Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch Seven hosted by Therese and Christine

Hi Y'all,

I can not believe that it is time for the reveal of A Time To Stitch Seven co-hosted with my friend Christine.  The first ATTS was in June 2012 we had 22 participants the two stitches that Christine and I chose for the challenge was Herringbone and Peyote the rules were simple, as they still are today. Make a piece with either or both stitches. It does not matter if you finish as long as you gave it a try and post what you made or attempted to make. Since that fist ATTS we have done several stitches and each time Christine and I have tried to raise the bar just a little to keep the challenge interesting.  This time around is my favorite form of free form beading, Bead Embroidery.
Not so much Christine's, but she did give it a try and her piece turned out beautifully.
All of the pieces pictured in the blog badge are my original creations with the exception of the blue cuff it is my version of Sherry Serafini's Ripple Effect cuff featured in June/July 2011 Beadwork magazine.

I am going to be featuring a guest on my blog today.  A dear friend of mine, Cynthia Wilson, that owns one of the local bead shops in Montgomery, AL The Enchanted Bead Store.  Cynthia is in rehab at the moment. This past year she has been having these episodes that mimic small strokes and about the beginning of May Cynthia had a sever episode that put her in the hospital for about two weeks and then into a rehabilitation center.  The episodes were being caused by a rare form of migraine headache called Hemiplegic Migraines only about 1% of migraine suffers get these types of migraines.  Cynthia was very excited when I told her about the ATTS 7 challenge and asked if she could join.  She has been working on this piece when her hands will cooperate and let her bead.  Her piece is not finished, but knowing my friend she will not stop until it is done.
Here is her piece.

Cynthia made the fussed glass cabochon and is using fresh water pearls, glass pearls, and crystals to decorate her piece. Cynthia is planing on using chain for the neck strap. (sorry for the picture I took this in her room) 

Now for my pieces. I made two pendants and a pair of earrings.
The first pendant I did, I used one of my stone cabochons as the focal.

The cabochon is Lemon Grass Jasper.  I followed the design in the stone with the bead embroidery. I am pleased with the end result. A simple piece to let the beauty of the stone shine.

My second pendant and earrings set.

I saw this technique somewhere I thought it was on Pinterest, but when I went to look to for the link I could not find it.  So I will just tell you how I made the cabochons. I purchased plain glass cabs and painted the back of the glass with glitter finger nail polish let it dry and then paint over the glitter polish with plain polish. In this case green glitter polish and bright lime green polish.  When I was looking for the delicas I wanted to use for the beaded bezel I could not find a green that was suitable so I chose the orange.  I then pulled out some orange 4 mm Czech rounds, some green glass beads, some clear drops and some 3mm emerald green bicone crystals.  There you have it a bright and cheerful pendant and earring set.

Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. Thank you once again to Christine for being my co-host and thank you to all of the participants that signed up for this challenge.

Now please go by and visit and see what wonderful items they have created.

                                          1.       Therese (Host) 
2.       Christine  (Host)
3.       Amy
4.       Lola
5.       Lori F
6.       Kim
7.       Becky Pancake
8.       Karin G.
9.       Debbie (Kepi)
10.   LizE
11.   Maryanne
12.   Paula
13.   Wendy
14.   Janet
15.   Jasvanti
16.   Ginger
17.   Alicia
18.   Bobbie
19.   Shirley
20.   Sarah
21.   Cynthia
22.   Lizzie
23.   Samantha
24.   Sally
25.   Niki
26.  Karen W.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. Your friend's embroidery is gorgeous. I hope they can help her. I've never heard of her condition but I hope she recovers quickly. Your pieces are beautiful, Therese! I love what you did with the green cab. And, your stone is gorgeous. I love how you followed the colors in the stone! Thanks so much for hosting this hop. It's really fun and I really appreciate all the time you put into it. Have a great weekend.

  2. All of this hard work is absolutely stunning! The colors are beautiful! I'd love to participate next time :)

  3. Awesome Therese!!! You are the cab queen!! Between your fused glass, your cut & polished stone, and now this brilliant idea to decorate clear glass....amazing!! I love the way you pulled orange into the green cabs. Your stone embroidery is gorgeous to. I know the feeling of wanting to keep the bezel simple to let that beautiful stone shine.
    I really am in awe of Cynthia's piece so far. It's spectacular. I wish her a speedy recovery!!! Thank you for hosting this challenge again!!!

  4. Such beautiful pieces, how well you followed the stone's colors and line, it really makes its beauty stand out. And your second set of pieces, what a great idea, so simple and inventive, I absolutely love the combination of colors you chose, your beadwork is amazing.
    Your friend's Cynthia is totally amazing, the colors are so rich. I hope she gets well very soon.
    Thank you for always hosting such great challenges.

  5. Lovely pieces - Cynthia's will be a masterpiece, I can feel it. As for yours... you know I'm in awe! I absolutely love how you matched the bezel beads to the cab design; brilliant! Thank you for hosting this challenge - it always teaches me something :)

  6. Really pretty pieces one and all. I do love those earrings :-) Thanks for hosting this hop and I hope your friend improves/recovers soon :-)

  7. Beautiful bead weaving. The beads you used are so pretty with the cabochons.
    Cynthia's piece is looking amazing so far. I hope she recovers quickly and gets back to enjoying life.

  8. Therese this post is just a celebration of your beautiful beadwork AND cab design! So much awesomeness here!! I can remember each of the pieces in your blog badge, and I can remember being in awe of how you switch up the colors around the bezel to match the stone as it changes .... that glass cab of pink and green is one of my favorites! as I featured that one in Bead Chat Magazine with you :)

    But you've got a whole new batch of gorgeous work here. That Lemon Grass Jasper is stunning! You have been introducing me to all kinds of new variations on agates and jaspers - and I love it! I have had so many compliments on the plume agate cab you sent me! This jasper here is yummy and subtle and very 'painted horse' looking and you've matched up the beads around it ... man I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

    And then you painted glass? what will you think up next? that is so cool! I love that lime green look which I know is a favorite of yours! I can see you with the matching nail polish :) That is such a great idea to do that and I would never have guessed that is how this was created. I didn't even think to make earrings, and now I'm realizing that I have a few stones left in my stash that are quite small and would be perfect for earrings. I'm always getting wonderful ideas from you!

    Cynthia's pieces is stunning and will be quite a statement when she's done. I do hope she is feeling better and that her recovery is speedy. That sounds like a pretty awful condition and I hope her doctors can help figure out how to keep that at bay. Thank you for hosting Therese! I think this is my favorite hop!

  9. Brava, Therese! Your cab work has found such a perfect home nested in your bead embroidery. I must say I am partial to the jasper and the colors you chose for the bezel are just perfect. And Cynthia is doing an amazing job as well. Please let her know that we want to see the finished piece which looks to be amazing. What a cool idea for the glass cabs. I have some laying around here and I will have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing the technique with us. The end result is just magnificent! Thanks for hosting another great challenge, Therese. I am so grateful to join you.

  10. So much to say, my friend ~
    Warm, healing thoughts to your talented friend Cynthia. What a struggle she must be going through. But even in rehab, she beads! And beads such a full and textured and absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece! Cannot wait to see this done!
    You amaze me always, but here with a nail polish set of cabs ~ what a brilliant idea! And what fun, pretty, colorful, attention grabbing jewelry you made with this new technique! Tutti Fruity ;-)
    That Lemon Grass Jasper pendant...on my what a gorgeous cab and the bead work is equally beautiful with its stunning color matching. Gorgeous Earthen Bling!
    Thank you for carrying mostly all the weight this time around. You are a wonderful partner and a loving friend.

  11. Oh Therese such beautiful pieces. I adore the piece your friend is making such stunning rich colors, it is gorgeous unfinished but will be a masterpiece when done! I wish her a speedy recovery. I love your pieces especially the Jasper so intriguing, and I love how you beaded to the design. What a delight it will be to wear this pendant. The green and orange set is stunning, such a rich color combination and the cab is genius . Thank you for hosting you are such an inspiration.

  12. Hi Therese,

    I have so much to say, if I said it all it would be longer than your post. Lol.

    Regarding Cynthia. What a beautiful piece. I believe she will finish it and that beads can help the journey. Although her diagnosis is not typical stroke, she might want to consider checking out Jill Bolte Taylor's stuff. I read the book and saw her TED talk. I think everyone should listen to her. I'm thinking positive thoughts for Cynthia's recovery!

    Now on to the lemon grass jasper. Your combination of symmetry and asymmetry is absolutely perfect. The beads you choose enhanced the cab so naturally and with such ease that it went from spectacular to, well shoot I can't find the word I want - spectacular squared. I'm not sure what you get when you multiply spectacular by itself but I think it's out of this world good!

    The painted glass cabs are fun, fun, fun. I've seen people make eyes out of them, and thought one day I'd try it. Now I want to try the nail polish sparkly thing too! Green and orange what a great combination, so cheerful and spring like.

    Oh, your post today was just wonderful!


  13. What an incredible story about Cynthia, and what a powerful demonstration of the therapeutic and healing power of creativity. Sending prayers and wishes for her continued recovery. I hope you'll share a picture of the final piece when she is able to complete it.

    And your pieces? As always, a fantastic demonstration of the range of your techniques. I particularly love how you continued the pattern of the stone in the bezeling. I'm going to put the idea of painting the glass cabs onto my list of things to try, too -- you've inspired me. Thanks again to you and Christine for coming up with another fun challenge!

  14. Cynthia's piece is lovely, and it's obvious she's put a lot of work into it. I'll b sending positive thoughts her way. Hopefully now that she has a diagnosis, something can be done to help. 'Regular' migraines are bad enough.

    Your pieces are always an inspiration. I liked how you mirrored the colors in the lemon grass jasper focal in your beading. And your green and orange pendant & earring set simply made me smile, as I've been working with a very similar color palette this past week. Thank you so much for choosing bead embroidery for your latest challenge! I really enjoyed the push to try something different.



  15. Wow. .. so much information and beauty in this post. First, I hope your friend finds relief. I am so sorry she's dealing with migraines and such a rare type. Her work is beautiful.

    I've never heard of the stone you worked wirh. I love its color. Ingenious! Those nail polish cabs. I buy crazy colored polish all the time with the intent to use it some time on metal. So fun.

    Thanks again

  16. First, thank you for hosting another beautiful and exciting blog hop.
    Cynthia's piece is so lovely. I am glad that she is keeping busy with beading.
    Your cabochons are so beautiful, I love it that you made them yourself. Your bead embroidery pendants and necklace are fantastic!!!

  17. Oh, I must have missed the sign-up! I would have loved to do a bead embroidered piece. Off to have a look at all the participants' work. :)

  18. Hi Therese, Thanx for hosting this challenge. It was fun. Cynthia's piece is wonderful. I really like what you did with your clear glass. That is a cool idea. I would suggest that you put clear over the polish to preserve the finish from chipping. You chose great colors.

  19. Thank you so much for including me in yours and Christine's hop, Therese. I loved working on my piece, and although I am in the middle of a 5-day stretch without a day off, working...I will get to everyone's blog as soon as I can.
    LOVE your pieces, and am definitely going to have to try that nail polish technique....I have some glass cabochons that would work just fine I to shop nail polish. :-)
    Be sure to pass along our best wishes to Cynthia...her piece is looking great, and I would think would be very therapeutic to work on. I know mine was.

  20. I love what you and Cynthia have created! Although I wish Cynthia a very speedy recovery, the fact that she's incorporated her beautiful beading into her rehabilitation is a sign that improved health in just around the corner! As for you my friend, wow, you've got talent girl! I love how you matched the bezel colors to the stone markings in the first piece ... so beautiful!!! I love the bold colors you chose and the creative use of nail polish ... who knew the polish didn't need to be on your nails to be a beautiful fashion accessory! Thanks so much for hosting yet another inspiring challenge. Can't wait for the next one!

  21. Hi Therese,
    I LOOOOOOVEEEE your pieces and my favorite is the stone cabochone one ... the beads you used that mimic the colors in the stone, make the stone even more interesting. The second piece is also gorgeous!! I like very much the combination with earrings and would never say it's plain glass painted with nail polish!!! I'm really sorry I do not paricipate at this challenge .... but maybe this summer I'll find some time to try beadembroidery anyway ...
    Cynthia's piece is also beautiful and I wish her a quick recovery.

  22. Therese I am thrilled to have been a part of your challenge. Thank you for all the work you've done. I LOVE how you made your glittery cabochons. All your work is beautiful, but those earrings really speak to me. Cynthia's piece is divine. I think Japanese owl when I see it. Wishing her the best.

  23. Such beautiful pieces. Cynthia's necklace will be gorgeous. I love the way you've used the colours on your first piece

  24. Great pieces! I love the first one and how the colors mimic the stone. Very beautiful! Cynthia piece looks great, can't wait to see the finished product. Hopefully she will get better. I have had migraines and they aren't fun! Keep us posted! Thanks for sharing with us!

  25. What beautiful pieces, Cynthia's fussed glass cabochon is amazing and I love how well she has picked out all the colours with the use of the surrounding beads, I can only imagine how long that amount of work must have taken and it is so beautifully neat! I hope Cynthia has a fast recovery x I LOVE what you have done with your first piece, the colours on the stone are amazing as is the way you have continued that through into your beading a really wonderful piece and your pendent and earrings set what an amazing pop of colour very summery and very fun!

  26. Therese, I would like to thank you for all the help and support you have given me on my missiles journey. I didn't think I would ever love beading as much as I do. Your challenges have made me grow in so many ways. I love how you continued the veining right through the edgework. The stone is beautiful. I need a vacation at your home so I can watch you create! The fingernail polish is a hoot....I have seen it on pinterest but never took the make me want to!

    Cynthia's piece is awesome...hope she continues to get better each day.

  27. Both Pieces are lovely. I feel for your friend as I was one of the 1% to get the hemiplegic migraines. I am very Thankful that I haven't had one since 1996 and I pray I never get another one. I was so scared during that time. I hope she recovers quickly and that the HM ends soon.

  28. Oh, Cynthia's piece is amazing. . .all the textures and layers and stacking. So cool!

    As for your pieces, both are mesmerizing! I especially love the green ones, mostly because your use of the fingernail polish to get that cool green glitter look. You know I just love using unconventional supplies and the way you used the polish is no exception. Excellent job both of you!!