Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Margie and Me Color Challenge

I have completed my pieces for the Margie and Me Color Challenge and I think that they turned out pretty nice.  I am looking forward to reveal day so I can see what other people came up with.
My work hours have been crazy lately so I did not think that I would get through with my pieces this early, but I managed to get them done.

My next project is to make a chain for my Tree of Life pendant.  I'm going to make a herringbone chain just need to pick out the colors.


  1. I saw your tree of life in the post below. It's very pretty! I love the way you did the ring for it; so different and goes with the design better than the solid ring I usually see people use. Chains are hard to make, so kudos to you for having the patience for it!

    I'm taking the Maggie and Me challenge, too. The color palettes were so nice, weren't they? I can't wait for reveal day to see what you made! I'm also looking forward to seeing what you make for my little hop challenge. Thank you for jumping in! I'm so excited to have you join us! :D