Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Heart Macro - Orchids and Chewy

Hi Y'all,
I have been absent from I Heart Macro for a few weeks I have been busy with other things.  Every Sunday I had good intentions to post, but something always got in the way.  Well I was determined to post this Sunday.

Eight years ago I bought this Orchid and it was blooming when I bought it.  I admired the beautiful blooms and then for eight years I admired the beautiful thick green leaves, but in never bloomed again until this year. I was over the moon thrilled that it had decided to bloom again.  I guess it just needed a new surrounding.

I now sits on the window sill in my Mom's kitchen.  Look how tall and proud it looks sitting there in the window.

Those that read my blog will remember that I lost my sweet Loki a few weeks ago.  He was old and just decided that it was his time to go to Dogie Heaven.  I was not going to get another pet, but one day a week or so ago I was surfing the net and went to my local Humane Society's page and saw this cute little guy and instantly fell in love.  So I called to see if he was still available for adoption, he was so after work I went and adopted him.  His name at the shelter was Junior, but I did not like that name.  I pondered on another name for him all the way home.  The first thing the little guy did when I put him down outside when we got home was go for my pants leg and start tugging.  I named him Chewy cause he likes to chew and he is Chihuahua! 
Meet Chew Junior

Being a good boy and going potty outside!

So cute sticking his tongue out at me!

A few macro shots of Chewy

I hope you enjoyed viewing my I Heart Macro shots today and if you would like to view more I Heart Macro head on over to Lori's Studio Waterstone  blog and see what everyone else is I Heart Macroing.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Gorgeous orchids! Oh my goodness he is adorable! You just want to pick him up and love all over him. Congrats on the new fur baby!

  2. I love your orchid shot and cannot tell you how impressed I am that you've had that one for 8 years. I love orchids, but cannot seem to keep them. :(

    Chewy is so cute and I know he is so happy to be in such a loving home.

  3. Therese - he's adorable! Great photos!! I'm glad you rescued him!!

  4. I can see Chewy is going to get a lot of blog exposure and quite right too. It's very hard to replace an animal you've loved for years but there passing does leave a bit hole. Small as he is I'm sure this little chap will do his best to fill the gap left by Loki. And beautiful orchid too.

  5. Therese! he is Absolutely Fabulous! we 'rescued' our dog and she turned out to the most amazing part of our family. We had her for 16 glorious years, and still miss her terribly. Enjoy him - hug him every day! He's found a great home!

  6. glad the orchid is doing well. they are such beautiful plants. and your new puppy is so cute! he can't help it, he's adorable! kudos for going to a shelter too. all of our pets are rescue pets too.

  7. Your new puppy is adorable, Therese! And, your orchid is beautiful. You know, some orchids take up to seven years to rebloom. I had one that I had for a long time that just rebloomed this year.

  8. Therese,
    How awesome that your orchid blooms once again!

    And that puppy. . ..ohhhhh... I could just eat him up!

  9. oh what dreamy colors your orchid bloom is giving! and that puppy...oh my! what a cutie!!

  10. I love orchids. When I was growing up, my dad built a greenhouse and he had about 400 of them, all sorts of types.

  11. Awww that puppy is so darn cute! Have fun with him ;) Oh and by the way, your orchids are beautiful...

  12. Therese, the orchids are so pretty! Chew junior is sooo cute!

    Have a great week!

  13. The orchid is beautiful - I have mine in bloom too (one already, one preparing)... must be The Year of Orchids :)

    Oooohhh... Chewy is so adorable!! Give him a big hug from me, please, he's the cuttest little thing I've ever seen (my girls are big, I forgot their puppy days :))

  14. Wow...and eight year old orchid! Someone (you or your Mom, or both?) has a green thumb!
    What a heartwarming see you brought another furry friend in to you life. Little chewy is really adorable. I hope we see more of his antics and photos gracing your blog!

  15. Sorry to hear about the loss of Loki. Losing a pet is so hard. Looks like Chewy has quite the personality! So cute! Congrats on the new member of the family.

  16. The orchid is so gorgeous! Luckily you held onto it since its blooms have come back with a vengence. Chewy is insanely adorable! Love those ears. Congratulations on your new family member. :)

  17. i had an orchid for almost a died...enough said!

    i love chewy...what a sweet little pup. i hope your new adventures with him help ease your pain of losing Loki.

    take care!