Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Ornament Swap/Hop - Hosted by Sally Russick

Hi Y'all,

It is time for Sally Russick's Holiday Ornament Swap and Blog Hop.  This is my third year participating in this event, and I am already looking forward to next year's swap/hop.

Wow this year is almost over I hope all is well with you and yours and you are ready for a festive Christmas, Hanuka, or Kwanzaa Season, spent with family and friends. This is the first year in 31 years that I will not be celebrating Christmas with my Son.  He has flown half way around the world to New Zealand to spend the holiday with his sweet girlfriend.

Okay that is enough about my woes you came to see what my partner Karen Williams and I swapped.
Well first of all I was excited and intimidated at the same time when I found out that Sally Russick paired me with, Karen Williams, Freeform bead weaver extraordinaire!  I have been a fan of Karen's for a few years now. So what do you do for an amazing seed beadiest.  Well being a bead weaver I did something with cylinder seed beads.  Here is what I made for Karen.

I found a tutorial for a 3D star on Etsy by JoyHarmonDesigns I have not done many 3D beading designs and this little star... well lets just say it almost wasn't, but I pushed myself to stick with it and I am very pleased with the end results.  The art bead is a snowflake clay charm is by Linda Landig. Linda just started working with clay earlier this year, but you would think that she has been doing it for years.  I love her clay charms and pendants.
I did the star in a dark red and accented it with bronze, because Karen said that she likes the jewel tones and has several ornaments and decorations in dark red. 

Do you want to see what Karen sent to me? Well let me show you.  I swear when I opened the box and saw what she sent to me, one could probably hear my squeal with delight for miles.  Karen sent me an ornament made with one of her freeform beaded beads it is absolutely beautiful. Oh yeah, I guess you want me to hush and show you the ornament, right?

See I told you it was beautiful in wintery whites and blues.  Here is a picture of it hanging on my tree.

Oh and not only did Karen send me this beautiful ornament she also included her new book Explorations in Freeform Peyote Beading.  It is a very informative book with lots of easy to follow instructions on the art of Freeform Peyote.  

If you do not already have a copy of this wonderful book you can get one on   You will see some of our beady friends in this book as well.

I want to thank you Sally for doing this Holiday Ornament Swap/Hop again this year.  It is always fun to find out who one's partner is going to be, what you will create, and what you will receive.

Now please take the time to go visit my partner Karen and the other's in this swap/hop.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting Happy Holidays to you, please leave a comment, because I enjoy hearing from you.

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Wow - 2 stunning ornaments here Therese and such beautiful bead work on both counts.

  2. I giggled a bit when I read the beginning of your post - you - seed bead guru - intimidated! :) Your star is fabulous - FABULOUS!! Something I would find a special spot for to hang all year round!

    And, you hit pay dirt! That ornament Karen made for you IS a work of art! Love the blues with the white! Looks gorgeous hanging with the lights on your tree! Have fun with the book - what a lovely "extra"!

    We always seem to have at least family member not make it for Christmas, too. "They" (the family members - not me!) keep getting older and lives become entwined with "their" family expansion of the family. It really is a beautiful thing! You should travel with him to this far away land next year, too! :)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  3. I love your star, Therese! It's beautiful. The ornament you received from Karen is fantastic! It looks wonderful on your tree. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas even with your son away.

  4. You both made such beautiful ornaments! What a great swap. I imagine Karen's book is going to provide you with tons of inspiration. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Therese! I know it will be difficult not seeing your son but luckily we have all this technology today so you can keep in touch as he is away.

  5. Wow, Therese, you both did an amazing job, your star is so great, I'm glad you stuck with it! And her beaded bead is wonderful, and so nice she sent you her book! I'll be checking it out! Merry Christmas!

  6. Winter wonderful - what a cool ornament you received! Seeds, and tassel, and icy palette. Lovely. And the book - cool. You were good this year! The star you made is a stunner. Happy Holidays!

  7. What fantastic ornaments. You both are so very talented and very lucky indeed to have these gorgeous ornaments gracing your trees. Merry Christmas to you and Best Wishes for the new year with lots of beading ahead.

  8. Therese, I absolutely love your star ornament - you do such beautiful beading! I've been happily showing it off to everyone who steps inside my home. Your needle case as well. And I'm so glad you liked my ice-themed tassel.

    Best wishes for holidays, even if they will be different this year.

  9. I got a star ornament last year.. I love them... The red should look lovely on a tree especially with that Chrystal. Karen's ornament is lovely.. I tried to do a free form peyote bead once.. Found it this morning in a box where I hid after I made it... it was quickly put back in the box! Didn't realize that her new book was already published!

  10. I love the star you made - really beautiful! Good for you for sticking with it :-)

  11. Your star is fantastic. I will be looking at that pattern soon. :) The red and gold look so good together -- it totally captures the holiday spirit. Linda's charm is just perfect also. Karen's ornament is beautiful as well. I love the freeform beading and all the little stars falling down. It looks great on your tree.

  12. Hi Therese, It is hard for me to imagine you being intimidated because your seed bead work is always so exceptional. Your star is awesome. The freeform ornament from Karen is wonderful too. I love the wintery colors. You are very lucky to get Karen's book too. Merry Christmas.

  13. Whoa! Those seed bead ornaments are phenomenal! I can not even begin to fathom how you get them to all march in the same direction! What a thoughtful gift to send you the book. I bet that you will find some delightful directions to go in with that! Enjoy the day and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Erin

  14. Wow, those are both beautiful! So much work in that star pendant!

  15. OMG!!! Therese, apparently great minds think alike!! We both made 3d stars!!! How crazy is that and I hear you on how difficult they can be to make!! I kept missing the "step-up" and having to go back and rip out the beads! Frustrating!! Thank you so much for participating again this year!! Your ornament is absolutely GORGEOUS! Karen's ornament, well all the different textures are amazing and it looks like it sparkles beautifully in the glow of the Christmas lights!!
    Therese, my beady friend.... have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  16. Therese you are an amazing seed beader - that star is just gorgeous! I love the colors you used!
    Wow - the ornament you received is stunning - I just can't imagine how you guys do what you do! Truly stunning work - I just love the colors and the way everything flows together! You are going to have some fun with the book - I can't wait to see your creations.

  17. Therese, I love your sweet star. I have actually made that pattern and know exactly what you mean about it almost "not being." But yours is beautiful. And you are right about Karen's creative freeform ornament - how quirky and delightful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I am gearing up for your Time to Stitch reveal in a couple weeks.

  18. Oh, I love what you made and what you received. Two very talented ladies! As for your squeal. . .I was wondering what that sound was ;)

  19. Therese! I adore the beaded star!!! IT's spectacular. Karen's ornament is so pretty and unique too. And what a nice surprise to receive the book as well. I'm sure this year was bittersweet not having your son with you for the holiday, but glad to hear you think his girlfriend is sweet! :)
    Happy HOlidays!