wings is the Lucite flowers I purchased from Delphine's Flower and Bead Shop.  The other items are pretty much staples that are always on my table.  Oh and the pink pendant above my scissors is a repair job for my purse's zipper I must have pulled on it a little too hard one day while zipping my purse shut and it came off in my hand, glad it was for me and not someone else. I'm on my off days tomorrow through Saturday so I will have time to get my bracelet done and at least start the other one.

Happy beading Y'all

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  1. Oooh, looks great! I like the soft blues of the palette. Zipper pulls... I think they make 'em cheap, because they always seem to be breaking off. Clever of you to have saved it and make sure to fix it yourself, it will be a lot better made. Funny, I never ever would have thought of that. XD Wouldn't it be funny if the keys and keyholes end up something similar to yours? We'll have to see! I'm a terrible hoarder and they've been sitting around for too long. Congrats on your first Bead Table Wednesday post!!