Sunday, June 22, 2014

Break From Tradition Challenge

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Hi Y'all,

Way back on December 15, 2013 Cynthia Machata asked a few of us beady people if we would like to participate in a little challenge with some large Howlite spikes some are black and some are white. Of course we all said yes and told her what colors we would prefer.  I chose a combination of both black and white.

Well, I received my spikes way back on Dec. 21, 2013 and my mind went blank.  I set them aside and pretty much forgot about them, until I was looking for something and came across them, so I put them out on my bead table and would look at them, and yes you got it, I still did not know what to do with them.

On May 17, 2014 Cynthia asked how we were doing with the spikes and wanted to know if we would prefer a rolling hop or a set date for a hop.  We all pretty much decided a set date, so the date was set to June 22, 2014.  Now I am a person that when is given a deadline I get things done, because I suffer from that syndrome of I do not want to let anyone down.  So I got a few different types of beads out in various colors and shapes and stated playing around.  

This is what I created with the black spikes...

The spikes are large and have two holes drilled through the base.  I chose some two hole Rula's in teal variegated with bronze and size 8 bronze seed beads.  I sewed all the spikes together with the Rula's and seed beads as spacers between the spikes.  Then I had the problem of what kind of clasp did I want to use. I remembered I had some bronze colored silk material, so I ripped off a piece and tied it on to both ends of the bracelet.  My friend Crystie came over one day to bead and I showed her this piece. She tied it around her neck and said "Oh what a cool choker this makes."  I told her it was meant to be a bracelet, but I see now, it can be both.

This is what I created with the white spikes...

I used Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW) for the white spikes.  I used size 9 purple seed beads and 3 mm Jonquil bicones and made a rectangle and then I spaced the spikes in the middle.  On the ends I used 4 mm purple cubes and made brick stitched pyramids and added a toggle clasp.  Take my word for it this bracelet looks better worn then it does in these pictures.

Both of these bracelets make quite a statement when worn.  Someone will think twice before grabbing your wrist if you are wearing one of these bracelets.

Thank you Cynthia for inviting me to play with these huge spikes, I had fun creating with them once the inspiration hit.

Thank you to y'all for stopping by, please leave a comment, cause I love hearing what you have to say.

Now go by and visit the other lucky participants and see what they created with their spikes.

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Oh Therese! These are both so much fun! I absolutely love, love, love the colors in that first one! The black spikes kinda intimidated me (that's why I sent them out to you guys - ha!) .. but with bronze colors - wowza they just melt with richness. And Christie has the right idea - great choker!

    I had to giggle just a little on use of CRAW (LOL) ... I can't believe this is one of your regular go-to stitches my friend. CRAW plus this huge spikes would have sent me over the edge for sure! But look how beautiful this one is, and I just know it looks awesome around the wrist. That was what amazed me about the ones I made ... these spikes really do look lovely on. Who would have thought I used 'lovely' and 'spikes' in the same sentence?

    Thank you for playing! I might have to dream up another Break From Tradition challenge

  2. These are so cool! Loved your comment "someone will think twice before grabbing your wrist"! Awesome statement pieces - and yes, SO.MUCH.FUN!!

  3. I love what you did with the spike beads, Therese! Love the bracelet and the choker/bracelet is sooo cool! I know my daughter would wear it as a choker! I think spike beads are so much fun and you certainly came up with fun ways to use them!

  4. These are great Therese! I especially of the use of the ribbon in the first one. I can see how it would double as a choker. I must look really cool worn either way.

  5. Therese ~ what great bracelets/choker!!! I love the color of the first one and the ribbon. I think I had that exact same ribbon in my stash at one point. I still might. And your CRAW and spikes is fantastic! The CRAW has such dimension to it all on its own, so it is a great support for these big spikes. Both are beauties!

  6. Cool!! Love the first one especially with the ribbon - makes it really unique. All the designs w/the spikes you four have done are just too fun and 'happy' if I must put a word on it. Edgy, happy and fun. Yep - love 'em!!

  7. I thought the one with the black spikes was a choker too, lol. The purple and the jonquil are so lovely with the white howlite.

  8. What fabulous solutions to the challenge! The white spike bracelet is very funky cool (I'd love to see it on!) but I love the rullas in the bracelet/choker. It may have taken you a deadline to figure out what to do but boy when you did you really had some fabulous ideas!

  9. Your necklace is a wowzer!! It's fabulous enough to wear to a very cool ball don't you think? Any teenager would love to wear the bracelet and yep, me too. :-) Okay.. I just read the first one is a bracelet. I can see that and what a versatile piece to be able to wear it two ways. I could see a homecoming queen next season really to wear that on her wrist. Very cool pieces!

  10. Something about these spikes is so punk rock, but you've given them a more feminine appeal as well. It makes me think punk rock formal. I really like it! I think my favorite is the first one.