Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Wheely Fun Jewelry Challenge - Hosted by Janet Bocciardi

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Hi Y'all,

Today is the reveal for the Wheely Fun Jewelry Challenge hosted by Janet Bocciardi.  Back a few months ago Janet asked myself and a few other very talented ladies if we would like to play around with a little wooden wheel that she found at her local Ben Franklin store, that was going out of business.   Well of course we all said yes.

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This is the wheel that Janet sent (I am using a photo that Hope Smitherman took because I forgot to take my own)
Janet also sent a few other items with the wheel one of the items was a clay bumble bee.  As soon as I saw the bee I knew what I wanted to do.   But then I thought how am I going to make it into a piece of jewelry that me or someone else would want to wear, the wheel is a little on the large side.  I thought I could make a pin, but they where and how to attach the pin back.  So I thought I could decorate a box and that is what I did.

I had some acrylic flowers, the rose is made up of four pieces stacked together.  I put the bee on a wire and ran the wire through the rose petal stacks and the leaves and tied them to the wheel.  Then I took some topaz Rizo strung them onto wire and they took three bell flowers and stacked them together with a green seed bead as a spacer.  I made three of each of the colors pink, purple, and orange.  I put two of each color in the front of the rose and the remaining in the back of the rose. Then I glued a 12 mm rovolli over the hole in the center of the wheel.  I they took some Peridot chips and made a vine and wrapped it around the wheel. 

 I went to Hobby Lobby and got a cardboard box and I found some paper with an old paint peeling wood wall print. I got my paints out and found a green grass color.  I glued the paper to the lid of the box and painted the bottom of the box.  I was not pleased with how the wheel looked on the lid.  It just did not pop.  I like the way the wheel looked on the bottom of the box, so I watered down the paint and painted the lid.  The print of the paper still shows through and the wheel pops.

I am pleased with how my box turned out.  I may keep it as a trinket box, or put a gift in it and give it away, but for now it will sit on my desk.

Thank you Janet for including me in this challenge it was fun playing and creating with the wooden wheel.

Now please go by and visit the others and see what they have created with their wheel.

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Happy beading Y'all


  1. I was wondering about that lid ~ it has an illusion of wood and moss and is a really nice support for your beautiful wheel. Your wheel looks like it is propped in the corner of a beautiful flower garden! The bright colors and stacks of flowers were a great addition, as is the bee and the awesome peridot vines!

  2. what a wonderful box Therese! a sweet little garden to house your stuff! and love that little bee ... I'm still trying to decide what I will do with my bee, but love how you've got your buzzing around all those flowers!!

  3. Oh Therese! You really transformed that wheel into something extraordinary! Your stacking of the acrylic flowers to make other flowers is very cool and the way you decoupaged/painted the box makes it look fantastical. It's like it is its own little world right on that box. Your creation has definitely brought a smile to my face. It's wonderful.

    Oh, and the picture I sent you isn't showing up on my end, but I don't think you need it either with a reveal like this!

  4. This is so wonderful Therese!! The flowers are gorgeous ... that vine looks so real... and my bee stopping for a sip.. .love it! I would think others may want to make something like this. I love that you didn't make jewelry and thought "on top" of the box!

    Thank you so much for participating in this tough challenge.

  5. So much of your artistry is on display in this piece, Therese. Love the colors, the design, the touch of whimsy...what a wonderful keepsake box!

  6. This is such an awesome surprise, Therese... I love it! (I can't say too much because it is for a reveal in November, but this could be the big sister of something I have made. HUSH!!!)

  7. This adorable! I am amazed at the details - from the peridot chip vines down to the "watered down paint" for the cover! It would make an amazing gift box!

  8. Therese, the little box is such a treasure! The busy little bee visiting the flowers that have entangled themselves over and around the wheel, such a clever design. I feel like i'm viewing a rustic scene where the wildflowers are reaching up from an abandon wheel to meet the rays of sun on a heat summer day. I think its the brightness of the colors and the glitter from the perfectly placed rivoli!

  9. Oh, wow, such a beautiful piece! I love your new box - such a creative idea.
    I'm sad my wheel got lost in the uber-space which is known as Canada Post... but so glad to see what you all created with it :)

  10. Hi Therese your box is awesome. You really put all of the elements together perfectly. This is a truly inspired design.