Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where Did My Muse Go?

Oh where oh where did my little muse go? Oh where oh where did she go?  I sit at my bead table and I play with the beads and I sit and I look at the beads, but nothing comes!  Deadlines are right around the corner. Please, please come back my pretty little muse, I need your guidance.  Are you out traveling the world gathering up new and fresh ideas to whisper in my ear?  Or are you hiding, because I want to go way out of our comfort zone for the four different challenges I have committed us to.   I sure hope you are traveling and will be back real soon!!!

Well while I'm waiting for my muse to come back I would like to share something I received in the mail today.
A couple of weeks ago Jenn with JennP1751 blog had a giveaway to celebrate her 200th sale in her Etsy shop. I was the lucky winner and here is my prize.

I chose the pink flower on the green band ring from Jenn's shop and told her to surprise me on the earrings.
I am over the moon pleased with my prize, thank you so much Jenn you ROCK!!

Happy beading Y'all


  1. oh lucky you...what a delicate flower and awesome earrings....hope your muse returns soon

  2. Best wishes you find that muse!
    And, those prizes from Jenn are great! I'm so glad you won!

  3. Don't you just love prizes? And you got some great ones too! I know what you mean about the deadlines and challenges. I've been working on one due the 27th, and all these other things keep popping in my head, distracting me!

  4. Oh cool! Congratulations!!!! Maybe your muse paid me a visit, I've got some ideas but no time to do them! Hope she comes back, does she have a name??

  5. Congratulation for the wining and when your muse comeback to you maybe you send her on my way as I got a bag of beads from Rome and I am just looking at them from few weeks ago....

  6. I hope your muse comes back very soon!!! These earrings are beautiful and so current with the feathers. Congratulations. ~Val

  7. I'm glad you like your prizes :) When I need to find inspiration I go stalking. Surf the internet for ideas. Anthropologie and Buckle are two of my favorite stores to look at jewelry for ideas. Hope your muse returns.

  8. Therese, the muse just had to go to the ladies room ,but she will back any minute now:)))))
    Your winnings are really neat, I LOVE the peacock earrings.

  9. Congrats on your win. Your prizes are lovely. I'm sure your muse will return soon.