Saturday, November 30, 2013

November She Made/She Made

I can not believe it is November 30th already, as a mater of fact I forgot until 5:00 am central time that today was the reveal day for the She Made/She Made challenge between Christine of One Kiss Creations blog and myself.   So Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of my American blog readers and Happy Holidays to everyone.

Back in October I received an email from a lady that had seen a necklace and earring set, that my cousin, who lives in Maryland, had purchased from me one summer at a family reunion.  She wanted to know if I could make her a set just like that one.  Well as you all know when we create it is usually a one of a kind piece, especially when it is made with an art bead.  So after a few emails to find out what necklace and earring set she was talking about, I told her that I could make her a set similar, but not exactly like the one my cousin has, and I sent her pictures of the MarshaNealStudio tiles I had left in my stash.  

Which were also the ones I had for mine and Christine's SM/SM challenge.  After seeing the tiles she wanted both sets.  So I emailed Christine and told her about the tiles and she agreed that the Marsha Neal tiles would be our November reveal.  So this is what I made and sent to the lady, to whom was very pleased with what she received.

I had a hard time with this one because of the color of the tiles, but I settled with 2 mm dark brown leather and sliver base metal filigree beads and silver base metal round beads.  I hung the earrings on Sterling silver ear hooks.

On this one I used 1.5 mm dark brown leather with 10 mm brown died matte finish Agate beads and 8 mm Sodalite beads these beads help bring out the blue tint in the tile pendant.

Well I know these are not  very creative, but it was what my customer wanted and that is what counts.
Please go by Christine's blog to see the beautifully colorful creations she made with her MarshaNealStudio tiles.

December is Christine's pick I can not wait to find out what she has chosen to work with.

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. I love what you did with the tiles, Therese. Sometimes a simple necklace is the best way to show off a focal piece. Really pretty. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Both of those turned out well. I like the first one best. The simplicity of the necklace makes the focal a star. It also makes the necklace versatile. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  3. Therese~I really like what you did with these, keeping with what the customer wanted and keeping the ceramics as the stars. Love those ceramic earrings! I bought some Marsha Neal cabs (that go so well with your brown piece) that almost made it in to this challenge. They might make it into ATTS4, though. We shall see. This month was a challenge for me, but it was fun! Your customer will love these~they are everyday wearable...the best kind of jewelry :-D

  4. Beautiful Therese! I do love the simplicity sometimes of just a dominant focal and you've really let these shine! I can see why your customer was pleased - and likely wearing often!

  5. How serendipitous was that! Love how simple these were to show off the tiles. These will be so wearable for her!

  6. All of them are simple but beautiful designs - love them as they are.

  7. I wouldn't have been able to choose between those Marsha Neal tiles either! Love how your designs give them maximum impact, and I would reach for that first pair of earrings every day!

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  9. When you're working with such sumptuous focals, you don't have to add a lot of frou-frou to them to make them sing. And that's one lucky customer who's getting the final products!

  10. I have been trying to leave you a comment on this post for several days, but for some reason, my IPad failed me! I think this design style IS creative and I would wear either one of these necklaces in a heartbeat- LOVE them!

  11. I love how natural these look! Lovely pieces!

  12. Absolutely gorgeous - and you're wrong... the simplicity and elegance of the design proves you are *very* creative! It's very hard to pull out a simple yet elegant piece, it's an art to know when to stop adding :)