Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Time To Stitch 3 hosted by Therese Frank and Christine Altmiller


Hi Y'all,

It is time again for another round of A Time To Stitch hosted by Christine and myself.  This time around the stitches we chose are Ladder, Square, Brick, Cellini Spiral, Russian Spiral, and African Helix. The rules were simple pick one flat stitch, one spiral stitch and create pieces using those stitches. The stitches could be combined in one piece or separate pieces.  If one was real ambitious they could create with all of the stitches.

Along with my creations I will also be showing the creations of two of my beading friends, that do not have blogs.

Let me introduce you to Crystie Willard.  Crystie and I met a long time ago, but just recently became good friends.  She is a very talented hair dresser and becoming a very talented bead weaver.  Here is what Crystie created...

Crystie started this pendant when we went on our beading retreat in Florida.  She wanted to learn how to do bead embroidery and asked me if I would help guide her through the process.  I think this pendant turned out gorgeous.  Crystie used three of the stitches in this challenge in her piece, brick stitch around the edge of the pendant, ladder stitch for the bail, and Russian spiral for the neck strap.

Next I would like to introduce you to Cynthia Wilson.  Cynthia and I met at the former High Strung Beads bead store one day when I went in to get a few things and have been friends ever since.  Cynthia is now the co-owner of the new bead store in Montgomery called the Enchanted Bead the home of the Bead Fairies.  Here is what Cynthia created...

Cynthia created this beautiful bracelet using the ladder stitch.  I just love those yellow glass beads in the middle.  Yellow is a hard color to work with, but Cynthia managed quite beautifully.

Cynthia also chose to use the Russian Spiral to make this dainty little bracelet for her grand daughter.  She used size 15 and 11 seed beads in this bracelet.  

Now for my creations.  I did all of the stitches except for the African Helix I just did not have the time to do it before the reveal date, that is what happens when you sign up for just about every challenge you come across on the blogs. Oh well moving on, here is what I created...

I love Tracey Gwillimas designs they are so pretty and when I came across this tutorial I just had to have it to make this bracelet for this challenge. 

Some of y'all may recognize this from my BSBP post, but since that was going on at the same time this challenge was announced I believe the brick stitch in the flowers qualifies for this challenge.  The Gumdrop flowers are from Kerrie Slade's Gumdrops In My Garden tutorial which is free at Bead and Button web site.

Cellini Spiral is my favorite of the spiral stitches I just love the look of it.  I made this bracelet with leather that I knotted with square knots.  I gave this one to my niece Belle.

This bracelet was made using the Square stitch and is my very first time using this stitch.  I love this stitch it is so easy and fast. In this bracelet I used size 6 seed beads and 3 mm glass cubes.  I call this one Block Windows because you can see through the glass cube beads.

This bracelet is done with a tutorial that Kristen Stevens posted on Art Jewelry Elements blog on May 13th.  Kristen tried to tell me over the phone a while back how to do the Russian spiral using twins, but I am a visual person, I need to see it to do it.  So I was very excited when I saw this post, that I got started on it right away.  The stitch is very easy to do and works up very fast.  Thank you Kristen for sharing this tutorial with all of us.

Thank you to all that participated in this challenge, and a big thank you to Christine for being my co-host in this challenge.  Christine and I enjoy doing this challenge and will be thinking up some stitches for A Time To Stitch 4.  I can not wait to see what all of you have created I just know that I will be blown away by your creations.  

Here is the list of participants please go see what they have created.

Therese Frank  (you are here)

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. All really beautiful pieces, Crystie has chosen the perfect colour seed beads to go with that focal, Cynthia's bracelet for her grand daughter is so cute, Your flowers bracelet is so lovely but I completly love your Cellini Spiral the colours are fantastic and it looks great with the leather!

  2. Wow! I am stunned this morning by all of the gorgeous jewelry displayed here! I do not know what ocal stone or bead Chrystie used for her necklace, but her beading with that focal is stunning! And you are spot on about the color yellos...Cynthia nailed it...what a beautiful bracelet! As a non- bead weaver myself, your work always amazes me...from the colors of your bead selections to your perfect stitchery. here is no way I could pick a favorite, but the Blok Windows Bracelet is high on my list!! Well done, ladies!

  3. Wow - to all these pieces. I love Chrystie's piece using so many of the stitches....and that ladder stitch bracelet is wonderful. I love your pieces - as always you've blown me away with your work. Thanks for pointing out Kristen's tutorial. I CAN"T wait to try it! I love that tila bracelet - it's just so pretty with so much texture. Thank you for hosting the challenge again!!!

  4. What I loved about the stitches you and Christine chose for this challenge is that they can all be adapted to so many different sizes and shapes of beads, which you have demonstrated beautifully with your bracelets. The square-stitched windows are my favorite.

    Yay to Crystie for her impeccable bead embroidery and beautiful color choices. Cynthia's ladder-stitched bracelet is so cool, love her design. And, how exciting is it to have a new bead store in town. Ours are all closing. I'll have to come to Montgomery to shop.

  5. I love all these!!! This was a great challenge, definitely stretched me with the brick stitch! All these are gorgeous, congratulations to all!

  6. So much to say here, so here goes!
    Crystie's piece is gorgeous and colorful and bold and a wonderful blend of the stitches. What is the centerpiece made of? Love it!
    Cynthia's pieces are so pretty. The spiral is sweet and the ladder is so full of Spring and a real cool combination of bead styles.
    Yours...I had to laugh that I chose to dig way back into my repertoire and bring back my Gallery Bracelet and you did that Block Window one! Are we beading alike after all this time? LOL!!! But I do love the ease and colors and comfort of the Block Windows. The tila bracelet is wonderful~very feminine and pretty. The cellini, I was glad to see you did a segment too, and did it beautifully. Your spiral based on Kristen's design is so so cool! And that you did it the day before shows your fearless abilities with the needle. The gumdrop flowers I LOVE. I need to try them, as I love bricking around a round :-) Thanks so much for continuing to be my partner and continuing to push me a little further in my weaving skills. Onto #4!!!

  7. oh man, so much to see here! I have to go back through it several times to take it all in!

    ok starting with Crystie's piece ... whoa! the colors! the colors are rich, deep and luscious! am I reading this correctly that this is her first piece? her 'starter piece' to learn? seriously? I can't wait to see what happens next!

    I'm with you Therese ... Cynthia's yellow is striking! it is hard to work with yellow, but this just screams summer (and lemon drops!) absolutely love it. And the Russian Spiral is delicate and beautiful; so masterfully done!

    Therese, your pieces are brilliant as always! I love the use of tila beads! I'm still a little shy with those, but you've inspired me here with not one, but two gorgeous beauties. I really MUST try it with a Russian Spiral (coming soon! :) ... and I always drool over your Cellini Spirals - loving the color choices with your bracelet! Very rustic and tribal; a theme with me these days! and I love that you and Christine both did "window" patterns ... you guys make me laugh with how in sync you can be with your beading!

  8. oh ... where are my manners?! many, many thanks for another wonderful hop! I love that you guys pushed me to try new stitches, and that I'm comfortably using them!

  9. I'm with Cynthia, what a pile of eye candy! I love that bead embroidery necklace. I want to come learn from you!
    Of the other pieces, the yellow bracelet is captivating. She just did a great job showcasing that color.
    Did you hear me squeal when I saw your cellini? I'm going to ask permission to steal that idea, that was just awesome! I really, really love the windows bracelet, such a cool look! And I'm so glad you got to do Kristen's pattern, it's on my list to do!
    Thank you so much for such a fun time!

  10. Your cellini is gorgeous, the square stitch with windows is clever, and the Russian spiral with twins is my favorite - nice work!

  11. Thank you Ms Therese for making me learn again! What wonderful pieces you all created. Yellow is always a favorite color of mine..a beautiful piece. The beaded work is awesome...congrats to you too! Your Cellini Spiral is to die for. I love your colors and design. I would have stold that from you! Did you take more pictures/views?? Would love to see more!

  12. What does one say? Wow I am blown away by the talent - Christie what a beautiful necklace using so many of the required stitches. Cynthia also two beautiful bracelets. And you Therese, I always find I'm holding my breath until the end of your post. Or maybe I can't catch my breath. Your work is so amazing! I love those gumdrops and I love the Cellini with leather. But I love the Tila bracelet for it's color and texture. Thank you for inspiring me with your work and for hosting this with Christine. You are terrific ladies!

  13. Wow, I love Crystie's piece!!! It's perfect and those colors just keep calling my name ...;-)

    Beautiful pieces also those made by Cynthia!

    And what to say about your pieces, Therese? I'm really blown away every time I see your blog posts and can't wait to see another one ... I looove your style and all of your pieces! I think I will find and try the tutorials you've pointed out ...
    A HUGE THANK YOU for organizing this challenge, it's always a great opportunity to learn something new! If it wouldn't be for your and Christine's challenges, I would probably still not tried to beadweave.

  14. Therese, as always, you come up with the most beautiful interpretations of the stitches! Your Cellini bracelet is gorgeous -- and I was just telling Christine that my Cellini tension is so tight I can't imagine it being in a bracelet. Maybe I just need to ease up, eh? And I'm going to have to try that Russian with the duos (how did I miss that post?!?) Thanks for being an awesome and imaginative hostess!

  15. I love Crystie's ppendant and chain are so pretty! Cynthias piece is gorgeous! But you my dear have blown me away with how quickly you stitched up that spiral!

  16. I love what you did with the stitches! The cellini is beautiful and I love that pattern of Kerrie's.

  17. Everything is so gorgeous Therese! I love what you have done with the ladder stitch. Such a pretty color combo. The cellini stitch looks really cool too.

  18. Therese, you gals did some absolutely GORGEOUS bead work! Everything is beautiful! Thank you so much for co-hosting these fantastic challenges with Christine! They are so inspiring and it is fun to see everyone's creations! Can't wait to sign up for the next one!

  19. A tad late to the party (sorry, life got in my way) - I love everything! I saw Kristen's tutorial on Monday and I wanted to try it too, and now seeing your beauty I will have to get some double tiles for it!
    Your work is beautiful - and everything is lovely; but I am in love with those pretty flowers! A gorgeous piece.
    Thank you for a wonderful challenge!

  20. Therese Your pieces are lovely. This sounds like a fun challenge. I will have to follow your blog so I can join in next time.

  21. Thank you, Therese, for showing so many lovely pieces, not only made by you, but also from your co-designers! Amazing artwork, all of them!
    My favourite is the ladder stitch bracelet.
    I always admire what you make even if you did'nt had so much time for your designs. Nobody really would notice that, I think!

  22. Theresa, I always enjoy when you post your beadwork - your Cellini spiral is incredible. I am in awe. I enjoyed seeing the work of others with similar talent with beadwork - you all amaze me!! :-)

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  26. Hi! I'm a beginner who's come across your "Time to Stich" events. Awesome! I have what may be a silly question, though... The "title" graphic shows bits of stitching instruction diagrams. Where can I find the complete instructions & diagrams for the various stitches?? Thanks!