Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My word for 2012

While reading the wonderful blogs that I follow I have discovered many of you choose a word to inspire you through out the year.  I thought this was a good idea, so I gave it some thought and came up with the word...


 awake - mentally perceptive and responsive;"an alert mind"; "alert to the problems"; "alive to what is going on"; "awake to the dangers of her situation"; "was now awake to the reality of her predicament...

Completely conscious; not in a state of sleep.
Vigilant; watchful...

I chose this word because of some of the events that happened in my life in 2011.  If I had been more awake the out come would have been different.  Let me just leave it as lesson learned and I am moving forward with my eyes wide open and I will ask more questions to further understand or get a true grasp of the situation. 

Being awake will also lead me in new and exciting paths in my creativity as well as my everyday life.  Which leads me back to the word I chose for myself when I started this blog back in May of 2011.  The word was "Adventure" , and it has been just that, an adventure.  I have discovered and learned so much since starting this blog from all of those that I follow.  I want to thank each of you that have left comments and also those that have decided to follow me.  I still get a rush when I log in and see that I have a new follower.  I invite all of y'all to come along on the my adventure and be awake to what life brings our way!

The best to all of y'all in 2012!

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. What a fantastic word Therese!!!! Happy New Year!!

  2. this reminds me of a silly phrase "Be alert. The world needs more lerts."

    Have a happy 2012!

  3. great word! can't wait to see more of what you are doing, in your awakened state :)

  4. Great choice of words Therese. I am sorry 2011 didnt go as planned for you, but I hope 2012 is your best year ever! I love to see new followers too, and comments are always wonderful. I appreciate all the time you take to comment on my blog. Really makes my day! Looking forward to seeing what you do this year! Hugs, Tracey

  5. PS. My word is Serenity this is something I need in my life after a very tumultuous 2011.

  6. Awesome word to go by! Therese, I am so glad to have met you and have a great new year ;)

  7. Wonderful word (even though I really enjoy my sleep). :) I hope 2012 is an awesome year for you. I've enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

  8. Helooooooooooooo,my Sweet Therese:-)
    That I have disappeared suddenly,doesn't mean I do not need You,or do not need to read Your Blog,to see,what You,ve made recently.
    That we may not meet in our whole life,doesnt' mean,that I do not love You,that I do not wish You All the best....
    The 'key words' are always needeed,because they help us to have a certain 'plan' for the coming year,which sometimes doesn't mean,that everything goes as we plann.
    I also have started a new life in a new place,in a new home ,so I also have new expectations towards my new Year in new circumstances and I do hope-this time everything will be going as planned as well.
    Terribly sorry for not having given any sign.Life can be compicated and astounding sometimes.
    My Dear Therese:Happy New Beading Yaera for You...Everything's going to get better,because we both-You and me-want it to be...
    I always repeat-life it is not an abstraction:these are people mailny,if we all want it ,or not...we have to deal,we have to live.
    I am happy to have read all that You've said.It's simliar...inside of me.
    Greetings -this time from Sweden-Halinka-

  9. I too have seen other artists posting a 'word for the year'. I've been thinking about doing this myself, the problem is thinning down the list of words I could use ha ha.
    'Awake' is a good one, I like it x

  10. Great choice Therese - It's one of those small words we tend to take for granted and assume we're in control of it's implications...until something comes out of left field and knock us for six! I hope it give you lots of inspiration in your creative life.

  11. Awake... I love it. It has the elements of adventure to it, plus being more.. mindful about adventure?? I think it's a great choice Therese!
    Happy Awake Year:))

  12. 2012 is going to be a great year for you Therese and I think you picked the perfect word! Can't wait to see how beautifully it unfolds!

  13. Great post, Therese! And I love your word for this year. I hope that you are awake through all of the adventures of 2012 :0)

  14. and that sounds weird hahah what I meant was I hope you enjoy 2012

  15. Oh my gosh! My word for last year was AWAKEN. . . So, I totally get your choice of words. It's a perfectly simple statement with huge implications. Best of luck as you embark on this new year. May it be happy and eye-opening! ;)

  16. Great word Therese! Now you have me thinking. I will have to sleep on this one! I hope 2012 is a great year for you. I have always found a lot of life inspiration through blogging myself. :)

  17. Therese, thank you for your encouraging comment! My word for 2012 is happiness. I passed two hard years and now want to see myself happy. But not only myself, also the people around me: family, friends, strangers. All the best for 2012!

  18. What a good word. This was my first year for choosing a word and I have to admit that I am looking forward to being able to go back and see how I did on it.

  19. Good choice, Therese. I believe in the process of selecting the word for 2012, you have already started awakening. ;-)
    Thank you Therese, I really appreciate your frequent encouraging comments. May your new year be full of love, peace and joy.

  20. Great choice..."alive to what is going on"...I really like that. So many times we only partly hear or partly many misunderstandings can happen when we are not fully awake. I too am going to try and be more in the moment.....have a great day.