Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Holiday Ornament Exchange

Hey Y'all,

Well it's almost Thanksgiving and my vacation ends today. I go back to work after being off since the first of November. I have enjoyed every day of being off and being able to sleep in later than 4:15 am.
In hindsight I should have waited and taken off from the second week in November and that way I could have been off until the 1st of December, but that is okay I will be back to work on Wednesday, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so some of my co-workers can be off for the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

Back around October 21st I received an invitation from Karen Williams to join the Holiday Ornament Exchange Blog Hop, so of course I signed up for the hop.  On November 2nd I received the email with my exchange partner. I was paired up with the wonderfully talented Carrie Johnson. We have exchanged emails with our bios of who we are, our beading styles, and our likes and dislikes. After reading Carrie's bio email I got started with thinking and designing the ornament that I am going to send to her. Y'all it is not your typical Christmas ornament, but I have a feeling that Carrie is going to be very pleased with her ornament. 

So come on back on December 16th and see what I sent to Carrie and what I received from Carrie.

Here is a list of the participates of the Holiday Ornament Exchange:

Carrie Johnson and Therese Frank
Jasvanti Patel and Becky Clay
Jane Knaub and Mandi Bugatti
Sherry Eagle and Amy Severino
Judy J Jacobs and Judy Deshaies
Adrienne Hendricks and Francie Broadie
Cyndi Nason and Karen Williams

Happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling be safe.

Happy beading Y'all,

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