Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jasper Intrigue Blog Hop and Challenge - Hosted by Lisa Lodge

Jasper Intrigue 
April 4, 2015

Hi Y'all,

Sometime last year Lisa Lodge put out the call for those that would be interested in participating in Jasper Intrigue Blog Hop and Challenge.  I was intrigued about this challenge since Jasper is one my favorite gemstones so I signed up and paid my fee and a month or so later I got my package of beautiful Jasper of honey and lemon color tones along with some glass pearls, 4 mm bicones, toggle clasps and a few other findings. I forgot to take a picture of my package before I started creating, but I can tell you that Lisa was more then generous with the goodies she sent.

Here is what I created with the yummy Jasper and other tidbits in the package.  

First up a necklace and bracelet set.

I wanted to stay true to my bead weaving, but these beads were just not having it no matter what pattern or stitch I used, they just wanted to be in a simple strung necklace and bracelet.

Second a bracelet.

These rice glass pearls did not mind being in a bead weave I used RAW to make this simple bracelet.  The bracelet is embellished with 4 mm bicone crystals and Jasper squares.  I could not find a button to fit through the circle of beads so I made a toggle from a piece of copper wire.

The third and last a pair of earrings.

In the baggie of finding there were angle wings and with the Jasper a small string of drops perfect to make angel earrings.

Thank you Lisa for hosting this wonderful Blog Hop and Challenge.

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Happy beading Y'all,


  1. Therese, I love all these pieces!! Isn't if funny how some beads just demand to be simply strung, and the result is still beautiful!

  2. Wow! What a beautiful group of pieces you've made, Therese! I love all of them. The jasper is so beautiful, the colors are so rich. I know what you mean about the beads just telling you what to do!

  3. Very pretty set!! Really warm and wonderful.

  4. Your pieces are beautiful. I especially love how you made the clasp for the second bracelet. So sleek!

  5. Beautiful creations. What gorgeous colors in those jasper beads too. Jasper has always been a favorite of mine too since its colors and markings are incredibly various.

  6. Love the beads you had to work with and you always do such gorgeous work...Great job again. The Angel earrings are too cute. Any time I see Angel earrings it reminds me of my very first beading experiences when I my son was about 6 years old. We made Angel earrings for every female in our family...(that was a lot of angels). Thank you for recalling a wonderful memory for me.

  7. Wonderful pieces Therese! The colors are so warm and rich. I always admire RAW pieces, I can never get it right!

  8. Love the mix in the first set and your Angels are adorable, thanks for sharing.

  9. Great designs! They are all so warm and inviting.

  10. Great job Therese. My favorite is the first necklace.

  11. Lovely pieces, Therese! I would wear them all on a regular basis. The angel earrings are especially cute. Thanks for being in the hop!

  12. Whether stringing or weaving, you always make beautiful jewelry, Therese! I really love what you did here and the colors you had to work with. And those angels are adorable!

  13. Beautiful pieces, Therese. I love looking at your creations!!

  14. LOL You did THREE blog hops in less time than it takes me to catch up on my reading and all three were spectacular. I love the way you are layering your beads on the bracelet- very creative and to great effect.

  15. Hi Therese, What a lovely assortment. I must say I am partial to the angels - the are just adorable!

  16. Beautiful! I really love the necklace...I think that is a keeper if I had made it! Great job!

  17. the honey jasper looks like amber and the angel earrings are just adorable