Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Antiquities Traveler's Blogoversary Hop

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Hi Y'all,

The time has come to celebrate Cynthia's, of Antiquity Travelers blog, 2nd Blogoversary.  Yes the wonderfully talented Cynthia is celebrating having her blog for two years.  Is it just me, or does it seem like she has been in the blogging world for a lot longer?  

A few months ago Cynthia contacted me and four other people, that she has been following since she had started her blog, and asked if I would like to join in a blog hop to celebrate her two year Blogoversary?  Of course I said yes.  A few weeks after saying yes I received a package in the mail and here is what was inside:

Cynthia sent some green matte size 8 seed beads, 4 mm Rose Quartz gem stone beads, some green with blue tints sari silk from Darn Good Yarn, and the focal piece a Tribal Tiki mask pendant made by Jana of Happy Fish shop on Etsy.

Here is what I make with the ingredients in my package:

As soon as I opened and saw what was in the package the ideas started to flow.  I knew I was going to make a beaded rope and defiantly use the silk.  My first attempt was using CRAW with just the green seed beads and also use the Rose Quartz beads, but I did not like the way it was turning out, so I ripped it apart and started over with Herringbone, again with just the green seed beads and Rose Quartz.  Yeah you guessed it, I did not like that either.  There was just too much green and the pendant has dark blue undertones.  I went to my seed bead stash and pulled out these dark blue Iris finished size 8 seeds and did a Herringbone Spiral tube.  Then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up the green and blue size 10 mm round beads and these neat shaped stone beads, not sure what type of stone.  Pulled out some silver base metal findings and started putting the necklace together.  I knew I wanted to use the sari silk in the back, so I made a loop with the flex wire and tied the silk onto the loop and slid a cone over it to hide the knot.  On the pendant I wanted it to hang flat in stead of on it's side, so I took two decorative head pins and I used one to make a bail at the top and the other to fill in the hole at the bottom, so now my Tribal Tiki mask has a decorative pierced chin.  This necklace is very comfortable to wear with the silk tie in the back.

Thank you Cynthia for including me in on your Blogoversary Hop.

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  1. That's such a lovely piece, Therese! I **love** it! Very cute idea with the 'pierced' chin ~ and very appropriate too. Love your spirals and the additions. Just love it all together :) Wonderful job.

  2. I love what you did with the kit, Therese! The beads and silk were so beautiful and you really did a great job with them!

  3. Therese~he is gorgeous! The first thing I noticed was the pierced chin and thought it complimented him so well. This is tribal-meets-cocktail-party. You have a wonderful knack at making any component look elegant. Beautiful work, Therese. Always.

  4. Love what you did with your challenge. Beautiful work.

  5. Therese - I really enjoy this piece and all it's wonderful elements - I love the spiral ropes, the accents in between and the silk bow is just darling!!

  6. Very cool! I really like how you pulled out both the greens and the blues in the focal, and that you were able to balance the rustic and the elegant elements so beautifully. The big stone beads were the perfect touch!

  7. It is Tribal meets cocktail party! and I love that you saw a Tiki mask in your guy!! it is wonderful how everyone has interpreted their pieces differently ... I just LOVE it!! I was laughing at how so many of us were struggling with this guy. He is cool, but he does seem to want to be the center of attention - so was hard not to fight with embellishments to the piece! I had a whole 'cutting session' with mine when I was basically done with the first version. But he needed to 'get the snip' ha! You piece is just perfectly you .... a bit of bead weaving, beautifully captured colors ... you were so right to change up the colors and those 10mm beads - perfect! It pulls it together!

    Thank you for being such a warm and wonderful friend to me through my bloggy journey. You were one of the first people I met, and I've loved getting to know you and hope that we'll meet in person soon! And I'm so jealous that you and Bobbie got to hang out! Jealous of you for meeting her, and Bobbie for meeting you! soon my friend, soon we'll meet up :)

  8. I love the way the seed bead sections are like components - not just the whole necklace. The colors are guh-gorgeous! Love that green.

  9. A pierced chin - love how you wrapped that! Anything you do with beads is always, always beautiful! The addition of the blue with the green is perfect! Nice job!

  10. I love how you worked in the rose quartz and the sari ribbon which add a touch of femininity overall. This guy looks great. Very cool use of the decorative headpin!

  11. Therese, that is just amazing. I love the beaded portions (the darker blue was perfect) and all the detail that went into the rest. The pierced chin is cracking me up. :)

  12. How beautiful! I just love the herringbone spiral. Lovely choice of colors.

  13. So stunning, Therese! Your beadwork always amazes me. I think there is such a beautiful balance in your necklace...and I love how you finished it off with the bow in the back!

  14. You always make such cool stuff! I really like the way you worked this and added the seed beadwork in bits with the other beads, definitely giving it more of a tribal feel. And the chin piercing makes me laugh! :)