Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Heart Macro - Flowers In The Heat!

Hi this is my contribution today to I Heart Macro Sunday!

Joesph's Coat Rose, this rose is usually a bright variegated orange and yellow rose, but the heat has made it a variegated orange and black rose.

 Grubber Daisy, this time of year my Mom's flower patch is usually full of red, orange, and yellow Grubbers, but this summer there is only this one pitifully lonely Grubber Daisy.

  These pinkish orange roses are just opening up, but they will look pretty for about a day then wither like the rest in the heat of the day.

I do not know the name of this little blue flower, but it is growing wild in my Mom's yard every place it can take root.  This little wild flower seem to love the heat.

This is a shot of the little wild flower from underneath.  I like the way the blue petals almost blend in with the blue sky.

I hope you enjoyed my view of the flowers in the heat of summer and if you want to see what others are I Heart Macroing jump on over to Studio Waterstone and check them out you will be amazed.

Happy beading Y'all


  1. very pretty shots, love the daisy.....

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I love the wee blue one!

  3. Beautiful roses! That blue wild flower is so sweet! ~Val

  4. Great shots Therese! I love the last one in particular with the light shining through.

  5. The first flower is so pretty! Amazing color!

  6. Beautiful pics. Orange and Red flowers are my faves. I don't have a specific type but I love the colors and these are so pretty!!

  7. Feels like summer!:))) In my corner of the world it's fall. Probably for at least 5 hours before it turns back to summer, but right now the skies are gray and the images of lovely flowers, especially that first rose made it all summer again:)))

  8. Isn't it funny how the weeds are thriving and the cultivated flowers are withering? I'm sure there's something philosphical in there. Love the sh9ots and your description of the orange and black rose made me chuckle!