Friday, July 22, 2011

My New Work Space

Well after a little cussing and a few blisters on my hands, I got my work table put together and my work space organized.  As you recall on Wednesday I posted that I was going to be making a work space out of a metal rolling cart, an upper cabinet, and a piece of wood that measured 30" wide by 6' long ( the width is really 24 " sorry) great, right!  Well the trouble began when I unwrapped the upper cabinet.

The bottom of the cabinet was recessed by one inch and also the cabinet is made from press wood, not good to screw into.  So I started to think if I cut a piece of board and put it down in the bottom that should be just right to screw the wheels to the bottom, easy peasy right, wrong!  I had a board that I was going to make a shelf out of the board measured 1"X12" X 4' so I measured the inside of the bottom of the cabinet for the length to cut the board.  My Mom did not have a power saw all she had was a hand saw, so I sawed and sawed and finely sawed the piece I need off of the board. Well it did not fit, because dummy me I did not measure the width DUH!!!!  My Mom had a piece of  1" X 6" board that was about 2' long.  This time I measured the width and went back out and sawed and sawed and sawed until I had 2 pieces that would fit in the bottom of the cabinet Whew!  Got the wood glue and glued the pieces to the bottom of the cabinet and called it a day on the building of my table.

This morning after I ate breakfast I got stared on screwing the wheels to the bottom of the cabinet.  Let's just say after yesterday today was a breeze.  Here is the almost finished work table and my new work space.  I say almost finished, because I still have to either stain or paint the table top.

When I finish the top I will attach it to the cabinet with L brackets and I will put two long cleats under the top to keep the metal cart in place.
There is a nice window to let in natural light when I want to use it or when I just want to gaze out the window.

My Mom always called that little corner off of the family room wasted space.  Well it is not wasted now!

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Looks like you will be having some fun there now!

  2. Glorious place to do beadwork! Looks very relaxing and peaceful.

  3. That is awesome! I'm so jealous as I sit here at my kitchen table! I love your fireplace also, beautiful place to bead.

  4. Great job!! what a wonderful looking place to work. Of course, now you realize, we all want to see some fabulous new pieces coming along in the near future! lol

  5. Wow. . .sounds like you're working hard on it. But, it looks like it's going to turn out GREAT. And what a fab space your mom has for you to occupy! Hurray for a designated work area!

  6. How cool! I just got a new desk too recently from a thrift store, and it makes all the difference not having to sit on the floor to bead for 4 hours at a time. Who could have thought that beading doesn't have to hurt one's derriere?

    Your work space looks really user friendly, and i love the natural light too.