Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Creating With Cabochons hosted by Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime

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Hi Y'all,

Yes it is me, I am still around, I just took a break from beading and blogging for a little while.  I have been learning a few new skills to add to my jewelry making, one of which is fusing glass and shaping the fuse glass into cabochons.  So that is what I am going to show you for the Creating With Cabochons challenge, that the wonderfully talented Sally Russick with The Studio Sublime is hosting.  

When I first signed up for this challenge I had it in mind to make a collar using cabs and bead embroidery.  I have not given up on that idea, but it is just not going to happen for this challenge.  What I am going to show you is the process I took to make my cabs.

 Morning is a lady that is very talented in many areas of jewelry making and she has taken me on as an apprentice and fusing glass was my first lesson.  I learned how to cut glass with a glass cutter and how to break it apart once it is scored. I learned that stained glass is not the same as coe90 glass and they should not be mix, but I forgot that rule and mixed them anyway and found out that they do not like to stick to each other.  It is fun cutting up the glass and placing them on other pieces of glass and making little sandwiches of glass.  I lost all track of time when I was playing.

Glass ready to go into the kiln for the fusing process. 

Glass is fused and shapes drawn on the back.  This machine is used to cut off the excess glass to make it easier to sand into the drawn shape.

The excess glass cut away the scraps will be crushed to go into other projects.

Me sanding and shaping the cabs.

Cabs all sanded and shaped and ready to go back into the kiln for fire polishing.

Here is my lot of cabs.  This picture is of the first and second batch of cabs.

Although I did not make a piece of jewelry with any of these cabs, you will be seeing these in the future made into wearable pieces.

This is a piece that I did for a Facebook challenge.  So I decided that it would do a double duty for this challenge too.

Thank you for stopping by to visit, I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Now please go and visit the other blogs in this hop.

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  1. Really lovely piece and I love that you showed the process for the cabs

  2. Therese, love the photos of your glass making class. I took a similar class awhile back and my pieces did not come close to yours! Your talent continues into new areas. As for your cab..... how lovely and romantic. The strap you created goes perfectly with the cameo and pearl. Glad to see you are doing well!

  3. This is the most exciting post in a long while (I have missed you!)~seeing what you have been doing and seeing these cabs you have created!!! What cool beauties! It looks very fun, exciting, and the possibilities are unlimited. You sound like you are lovin' it :-) And again, the FB piece you made is really lovely

  4. Welcome back, Therese! I've missed your posts, but I totally understand taking a break! I'm so in love with your cabs. I had no idea how went about fusing glass or what one did to create shapes other than square or rectangle. Thank you so much for sharing the process! I just love what you've been making! Fantastic!!!

  5. oh WOW, WOW, WOW! look at you go! making all those beautiful, gorgeous cabs! You sound like you're really enjoying this, I hope you were able to re-charge those 'bead' engines of yours! Can't wait to see you bead bezel with these beauties

  6. Creating your own cabs - can't tell you how impressed I am with your first batches. The design potential is limitless - I'm coming back to see how you use these beauties!

  7. Oh man...I am SO JEALOUS! That looks like it would be a blast! Your cabs are most awesome, and it is exciting to see the process photos! Your necklace is stunning, too, but then, everything you make is!

  8. Wow!! look at all those lovely glass cabs.
    A beautiful necklace Therese

  9. You've been busy - love your cabs, they're wonderful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll create with them! And the necklace is absolutely fabulous - like everything you make, of course!

  10. Love your cabs, too, Therese! Glass is fun, isn't it? I can fuse with my kiln but don't have anything to sand cabs, but maybe someday! Love the necklace you made, its beautiful!

  11. I love seeing the process of making the glass fused cabochons.

  12. Thanks so much for giving a peek into your work space and lessons. What a fabulous collection of cabs you now have to play with. Hope to read more about them in the future.


  13. WOW...I always wondered how the layered glass pieces are put together. I bet that took hours to make all of those cabs...They are all amazing..Love your necklace looks very vintage.

  14. Beautiful cabs! Thanks for sharing the process. Necklace is lovely.

  15. I really enjoyed seeing the process of making fused glass cabochons.

    Your Facebook challenge necklace is so feminine--it looks like it's ready to be worn to a cotillion! *lovely work*

  16. Therese!! I've missed you. I've been wondering where you've been. I'm so, so glad to see you back online. And, what wonderful goodies you brought with you! An apprentice in glass fusing. . .too cool!!

  17. Congrats Theresa on making your own cabs. I like your facebook necklace too.

  18. Therese, I've missed you!! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge! I've taken two fused glass classes and I love not knowing exactly what you are going to get until you pull them out of the kiln! Your cab's are beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your learning experiences. Oh, and I must say that that is some mighty fine beadwork that you did for that necklace!! LOVE!!!

  19. Thanks for sharing your process that you used to make the fused glass cabs. It looks like you had fun.

  20. Glad you are having fun and learning something new.

  21. Thanks for sharing your glass making process...I also love the pretty necklace you created.

  22. Your piece is lovely and I love your cabs, I would definitely love to see your pieces with those cabs.

  23. Better late than never (sigh). I enjoyed seeing the process you went through to make those fused glass cabs. The colors, shapes and sizes of your cabs are marvelous. I'm looking forward to seeing how those cabs pop up in your work. The FB piece is lovely, so feminine and pretty.

  24. It is always good to learn new things. I learned quite a lot with this challenge. Your design is lovely, and I look forward to seeing designs with the new cabs you are creating.

  25. You must be having a blast with the fused glass. I took a class in this a few years ago and loved how the pieces came out. We didn't make perfect cabs but I do have a bunch of unique shapes the I have yet to incorporated into jewelry. Gorgeous necklace!

    You made so many amazing pieces! Bravo with the cuts. I would have been worried about cutting a finger with that machine!

  26. I love your journey into making cabs Therese! Looks like so much fun! Love how soft and romantic your necklace turned out! It's beautiful! Have an amazing day!

  27. How beautiful! My daughter would so love this! And so brave....I just don't think glass making is for me. I have a fear of breaking it......but with so many other talented people out there doing it, I will just buy from them. Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Great cabs Therese. What an interesting post. Look forward to seeing your lovely creations with these.

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