Saturday, November 16, 2013

Found Objects Captured Treasures Freeform Peyote Blog Hop

If you are looking for the Birthday Challenge 2 post click here

Hi Y'all,

I am addicted to challenges!  Try as I may I find it hard to pass them up, heck I even host them.  You maybe wondering why I am starting with this.  Well I will tell ya.  I am a structured bead weaver I follow instructions and conform to the way it should be done.  So when it comes to being free and going any which way and just letting go, yeah you guessed it, I have a real hard time with it.  So why in the world did I sign up to do freeform???   
I think the freeform work I have seen other beaders do is gorgeous!  The way they make it seem so simple and flowing is amazing to me.  This is my third freeform piece and I think I am getting a little better at just letting go and not over thinking it. I am still doing skinny pieces, but I really like how this one tuned out. 

I have been saving, Um okay hording, these pewter buttons that I have collected over the years form friends and purchased at various places.  So I decided that my found objects would be the pewter buttons.

I wore my bracelet to a meeting with the Gem and Mineral Society tonight and it was very comfortable to wear, I also got many complements on it as well.

Thank you Karen Williams and Mandi Ainsworth for hosting another Freeform challenge, maybe by the third one I will be able to really just let go and bead. 

Now please go by and check out what all the other participates have created.  I am sure y'all are going to be blown away with the talent that these freeform beaders possess.

Captured Treasures Blog Hop Participants

Mandi Ainsworth - host  
Karen Williams - host   
Anna Belous              
SaraBeth Cullinan    
Nancy Dale                 
Regina Roper               
Lisa Jones                     
Romana Tschunko    
Catherine Chinoy      
Therese Frank            
Naan Pocen               
Annita Wilson             
Lies Koster                  
Halina Trolle               
Sally Russick                          
Judy Pennington       


  1. Gosh, I love these! Just what I'd wear! And oh -- please let me give you a big birthday hug!! Many, many happy returns :)

  2. Therese, You, my fellow belle, are your own worst enemy. That bracelet is gorgeous. Flowing, balanced, beautiful. Your inner freeform voice is a great one.

  3. This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, Therese!! I love the pewter buttons. I think your freeform is really good. You have the flow of the technique down and I think this looks beautiful. I'm sure you'll get compliments every time you wear it!

  4. Therese - while it may seem difficult to you, your freeform flows quite beautifully from the outside perspective. And I'm so glad you joined our hop! Your Enchanted Woods bracelet is such a beautiful way to showcase your pewter buttons. I can totally see why you received compliments.

  5. Love the buttons. Great flow and colors. Seems like your venture into a new stylistic realm is working great . Your structured bead weaving is fabulous, but now I see a whole new possibility for you! What brought me back to beading after a long absence was unstructured work. I hope you continue with it!

  6. I love your collection of Buttons and apparently it is National Button Day!

  7. I have to say happy birthday first, of course - and then I want to completely steal Juli's comment in it's entirety, because she is so dead on. This is gloriously gorgeous, and no WONDER you're getting compliments! What a beautiful bracelet!!! I am so very very happy you have decided to keep on with the freeform, because you do wonders with it, you really do. (((( Therese ))))

  8. Oh this is so much fun Therese! .... you ARE addicted to hops and challenges :) But that is how we get to see all your lovely creations!!

  9. Bracelet and buttons are beautiful!
    Great work)

  10. See? Hoarding can lead to beautiful things as long as you hoard the good stuff. And you, my dear, hoard the good stuff. Great bracelet!

  11. This is lovely with the pewter buttons that you've been "collecting". Your freeform is wonderful, too. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  12. I love it Therese! It's gorgeous. Now let's see where this takes you.

  13. This is really great, Therese! It makes me think of a take-off on a charm bracelet for some reason. The colors you used and your hoarded buttons are just fabulous. Lovely!