Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creative Continuum of Seven Artists August Challenge hosted by Monique

Hi Yall,

I hope all of you have been enjoying your summer and are now settling in for the fall and winter.  I have been pretty much vacant from the blog since June.  My Mom and I drove, rather I drove and she rode, across the country from Montgomery, AL to Henderson, NV for a family reunion. The round trip was 4,398 miles. So as to not bore you with details and not to get off track of this blog post, we had a fabulous time lots of fun, laughter, and site seeing. Now on to my post.

August is Monique's month and she chose a wonderful picture for our inspiration.  Short recap on our monthly challenge. the CC7A was brought together by Alicia of All The Pretty Things blog. She asked six of her blogging friends ChristineCynthiaMoniqueSallyEmma, and myself if we would like to participate in a monthly challenge spanning seven months where each month one of us is the host. Of course we all said yes and thus the CC7A was created.

Here is Monique's inspiration photo Colorful Chaos:

St. John's Newfoundland. If one could not get some kind of inspiration from this photo, then a funeral is in order because one's muse has died.

Here is what I beaded for this challenge:

I enjoy doing the patterns by Debi Roberti from  Around The Bead Table. This Brocade bracelet is just one of the two styles that come with the tutorial I am currently working on the second one, which is in turquoise and bronze.

 My co-worker Wanda gave me Kelly Dale's book Beading with Montee's.  When I showed her a bracelet and earrings that I had made from the book, which I intended to give to her, she exclaimed "Oh can you make me a set in orange and blue?" so I did. After I made the set I realized these were two of the colors in the challenge. If you are wondering why she requested orange and blue, well we live in Alabama and in Alabama this time of year there is only two things that mater the University of Alabama football and Auburn University football. I am a Bama Girl (Roll Tide), so it was a little difficult to work with these colors, but I put on my big girl panties on and beaded on through it. LOL!!!!

Last but not least, Super Duo Knit Herringbone Bracelet Potomac Bead Company the link is to the You Tube for the video tutorial for the bracelet.  I had placed an order for some beads from Beads To Weave on Etsy, and when they arrived I realized (yes again I realized) that the Southwestern raku mix was a perfect mix for this month's challenge. Oh and by the way this bracelet feels so good on the skin it is so flexible and very comfortable to wear.

Thank you Monique for the fabulously colorful picture and for hosting this month's CC7A challenge.
Thank you to Alicia for bringing us all together and thank you to all of you that stop by to read my blog please leave a comment I love hearing from you.

Now please go and visit the others to see what wonderful colorful creations they made for this month's challenge.

April: Alicia
May: Therese  (you are here)
June: Sally
August: Monique
September: Cynthia
November: Christine 


  1. Look at you go! so many beautiful beady pieces Therese! and thank you for all the tutorials ... I have to come back and try some of those! I love that first one .. it is so elegant (it looks like it would match your Phantom of the Opera piece - no? still one of my all time favs of yours). So funny you're beading school colors! I've had people ask me to do that - one was a gator ... also blue and orange ... a bit of a challenge for sure! And that last one, oh how I love that pattern. I keep thinking I need to make that one. Love the color weave you have going with yours. Fun post! and would love to hear more about your trip - sounds like a good time

  2. Isn't it great when a package arrives with JUST the right colours, Therese? I can't decide which of your beautiful pieces I love the most (though I am SO drawn to the superduo design for its subtle reflection of the colourful houses on the hill!)

  3. I am in awe of that bottom bracelet! I thought the top one was fabulous, but then I got to the bottom. Holy Crap! That is just so beautiful!
    Your Auburn bracelet is beautiful.
    Glad you had a great summer vacation cruising to NV and back :-)
    ok, going to look at that herringbone one more time before I move on for the day.

  4. Yep, that photo is just chockfull of inspiration. And I love how you interpreted it in all these designs. That super duo herringbone bracelet has me itching to reach in and pick it up - I know it would drape fabulously in my hand and on my wrist. I think everyone who sees it is going to want to have/make one!

  5. First off, I very much enjoyed your pictures on FB of your travels! And, your blog has had an amazing facelift! :)

    Everything you touch, jewelry-wise turns to gold! LOVE that last bracelet with all of hose Amazon colors!

  6. Love all your bracelets! The colors go together so well and look fantastic!

  7. Glad that your trip was great and safe. That is a lot of miles to travel. You bracelets are just stunning. You truly captured the essence of the challenge!

  8. You've been busy! Love all of them. What a great photo to be inspired by. Like you said... how could you not be? But you did some many different pieces.

  9. As usual, your work is beautiful. I am going to buy Kelly Dale's book, I saw the preview and I NEED to get it.
    I love all of your work!

  10. Hi Therese! It's nice to see you posting again. I missed you but am glad to hear you and your Mom had a fun adventure. You weren't too far from me! I really love the super duo bracelet - that mix is divine! I will have to check out Beads to Weave!

  11. Beautiful bead work Therese! The St. Johns photo is very inspiring. I love the elegant red bracelet. The last bracelet is wonderful with that blend of colors!

  12. Hi Therese, Your trip sounds like fun. I am glad that you enjoyed it. All of your pieces are great. My favorite is the blue and orange set.

  13. I have admired that herringbone pattern many times ....and then you go and make it!! Dang you!! Love your bracelets. Hope you have been having a great summer.

  14.!!!! I was gasping like crazy as I scrolled through this post. Every piece is gorgeous. But I can't even get into words how much I adore your color way on that last super duo bracelet. So very pleasing to the eye!! It's fun seeing the CC7A reveals!

  15. Can't deal with the orange and blue. . . ;) It's Crimson and white for me all the way!
    However, that multicolored bracelet is so, so awesome! I love all the colors, and it really does reflect the inspiration picture well. I think you absolutely rocked this.