Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cellini Spiral

Well I think I finally got a hang on this Cellini Spiral stitch.  I started it three times and the third time was the charm.  I found two good hints first hint was to use a tube to get started on that way it is easier to see which bead to make the next stitch in, second hint is the color your needle exited from is the color your next stitch will be.

If you are following the Margie and Me color challenge you will notice the colors I chose for the Cellini Spiral match one of Marcie's color pallets.  Saying that these are all the pictures I will post of my progress, because I do not want to give away my plans for the finished work. Well back to stitching I do not have that much time before I need to be at work.  I hate to leave it when I finally got in the groove.

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