Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Time To Stitch 4 Challenge

Christine and I are ready for A Time To Stitch 4 and hope you are too!  

Netting will be the one stitch we all will do. 

This is just one suggested tutorial for the Net Stitch there are many more on You Tube.  Also you can find tutorials for Net Stitch in books, magazines, and in Etsy for a small purchase price. 

As for the other stitches, we are putting it in your get to suggest a stitch, and the 3 most frequently suggested stitches will be what we will work on for this 4th challenge.   

The dates for this challenge are:

10/16-22 : Sign Ups and Suggestions

10/25 : Reveal of The Most Suggested Stitches that will join Netting for the Challenge 

1/15/14 :  A Time To Stitch 4 Hop Day 

The Rules of the Challenge are:

1. Everyone does Net Stitch

2. You need to pick one of the other 3 stitches.  But you can certainly do more if you'd like~we're not stopping ya! 

If you suggest a stitch, then you are also signed up for the Hop.  If you have no suggestions but want to participate, of course we will add you to the list.  

When you sign up and suggest, please provide your name, blog address, and e-mail address.  

You can sign up here or at One Kiss Creations.  

We cannot wait to hear your suggestions!  This is going to be a fun hop :-D  Thanks so much for supporting our other 3 ATTS Hops.  We really do enjoy doing these and learn a heck of a lot.  

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Personally - I love to net off of a nice RAW! So that's my suggestion and this is me signing up! :) Love this challenge!!!! xo

  2. Hi Therese, would love to participate as well. No suggestions right now for other stitches and I am open to all. Thanks for hosting!

  3. you guys know I'm in! at this point, I'll try any stitch!

  4. Janet from Honey From The Bee blog is in and her suggestion is Chenille stitch.

  5. You know I'm in - I would suggest some type of a rope (you know me, still haven't tried any!)

  6. I am in and willing to learn a new stitch!

  7. I would love to sign up and CRAW would be my suggestion.

  8. Pondo stitch is one that I haven't worked with and it doesn't seem to be too popular, so I would like to see what we could create with the Pondo Stitch.

  9. You know I'm in, but I thought I'd say so again. ;-)

  10. Sounds like fun, so I'm in! No stitch suggestion, because I love them all. :)

  11. I'm in, Therese! For stitch suggestions I would say herringbone or spiral rope. Common stitches but fun. Any stitch would be fine for me!

  12. I would like to enter. My suggestion for the second stitch would be RAW.
    Becky Pancake

  13. I would love to join in. Two techniques I want to learn is a beaded bead and a beaded toggle and clasp. These are not stitches but being a beginner in the bead weaving world...I realize I have so much to learn. Anything you and Christine come up with is fine with me! Can't wait!

  14. I would like to participate and I suggest spiral or st. petersburg stitch.
    Jasvanti Patel
    Thank you very much