Monday, February 16, 2015

Ordinary Extraordinary Everyday Mini Photo Challenge hosted by Sally Russick - days 11-15

Days 11 - 15

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Hi Y'all,

This is the last five days of Sally's mini photo challenge.  This has been a challenge for me to take photos of the prompts everyday, but I managed to get it done.
Here are the last five prompts.

Day 11 - Macro

I could not decide what I wanted to take a macro shot of so I grabbed this oval crystal and stared shooting I like this shot because it captured the items that was surrounding the crystal in my living room.

Day 12 - Temptation

I could have taken shots of all the Valentine candy in the stores, but this is my real temptation it is so hard to not buy something when I go visit my friend Cynthia the owner of the Enchanted Bead store.

Day 13 - Sweetness

My guy Chris, got me hooked on these little sweet candies when he came for Christmas and New Years this past year.

Day 14 - Love

My little guy Chewy loves me unconditionally, nuff said!

Day 15 - Togetherness

Everyday, need I say more?

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  1. Chewy is adorable! And while I love shots of bead stores (the colors! the potentials!), that first photo of yours is so cool! What a crystal sees.....

  2. What lovely pictures! The cab photo is amazing, the bead store so tempting indeed, and Chewy, very sweet!

  3. Love that sweet face - chewy looks like a nice guy! what a great capture in that oval crystal! such a cool effect

  4. Perfect! I could not walk out of that bead store empty handed. Especially like your dog pictures, too!

  5. I think you and I define temptation the same way. How lucky you are to have Cynthia and her bead store so close. Love the pic of you and Chewy too. He looks so happy to be with you!

  6. Your not kidding about temptation... all those beautiful beads!! And chewy is so sweet! Therese, thank you so much for taking time to participate in the photo challenge, I've really enjoyed each one of your photos!

  7. Great photos! I love you and Chewy! The bead store looks like heaven.

  8. You had me at "temptation"! But then I really really loved seeing those sweet pictures of you and your pup! Always wonderful to see your smiling face!

  9. There is nothing better than doggie kisses!!