Sunday, April 26, 2015

2015 Creative Continuum of Seven Artists - Pictures

April is 
"Pastel Spring"

Hi Ya'll

Welcome to the first month of the 2015 Creative Continuum of Seven Artists. Our theme for this year is Pictures.  Alicia is our coordinator, it was her brain child to bring seven artist together to create a piece of wearable art based on a monthly theme.  This year Alicia suggested that we each pick a picture (preferably one of our own to avoid copy right laws) and do a color pallet.  Alicia put our names in a bowl and drew out a name for each month of this challenge.  Alicia got April, she chose a photo of Easter eggs from a past Easter. 

Here are Alicia's own words for choosing this photo:

Since April will bring Easter for all of us (our Easter will arrive a week later than yours, but it will still be April), I chose a picture to symbolize that :) Our own basket of (mostly) naturally colored eggs. The palette is all over the place, as the colors are scattered (and I used one of the pastel baskets, I have one hat will go very well with a gypsy theme - really all over the spectrum!) For April the theme will be 'Pastel Spring' 

I went to my stash of beads and I found a polymer clay cross that my bestie Crystie gave to me.  I then went to my seed bead stash and pulled out 15/0 seeds in orange, blue, pink, green, and black. I decided to do a Chenille stitch rope for the cross.  Here is my version of Pastel Spring...

Oops I just noticed that the jump ring is not closed well, I need to fix that.  

 Doing a Chenille stitched rope in 15/0 seed beads can be a little daunting, so when I got 10 inches stitched I decided to do the rest with leather.  I just so happened to have a dark olive green in my stash.  I beaded loops on the ends of the Chenille rope and wire wrapped the leather to the beaded rope and then wire wrapped a toggle clasp to the other ends of the leather and called it done. 

Thank you for stopping by and thank you to Alicia for bringing us all together again in 2015 to continue the Creative Continuum of Seven Artist, speaking of which, please go and visit their blogs and see what they created for "Pastel Spring".

April: Alicia
May: Therese  (you are here)
June: Sally
August: Monique
September: Cynthia
October: Emma
November: Christine

Next month is mine, so I hope that you will come back on May 26th to see what we all have created with my pallet "Tutti Fruity" 

Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Oh this is fantastic Therese! That bead has it going on for sure ... it is sort of mid-flow of a lava lamp - LOL, which I LOVE and what a great necklace you've made with chenille (I think that is my favorite rope) and then finishing with leather for that touch of retro-boho ... LOVE this

  2. This is a perfect complement to the inspiration photo! I LOVE the polymer clay cross. Fantastic! The bead work is so pretty. The smallest I've worked with is 11/0 so I can only imagine how tricky it is to work with a smaller bead. Don't you just love how the camera picks up things you don't notice like the jump ring being slightly open? That happens to me from time to time.

  3. I'm always excited to see your beadwork and never disappointed, Therese! What a lovely rope design you chose and it works perfectly with your sweet cross (beautiful kaleidoscope, one of my personal faves). Great interpretation of Alicia's theme this month :)

  4. LOVE your polymer cross and how perfectly your necklace strap coordinates. It's so unusual to see crosses with such bright colors and what a lovely change! Also enjoyed reading about your joining of the leather to the chenille rope. Sometimes those accidental modifications are the best. It really proclaims Spring!

  5. That's such a gorgeous cross! Perfect in all possible ways - and that 'kaleidoscope' colour theme is gorgeous. It truly calls the spring's name. The rope has that flowery pattern, which complements both the pendant and this month's theme to perfection. Beautiful all around!

  6. Oh That Rope!!!! Chenille in 15s ~ you are brave and smart for stopping at 10" and adding that lush leather. It goes well with the floral theme the rope took on. Very beautiful, Therese! I am in awe of your rope.

  7. Holy Moly woman- this is FABULOUS! Size 15 eyes hurt thinking about it! Your chain is perfection with that most awesome cross - at first glance, I saw stained glass...BEAUTIFUL!!

  8. What a great necklace! I love the cross and the chenille necklace in 15s is fantastic! I really love it and it's so wearable!

  9. that rope is just gorgeous, I can't believe you stitched it all in 15/0s, you are very brave!

  10. I like pastels in theory, but find that they get lost when I use them in my designs. Not so, here! You've sharpened them and given them an upbeat vibe. I love that you paired that gorgeous chain with an even bolder focal.

  11. Wonderful job Therese. Your necklace is so bright and cheerful. Your rope is way cool. I enjoy doing chenille stitch but I have not tried it with 15's.