Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Mini Photo Challenge week two 6-10

Looking for a Photo Challenge?

Week two 6-10

Hi Y'all,
This is week two of Sally Russick's Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Mini Photo Challenge
photos days 6-10.

Day Six - Minimal

Day six was on Saturday Feb. 7, 2015, I was trying to think of what I could take a photo of the shows minimal.  Then I looked out the window at the parking lot.  Monday through Friday the lot is jammed full of cars, but on Saturday and Sunday just the minimal amount.  These vehicles are pretty much office vehicles with the exception of Dovie's white Toyota Corolla and my red Nissan Versa behind the SUV in the first row. 

Day seven - Daily Chaos

My sweet Chewy Jr.  he is a daily chaos in my life when I am trying to get ready for work, or really anytime of the day, but I love him to pieces he is my Chew Man! Sorry about the blurry picture it is very hard to get him being still.  If y'all are wondering he is part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell, hence the not being able to stay still.

Day eight - Words

My favorite coffee mug.  I could have opened a book, or took a photo of a bill board, but I was looking at my coffee mug and it had the perfect words on it. Sweet Coffee!

Day nine - Night Time Calm

This was taken off of my back porch with my iPhone 6 notice the sky it is the night time calm before the storm.

Day ten - Outside

It is a gorgeous day in Montgomery, AL the temperature is 68 today (2-11-15). Yes the skies are this blue in Alabama!

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  1. Oh what a sweet Chewy-boy. Just look at those ears. He is a sweety pie. And how gorgeous are those blossoms in your last photo. Hope you have a great week-end!

  2. Daily Chaos and Outside are my favorites :-D Cute little fella you got there!

  3. Lovely photos! I think your daily chaos is adorable and that outside sky absolutely splendid!

  4. After reading that it was 68degrees I don't feel like commenting on your photos anymore, I want to jump in the car and travel over to your house and stay until April!!! :) Therese, its going to be -10 tomorrow morning here in NEPA! Brrrrrr! Chewy is adorable and it is so nice to see the trees in bloom!!

  5. Your last photo makes me want to move (I am in WI, and the high today was 4). Lovely pictures!

  6. What lovely photos, Chewy Jr. is so beautiful and wow sunshine and flowers we are still very much in Winter here in the UK the bulbs are coming up but nothing in bloom and no sunshine in days, great shot!

  7. Love the pic of your sweet fur baby! Also - you are so lucky to have those blue skies - lovely!

  8. Chewy is adorable! The Alabama weather sounds divine! Pretty magnolias. I love that mug of yours. :)

  9. Great photos Therese! Your bottom picture is making me wonder why I have "New England winter amnesia".....why do we foolish yanks choose to live in this crazy weather when we can have 68 degrees and sunny in your neck of the woods!!!