Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge of Color - Hosted by Erin Prais-Hintz

Hi Y'all,

That's right two post in one day, so if you are looking for AJE's component of the month challenge go here.

At the beginning of this month I signed up for Erin's Challenge of Color.  I love to participate in Erin's challenges they are always so interesting and make you think a little while before getting started.  This time around was no different.  Erin teamed up with Brandi Hussey of Brandi Girl Blog and the two of them came up with 40 color palettes from NASA Earth As Art photographs.  Erin sent each of the participants in this challenge two color palettes in which to work from.  We could choose just one or both it was up to us.
When I first got my palettes I was only going to use only one, because I love the vibrant greens and pinkish purples in the palette, but then I looked at the second palette again and knew I wanted to use that one too.  So here are my palettes and what I made using both.

First the Demini River:  A marsh-like area borders the Demini River in northwestern Brazil. The Demini eventually joins the Amazon River.

I went into my stash and pulled out all of the colors that I could find that closely matched my palette.  I love gemstones and I collect them from every where I can.  My favorite colors are pink and green, so I have a lot of those two colors.  The beaded beads are from a tutorial I purchased from Monomint etsy shop.  The name of the tutorial is Sweet Onion.  All of the beads with the exception of the seed beads are gem stones, but I do not know the names of the pink oblong and the light green oval ones.  The 4 mm green beads are Aventurine, the 6 mm pinkish purple are died Quartzite, and the purple are Blue Aventurine.

This is another Monomint tutorial Tortuga Bay.  

This is a flat spiral bracelet that I made during a flat spiral class I taught at my local bead store this month. I used green round crystals in 4 mm and 6 mm and size 11 purple seed beads.

My second palette is Algerian Abstract:  What look like pale yellow paint streaks slashing through a mosaic of mottled colors are ridges of wind-blown sand that make up Erg Iguidi, an area of ever-shifting sand dunes extending from Algeria into Mauritania in northwestern Africa. Erg Iguidi is one of several Saharan ergs, or sand seas, where individual dunes often surpass 500 meters-nearly a third of a mile-in both width and height.

This is also a Monomint tutorial Tricia's pendant.  This photo does not do the colors in this pendant justice the blue in the rivoli is gorgeous deep blue, and the glass pearls around the edge of the rivoli are a pale green.

This bracelet was made from a Nancy Dale tutorial purchased from  NEDbeads etsy shop the name of the tutorial is Twin bead flat spiral. 

Thank you for stopping by and seeing what I made for Erin's Challenge of Color.  I hope you liked what you saw while you were here.  Now please go and see what the other participants have created using their color palettes.

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Happy beading Y'all,


  1. what beautiful creations! love your palettes, too!

  2. Wow, Therese! You have been busy. I love your first necklace - the gemstones you chose showcase the vibrant colors so beautifully!

  3. I don't think I could have picked just one of those palettes either. They are both great. The first is bright and fun. You totally did it justice with your bright, fun necklace. In fact. . .I see a little Mardi Gras in there. Your beaded beads that have the larger purple beads just scream Mardi Gras to me :)
    The other palette is earthy and soothing to an extent. You made it so elegant. Both the necklace and the bracelet are fabulous. I can see adding the necklace to a simple outfit for a spark of color and dressy-ness. And that bracelet is perfect for everyday or a night out. Very, very cool!

  4. Oh you have been using James patterns!! Love your work and what fun colors you were able to play with! Tricia's pendant is so beautiful!

  5. Holy cats! you went to town! Your beadwork always amazes me!! I have to say that my favorite is the St Pete's .. I am in love with that stitch, and love how you use the contrasting colors in that one!! But then there is that focal in your Algerian Abstract piece ... wow those colors look amazing together!! Too many beauties to focus on in this post!!

  6. Wow Therese - your pieces are breathtaking! You sure did this challenge justice with all of your pieces! I seriously love, love, love your first piece with the pinks and greens!!!

  7. Very impressive :) I like the first the most ;)

  8. Girl I just went to the shop and I see why you have most of them!!! I need to make a wish list!!!

  9. Therese, you have been busy! Those are all amazing. I love the first necklace .. the colors in the gemstones are just wonderful together. I see you in those bracelets .. totally your colors. I really like that pendant as well. I will be checking out those patterns. :) You did such a marvelous job with all of them!

  10. Amazing! All that work! I really like all the pieces but that first necklace is my absolute favorite of all. Those aren't usually colors I am drawn to, but its such a pretty and happy piece!

  11. Weren't the Challenge of Color palettes just beautiful? I was so happy with the ones I got. You made such gorgeous pieces with yours! You did a fantastic job on this challenge!

  12. I loved what you made for the two palettes. I also received the Demini River palette. Fun to see what others made with the same palette. Andrea

  13. Wow what an incredible amount of work. What a great job you did on everything!

  14. Oh wow, we had the same Demini River palette, you made such gorgeous pieces, great job!
    Deb x

  15. Beautiful work -- I think that first palette would have scared me to death, but you did a lovely job of taming those colors. And I really love the way the bezel of the pendant for the second palette looks like the desert winds have blown the beads a little to curve around the larger rounds. Great stuff, Therese!

  16. The first one is my favorite, pretty colors and it flows like a river :)

  17. Wow, your beadwork is amazing! I especially love the little beaded beads in your first necklace - that kind of detailed work seriously impresses me.

    Thanks so much for playing along!

  18. Eee! Ooooh! AAAAHH! Loove what you made. You did a wonderful job matching colors and, as you may recall, I just SO admire seed beaders! (no patience, personally) Beautiful work!

  19. Hi Therese, All of your pieces are outstanding. Great job. I like Tricia's pendant the best but, it is hard to choose.

  20. Love your palettes and how you applied all the colors in your fantastic beadwork - awesome job! JLynn

  21. Stunning work! The first palette is my favorite.

  22. I always know I will be wowed when I open your blog- and I was right again! Both creations are stunning!

  23. All your pieces are beautiful~love your color pallets and for both, but am especially in love with your last two photos. That pendant must be spectacular in person!

  24. Oooh - your beadwork is sensational - love your designs and your blog!

  25. Oh Therese, as I predicted to myself you have done a fantastic job with your pallets, gorgeous pieces, love them!

  26. Therese, beautifully done! I love coming over to your blog and perusing your beadwork. It is always so beautiful! Fantastic pieces! I've never seen flat spiral before, or if I did didn't know it, it's wonderful and mirrors the river patterns in the print perfectly!

  27. Oops, not sure how I missed your post on my dashboard yesterday, Therese! I love all your incredible bead creations and especially fascinated by the second palette, as I also had the pleasure of working with Algerian Abstract. Such is the power of creativity, that even if we all started with the same colours, we would still be seeing completely unique elements!

  28. Love it! I am so happy that you joined me. I have no idea how you wrangle those seeds to do your wishes, but you do every time! These palettes are both so rich in color and so very different and you did a marvelous job. Enjoy the day! Erin

  29. All your designs are so pretty. Any design with seed beads just amazes me.

  30. So beautiful! I love both pieces and your beadwork - out of this world. :)

  31. Oh wow Therese, you never disappoint with your richly detailed designs. I really love the first necklace especially, those beaded, bead ring type parts are so perfect

  32. Ah, just get better and better as time goes by! Your beadwork is inspire me to work with seed beads!

  33. Amazing beadwork! I love the pendant but all the pieces are gorgeous.

  34. Gorgeous interpretations of these stunning color schemes. Fantastic!

  35. Wow, someone was busy. Nice job and beautiful colors match the pallet perfectly. I like the first necklace best.

  36. Your bead work is amazing. I especially love your pieces using the algerian abstract color palette.

  37. Great pieces all. But I really like your first necklace. Your little focal beads are so cute and really show off the colors in your palette well.

  38. Oh you captured your palettes so well in your pieces! I love the colours, they just pop in every single piece!

  39. Looky here little missy... all your pieces are stunning! I loved your color palette in the first piece especially. Pink & green are divine together!

    Hope your day is wonderful!

  40. Therese, I must deeply appologize... I visited your blog the day of the hop and somehow I didn't comment! Sorry :( [blushing profusely!]

    Your pieces are adorable - as usual I am in love with your beadwork. The palettes you have captured in such a perfect way, I love how you gave 2 different interpretations to the first one: just shows how colours are so powerful).

    I *Love* everything!

  41. I'm very slowly getting around to all the color challenge blogs and wow you've been busy!!! I love every piece you made, and your bead work is wonderul. The necklace with the stunning rivoli and glass pearls is fabulous!!!!

  42. Fantastic beadwork!!!! I especially love that flat spiral bracelet! 'Great palette matching!