Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Fling Kit Challenge - Hosted by Amy at Amybeads

Hi Y'all,

I have been so busy lately getting challenge pieces done that I have not blogged in a minute and I apologize to you for that.  I will get better at blogging more often.

Now let's get busy with the Spring Fling Kit Challenge host by the lovely Amy Allworth Severino at amybeads

Around the end of March Amy decided that she wanted to have a blog hop.  So she put together two different Spring Fling Kits, one in blue and another in orange with a sweet bird focal bead in each of the two colors.  Lately I have had orange on my brain, just can not get enough of it.  Yep your right, I chose the orange kit.

When my kit arrived I thought that I knew just what I want to create with this beautiful kit of orange, green, and gold beads and the very pretty bird focal bead.  Some of you may have already guessed what I was thinking and if you guessed bead embroidery, then you would be right.  
I started the embroidery and it was going along well until I started filling in the white spaces.  That is when I said "Nope I don't like the direction this is going!".  So I ripped it all out except for what I did around the  focal bead.   
I started a herringbone band and thought that I would just sew the  focal bead to the herringbone band, but what was I going to do with the rest of the beads?  
I thought that I would trim the band with the peanut beads and make another piece with the remaining beads.  As I sewed the orange size 11 delicas I pondered on how this was going to come out. Before I knew what was happening my piece was developing in front of my eyes.  
I sewed a two inch long herringbone band, then I pick up the green 4mm round beads and sew a row of them.  I had some 4mm black picasso czech beads that match the colors in the bird, and I sewed a row of those, then I sewed a row of the 3mm gold czech beads.  Well anyway without giving away everything on how I made my piece, I will just show you the finished piece. I really like how it turned out and I hope that you do too.

I made the two side bands first and connected them with the  focal bead then surrounded the focal with the peanut beads.  I attached a slide clasp in gun metal gray, I thought silver was too bright and just did not look good with this piece.

Here is a list of the other participants in this challenge. Please join me in hopping over to see what they have created with Amy's wonderful Spring Fling Kit.

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Happy beading Y'all,


  1. So cool! I just love what you did. Orange is one of my favorite colors, but it can be too much. Yours is just right.

  2. I love what you did with the kit, Therese! It's beautiful! The herringbone band is fantastic and it all looks so great! Love that orange!

  3. Therese this is gorgeous. I love how you incorporated the other beads into your piece. I need to find more challenges like this myself.

  4. Oh Oh OH Therese you knocked it out of the park! I love love love luuuuuuvvvvvveeeee this! You are amazing with design!

  5. Wow! I've been going a bit crazy over orange myself lately and I love the bracelet you made! Funny, I went to the bead store yesterday and came home with more orange beads ... I'm drawn to that color lately like a moth to a flame! Beautiful work as always Therese!

  6. Therese, this is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love how you blended embroidery with weaving! How perfectly beautiful this turned out to be! Great job utilizing the kit and gorgeous finished product!

  7. Oh my, how beautiful! You are making me really love orange. I love the pattern that shows even with using one color. Very nice Therese!

  8. How Gorgeous Therese!!! I love coming here because you always show the best work! The orange herringbone is such a strong support for the bird and all the gorgeousness surrounding her. Beautiful!!!

  9. Again I am amazed at what you do with tiny beads! This is lovely Therese - you have shown that pretty little birdie of to really great effect.

  10. Gorgeous! This makes me re-think the color orange!

  11. Therese that is totally beautiful, I love how the mint sits with the orange, I'm in love with orange too, it's such a rich warm colour I can't help but be drawn to it.

  12. Therese, this piece is quite spectacular! The focal sits so gorgeously - framed by those FB beads, and the herringbone base of the bracelet just pulls it together perfectly. And the way you incorporated the rest is just a wonderful, eye-pleasing design. I really love it. THANK YOU so much for participating!!!!

  13. Therese,
    It turned out beutifully. As a Bama fan, I'm not very partial to anything orange, but this is lovely. I like the gunmetal too. I can see how a silver would just be too shiny for this more subdued piece. Well done!

  14. That is really beautiful, Therese. I love how you used the beads in your herringbone base and the black is a great addition. I've been loving orange also and your bracelet is just perfect.

  15. Therese, this is so beautiful! I've always been drawn to your work, but this really strikes me as (maybe) my favorite thing I've ever seen you post here. And like Hope, I understand the challenge of creating something orange instead of crimson... I really, really love it!

  16. Ohh I love it... I would never have thought to make a cuff. It turned out perfect!


  17. Therese,

    Really creative. I just love the orange color. Beautiful work!

  18. Wow! I can't begin to imagine coming up with a piece like this from the beads you started with. (And those are lovely beads by the way too!) But you've done something so imaginative and creative with them. That's just amazing!