Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tiny Tins Challenge - Hosted by Michelle Mach

Tiny Tin Blog Hop Challenge

Hello Y'all,

This challenge is the first of two challenges I will be posting today.  Back on April 27th Michelle put out the call for participants in her Tiny Tin Challenge.  The object of this challenge was simple, for a small fee you purchased two little tins and all you have to do is decorate one of the tins did not matter which one and you could decorate it any way you wanted.  
Okay the rules sounded easy enough, uh yeah well, before the tins came I was thinking of all kinds of things I could do to decorate the tins, but when they arrived I went blank.  So I set them aside and told myself I have plenty of time to decorate the tins.  I will just work on other projects and think about this one for a while.  
At one point I thought that I would glue a gemstone to the top and bead a bezel around the stone and lid, but I could not find a stone that fit the lids.  I had ordered some seed beads and a shell inlaid pendant.  When the package arrived I thought yeah this pendant will look good on the lid of the large tin, but then I thought what was I going to put with it, I can't just glue it to the lid and be on my way. What kind of a challenge is that?
I remembered that I had polymer clay.  I looked in the bag of clay and found navy blue. Well really I thought that it was black until I took the wrapper off and saw it was navy blue instead.  I rolled out the clay and cut a piece to put onto the lid and pressed the pendant down into the clay to make an indention, so after baking I would just glue the pendant onto the lid.  Okay that took care of the lid now what about the rest of the tin.  I covered the bottom portion of the tin with the clay and put both lid and bottom in the oven and baked the clay per the instructions on the clay wrapper. Oh I know what y'all are thinking about me using the oven to bake the clay, but it is all right I covered the tin so the fumes from the clay would not contaminate the oven.

OK the tin is baked and cool and I glued the pendant to the lid.  Still it was just not good enough yet. What to do, what to do? I walked away from it for a day to think and work on other projects.  It hit me the tin needed some bling!  I had some clear AB flat backed 4mm crystals.  I glued those around the rim of the lid and then I had some beaded ribbon I glued that around the lip of the lid added some Mod Podge for some shine.  
While I was playing with the large tin I kept looking at the Mother's day card I got from my Mom.  It had a light blue back ground and embossed flowers on it.  I picked out a few of the flowers and drew circles around them and cut them out.  I chose one of the flowers and glued it the the lid of the small tin. After a couple of hours I came back and I covered the flower with some Mod Podge. I let that dry then I added some resin.  The next day I glued some light blue ribbon around the lip of the lid and the bottom of the tin.

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Thank you Michelle for hosting another wonderful challenge.

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. OMG, what pieces of art! The bigger one is so cool.

  2. Holy moly Therese, you really hit it out of the park with this challenge! I am so impressed with these tins and your creativity! They are beautiful!!!!

  3. Gosh, Therese, you really had your creativity in high gear for this challenge! These are beautiful! I love the polymer clay one.

  4. These are beautiful! The larger one is gorgeous. My mind is swimming with ideas of the treasures that these could store.

  5. Speechless! I am blown away!

  6. I love these! In addition to just lookijg beautiful on a dresser or desk, they would make a wonderful gift box, too!

  7. Bling is good! Tiny little treasure boxes!

  8. Wow these are great Therese!!

  9. I was lucky and git to see them in person! They are stunning! So pretty!

  10. You did a great job! I love the idea of reusing a card to decorate the tin. I'm also glad you did one with polymer clay. That had been my intention for my own tins, but at the last minute I chickened out. You've made me want to try again with polymer clay!

    Thanks for joining the challenge!

  11. I saved you for last, my same name friend! What can I say that others have not already? I really love the larger tin. Using the clay the way you did has inspired me to think of some of the more difficult 3D objects I would like to use in jewelry, or as you did, on a tin. The shiny gloss coating makes it look like an expensive treasure box. I love that you used something so personal as a card from your mother to decorate the other tin. Again, I am inspired! Thank you. :)

  12. Beautiful job with both tins and big bonus points for having accepted two challenges at the same time. Your other challenge results were impressive too. I am going to have to check out the series of books you recommended..but not until I have a big chunk of time to spend on them, they sound like they would hook me right in.

  13. I love how your designs evolved and your tins came together. They are both beautiful.

  14. What beautiful tins! I love how you created two such unique and wonderful designs using beautiful design elements on each. Fantastic!

    :) Molly

  15. They are both beautiful and I love how different they are. Wonderful job.

  16. That Navy blue really does something for the shell piece. What a happy accident! And that other tin where you included your Mother's Day card, how great of an idea is that!? Nicely done overall!!