Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm featured on a blog!

Hi all,
I just want to say after waking up this morning with a stomach ache and wishing I could call in sick, I drug my big behind out of bed and got ready for work UGH!  After getting all of the morning stuff done on my job I always take a few moments and check out what has been posted on the blogs.  Well let me just say that I squealed with delight after reading the kind words Kinga had to say about my necklace and me, and the nasty feeling in my stomach began to fade. 
Please if you have a moment go check out Kinga's blog at Crimson Frog Designs by Kinga Nichols she does amazing bead embroidery, I love,love,love her work, she also has a quirky sense of humor that will have you smiling as you are reading her posts. 
Okay need to get back to work now, I just wanted to get this posted while the radio traffic is next to none this morning.  

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Congratulation Therese for all this review ... She was really great and true in what she say there...

  2. Hehe. Thank You Therese:))) I'm so glad you liked what I wrote, and even more glad that I became the cure of your upset tummy. Thank You for writing about me too.

  3. congratulations and love what you did with the hardware challenge, loving the pendant of washers....very crafty

  4. Sweet! Congratulations! I'm on my way to check it out!

  5. Congratulations! So sorry I missed this when it happened. You totally deserve the feature! <3