Friday, October 7, 2011

Meet Victoria

I have been busy lately trying to finish up all of the pieces I have started.  Victoria is finished and ready for her debut, but first let me tell you how the idea for Victoria came about.
On August 31 my friend Kinga Nichols at Crimson Frog Designs had a giveaway.  Kinga was giving away these beautiful boro glass beads by Sharayah Sheldon a friend of hers.

Aren't these just gorgeous

I did not get around to making a post on Wednesday, but this is what I was going to show on my bead table

Victoria in the making...

I finished Victoria today I started to ensemble her in the way that I have done other spiral necklaces, but then changed my mind (actually my Mom helped me change my mind).  Here is Victoria! 

She is a bit Asymmetrical

I had enough of the boro glass beads and the accent beads to make a bracelet and two pairs of earrings.

I haven't decided on what I'm going to make with the other boro glass beads yet, I just like playing with them and I'm still drooling over them.  I still can not believe I was the lucky person that won these beautiful boro glass beads.  Thank you again to Kinga and Sharayah.

On another note I was contacted by Vente of Vintage Beads from Europe and asked if I would blog about her Vintage bead online store.  Of course I said yes and just the other day I received a package that contained these lovely beads.

I have several ideas of what I want to make with these lovelies.  I have one more project to finish and then I can play with the Vintage Beads from Europe!  Go visit Vente's  on-line store and check out all that she has to offer you just might find something you have been looking for or just can't do without.

Happy beading Y'all



  1. Oh my Victoria is beautiful! Very pretty! Those beads are juicy for sure. Sometimes it is nice to just look at our stash isn't it?

  2. Therese, You did an amazing job with those boro beads. I just love your Victoria. And You know how much I love asymmetrical designs, so I love it all the more for how very neatly unusual and so very beautiful it is. The colors are right on too:))

  3. beautiful pieces, wow you've done a wonderful job with those beads, can't wait to see what is created with all the rest....

  4. WOW! what a gorgeous necklace! i love the asymmetry! i struggle with that and envy people who can do it so naturally. your beadweaving is just beautiful. great work therese!

  5. Lovely work! The cellini is a great complement to the boro beads, which are gorgeous! It sounds like you are making great progress on your to-finish list!

  6. Wow Therese, gorgeous pieces, loving the weaving combined with stringing on Victoria, and you are right those Boros are yum!!

  7. Love the asymmetrical piece - beautiful. And what nice colours!!

  8. You got some beads from Vente too!? Oh, and yours are so different that what I received. I can't wait to see what you create!

  9. Victoria is STUNNING! I love the woven spiral you made and I think it complements the boro beads perfectly.

    Oh, and don't mind me drooling over your vintage beads from europe.